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  • pilzlotta


    #32544636 - 5 years ago

    As a newcomer to using the RT site, I would like to start by getting others to share in a passion of mine; poetry. This topic will be for posting your own poetry and sharing poems that have you really like (where the credit is given wherever the credit is due). I will start off, what will hopefully be a lively topic, by sharing a poem of my own:

    All That Remains

    Outside, always looking in,
    A deafening silence encompasses the room.
    Inside, never turning around,
    Embellished laughter and empty smiles fortify a line of demarcation.


    The soot amasses dusty clouds,
    Engulfing the couches and various chairs.
    Never to be used, forgotten and discarded.
    Compromising the shadows of the room, a door appears.


    Walking frantically, naïve and oblivious.
    Stumbling and tripping, blinded and confused.
    Mishandled and abused, sorrowful and betrayed.
    Unmistakable revelations, outraged and broken.


    A familiar place with a familiar greeting.
    The door opens, allowing a somber outline of light through.
    The door shuts, forming the ubiquitous umbra of darkness.
    Cast away with woeful abandon, I wait.

    All that remains.

  • malide


    #32544637 - 5 years ago

    In reply to pilzlotta, #1:

    I'm sort of sad that this topic hasn't seen any action. I can't help but to try to think of what was going on in your mind as you wrote this. Was it a story? Was it an event in your past? Or was it simply an exploration into the mind and what lies in your own cognition? Seeing as how I'd like to see this forum grow, I'll post a poem of my own from high school that I still feel resonates with me.

    Just enough to be Dangerous

    A jack of all trades,
    A vendor of none,
    One who knew just what he was doing,
    But “Just enough to be dangerousâ€
    The commonsense to work it all out,
    The craziness to actually try it
    The knowledge….
    Just enough to be dangerous