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  • MightyNax


    #32357434 - 5 years ago

    just thought it'd be fun to hear people's life stories, because who doesnt want to hear about someone's victory or misfortune or whatever?
    here's something of mine thats more of an explanation of why i dont babysit anymore...
    so i was like 13 hanging out in my room, and my mom comes up to me and tells me im babysitting this one neighborhood kid i never met before named mario on friday because his mom needed a babysitter since she had a late meeting that night and since i needed a little cash in my pocket i said sure why not, im not doing anything that night anyway. so, on friday, i go over and start the whole business, thankfully the kid was pretty cool. he played with his hotwheels throughout the night and stuff, didnt talk to me much, i watched their movies, it was great..until he got hungry. He wanted either chef boyardee or spaghettios i forget, but i know it was a saucey thing, and i was like 'oh alright i know this, easy' well. i fucked it up somehow. because we both ate it and it was like lukewarm and not....good....but HE didnt say anything! And since HE didnt say anything i just thought it was okay...which was stupid. so stupid, because not even an hour later, we're in the living room watching tv and he just spews out vomit all over the floor! i freaked out and immediately thought ' if i stop the vomit i can just get him to the bathroom. i need to get him to the bathroom.' so i covered his mouth, mid spew mind you, and ran him over to the bathroom where he just blew it up. it was euhghk, and i was like freaked out but not too much because ive had to clean up my own puke before so it wasnt that big of a deal. anyways, long story short, i cleaned up the puke and i made the kid take a shower and the night ended with the mom paying me half since the kid said i 'poisoned' him...which i kind of did, but still, i also kind of cleaned up his puke!
    woo! so now that i've told mine, what about yours?

  • Jehson

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    #32357436 - 5 years ago

    In reply to maxaroon, #2:

    That's so true! I swear the older I get, the more paranoid I get about milk.

  • Joshi


    #32357437 - 5 years ago

    In reply to MightyNax, #1:

    Haha, i love how you covered his mouth mid spew, definitely not my first thought.

    Well i have many a story of injuries to myself, but the one that stands out would have to be the awesome day i cut my foot open.
    When i was about 10ish? we were renovating our laundry so it was just a deep pit with crates to get up out of it. After being told specifically not to enter by my dad, i deemed his advice foolish and proceeded to go on through anyway. So i stepped in, no problems, until i went to get out. I put my foot up on the crate to get out and as i pushed off the ground with my other leg, the crate tipped, causing my foot to catch the top of a conveniently placed shovel. A short walk to the bathroom, me passing out and 12 stitches later i have a scar along the inside of my left foot. To this day i still have no idea how i did cut the inside of my left foot as that was the foot that i had up on the crate. Mysteries of the universe aye?

  • MightyNax


    #32357438 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Joshi, #4:

    holy crap, thats pretty neat bro! and i say that in the most serious of sense because i live a sort of anti-yolo life and ive not had the pleasure of having any serious injuries, what else kinds of injuries have you pained through anyway! now im intrigued!

  • DBlake

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    #32357439 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Joshi, #4:

    Wow, I also have a story where I cut open my foot, though no where near as severe as yours though. I was taking a nice, relaxing shower one afternoon when all of a sudden I heard a clatter, but I ignored it, I was too busy enjoying my shower. I felt my foot stand on something, but I just thought it was the shower mat and thought nothing of it. Next thing I know I'm getting out of the shower and discover my foot is bleeding, I turn back and discover it wasn't the bathroom mat, but my step-mother's razor (gross!). Thankfully the cut wasn't too deep and I didn't get any sort of infection, but it stung like hell for a couple of days, none-the-less.

  • Jellosea23


    #32357440 - 5 years ago

    While we're on the topic of getting cut on things, the worst injury I ever had happened when I was on vacation about 10 years ago. I was swimming in the pool at the hotel that my family was staying at. I was frolicking in the pool doing fun water-related activities such as sinking to the bottom of the pool and then pushing off the bottom of the pool with my legs so I could leap out of the water in my best dolphin impression. The only problem was for some reason the hotel had decided to build a hot tub that extended out over the pool in one corner and also it was made of cement, so there was a cement ledge a couple inches above the surface of the water. So you can probably guess what happened. Slammed my head right into the cement corner, and I bled a lot because it was a head injury and it happened in the water. I maybe should have gone to the hospital, but my dad just ended up wrapping my head in bandages, and I'm pretty sure I ruined some of the hotel towels with blood stains, but it was kind of their fault for building that hot tub there.

  • Joshi


    #32357441 - 5 years ago

    In reply to MightyNax, #5:

    Uhh, where to start...
    -I cut my finger open on the tip of a windscreen wiper.
    -My knuckles brushed against the engine of a running lawn mower melting the skin
    -While riding a bike one handed i hit a pot hole resulting my bike getting stuck to my cousins bike in front of me and was dragged a few metres on my knee on a gravel driveway
    -My cousins have like a seesaw on a pivot so it spins and i slipped and that hit me in the back
    -I twisted my ankle 3 times in one week, twice while playing soccer which snapped 1 or 2 tendons, had to get physio done on that
    -When i was really young my brother and sister decided it was funny to pretend i was drowning and pulled my arm out of my socket... twice...

    That's all that comes to mind atm, i probably have a heap more

  • Joshi


    #32357442 - 5 years ago

    In reply to DBlake, #6:

    Yea i've cut my fingers multiple times on conveniently placed razors

    In reply to Jellosea23, #7:

    When in doubt blame the hot tub

  • Joshi


    #32357444 - 5 years ago

    In reply to maxaroon, #10:

    Yea, it hung around for a while, when you tear tendons in those areas depending how many you snap the longer the injury is obviously, but i snapped 1 or 2 and 3 would of needed surgery. You see the ball looking thing on the side of your foot, just in under there it would get really sore, and when you have any type of injury to your foot your calf muscle gets really tight, so i had to do physio to loosen that up and then exercises to strengthen the muscles.

  • MightyNax


    #32357445 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Joshi, #11:

    dude, seriously, pics or it didnt happen XD

  • Joshi


    #32357446 - 5 years ago

    In reply to MightyNax, #12:

    Do you have a shovel? Cause you'll need to cut it open to see, then again its healed since then. I have scars from my multiple other injuries if you REALLY wanna see. I'll have to re-enact my arm being pulled out of my socket for that.

    I have other painful stories of my siblings if you'd like to hear those.

  • MightyNax


    #32357447 - 5 years ago

    i wouldnt mind! stories about injuries are always exciting and explains a lot about a person.

  • Joshi


    #32357448 - 5 years ago

    In reply to MightyNax, #14:

    Well my sister when she was young had the fridge door slammed on her ear by my brother and her earlobe was detached. My brother also when he was younger slipped in the bathroom and had his front two teeth pushed up into his head and the same brother was working a job with me mowing lawns, wasn't paying attention and managed to stick his hand into the back of a running lawn mower. He has to be pretty lucky, worst that happened was he fractured the tip of his middle finger and the fingers that were cut open had to be wrapped and not stitched because the flesh kept pushing out of the skin. His fingers ache from time to time, but he can move them.

    I tell you, never a dull moment at my joint.

  • Alonsinho


    #32357449 - 5 years ago

    So I put this in my journal, But I will post it agains, Long but fun read (I think)

    So It was third grade (9 years of power), and in one day when arrived to school, we were really bored and waiting for the teacher to come, so me and my friend came up with the Idea to play a game in the meantime, That game was the Barber Shop (I really don't know why a 9 year old would like to play that crap), So when the other kid arrived to the class we would grab them along with the other people we convince to play and do a real mess in in his hair. Afterwards, one girl that was playing the game grab a piece of silicone glue and said that would be the gel in the ''barbershop''. so me and my friend look at each other and run away immediately cuz' we realize shit was going down..... Turns out... it did, after 10 minutes of that event the whole class was throwing glue to each other and everyone was screaming, it was like the beginning of ''Saving Private Ryan'', the kids where throwing silicone to teachers, 2nd graders,etc. So, during the catastrophe one of the kids was escaping with a bottle of silicone in his hand while the others where chasing him, then he threw the bottle to the ground, so he could run faster...The bottle Roll and roll till it fell to the first floor (Yes, we were in a 3-Floor Building) and once it fell it exploded and all the silicone went to the principal (This is a true story I swear)

    Well the conclusion of this story, is that all the teacher came to our class furiously and gave us all suspension exepct me and my friend because we pussy out of the situation.

  • MightyNax


    #32357450 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Joshi, #15:

    woah, thats amazing! you guys should use your talents of surviving painful injuries to earn some cizcash!

  • Alonsinho


    #32357451 - 5 years ago

    You know, I would like to hear Un/injury stories. they are too common in my opinion.

    My brother once lost a part from his finger by a closing door

  • zeusesdeuces


    #32357452 - 5 years ago

    I have an injury story ohh pick me pick me

    So I was run over by a van in 3rd grade and I am now missing a piece of my heel

  • kmai00


    #32357453 - 5 years ago

    Oh goodness so much cuts!

    Here's a father son moment..or dad..and I moment..

    So my Dad was driving me downtown and we were driving pass the convention center where around that time it was the Flower Show. So there were posters and stuff everywhere. I asked my Dad if he ever been in there and he said, "Yeah.."

    I was actually surprise, because my Dad he's English isn't that great and I don't ever remember him going there

    "Dad, how was it? When did you go?"
    "It was okay..nothing special...pretty flowers...I went a couple years back"
    "Oh..I wanted to check it out..I was planning to buy tickets and-"
    "You don't need to buy tickets.."
    "Yeah..when I went. I just said I was part of the catering service, they'll let you in."
    "Wait, won't they be suspicious?"
    "Of what? A Chinese man wearing a chef uniform, they'll let you in"


    "You know there's some extra uniforms back home..."

    Then he dropped me off and went to work. I don't know if my Dad was hinting something or just telling there were extra uniforms...I think he even said,
    "I have some extra in case your friends wants some"

  • Joshi


    #32357454 - 5 years ago

    In reply to meseashell, #19:

    You win.

    In reply to kmai00, #20:

    Hahaha, did you do it?

  • fourthorn0157

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    #32357455 - 5 years ago

    I have one that's not an injury.

    So this scary old little nun at my school yells at us whenever we make to much noise in the room meant for homework. The first time she is not here and it is silent. Me and my friend are sitting outside wondering why when someone says that there’s a sign up. Me and my friend look at each other and ask at the same time, “A sign works?â€

  • MightyNax


    #32357456 - 5 years ago

    In reply to gotto0157, #22:

    it just goes to show, nagging does nothing but make people want to disobey you even more

  • kmai00


    #32357457 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Joshi, #21:

    No...not yet at least. I mean the Philadelphia Car show is about to happen... Maybe I'll ask my Dad to come along hahaha..Oh you know learn from the Masstttaaa