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  • WARDOG01


    #30832475 - 9 years ago

    In the days of old, long before our forefathers, men (dirty, bearded, rowdey, stankin-assed manly men) saw what they wanted and fucking took it. First staking their claim through the almighty, grizzly ass-kicking. This practice grew over the years to incorporate the cunning use of flags. Now, the men and women of RoosterTeeth embrace this tradition by establishing groups. Groups where geeks can lord over their geek minion with an iron..... um... mouse. Groups not unlike this one (just not as kick-ass). While doing some exploring I've noticed that some of our more patriotic members have been plugging The Group of Manliness all over the RT. Like any good (non-Bush) leader, I am returning the favor. If u are an Admin, or just a member of a badass group and u wanna spread the word, here's ur thread. Plug away my friends, as shamelessly as u want. I can't promise we'll all join, but I will promise that we won't talk too much shit if ur group is totally lame.

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  • Osvaldo257


    #30832476 - 9 years ago

    Here is the first group i ever made....

    just for those who noticed as well.

  • WARDOG01


    #30832477 - 9 years ago

    Indeed, he does have great hair. I got this one Didn't start it, but I'm an admin cause I'm pretty sure I'm the only actual soldier in the damn group. There's this guy here cause we all like it when Gus gets mad and swings on one of the limies in the office. Then mrGriff, Christina and I have this one which is all about being nice to Gus (Personally I'd be nice to him cause he's a tech-geek and I'm too much of a guy to understand technology...... and I'm threatened by what I don't understand.)

  • ironsights72


    #30832478 - 9 years ago

    I really wish I didn't put 1 at the end of it, but eh, what can you do.
    I really want a little more discussion on the topic.

  • saxasaurus


    #30832479 - 9 years ago

    A group for the manlienst musician ever. Andrew W. K.

  • jegsimmons1


    #30832480 - 9 years ago

    In reply to saxasaurus, #5:

    the guy from destroy build destroy? well i be damned.

    anyway heres a group for world domination! (a very manly profession)

  • hatesgriff23


    #30832481 - 9 years ago

    Here's a Group that I admin, and has a good number of members, and we have fuckin' Matt as one one too.


  • IsTheBear


    #30832482 - 9 years ago

    In reply to hatesgriff23, #7:

    yaaaaay.. I'm already a member smiley0.gif

  • ironsights72


    #30832483 - 9 years ago

    Alright fuckers who can't read. Here's the place where you can voice your opinions and get pissed in the ear as a response.

    Mouth Stabbers
    Remember, as a sister group to the Group Of Manliness, if you don't have the balls to take anything that is said towards you, don't join. I'm watching.