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  • gamerSusan13


    #32254469 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Resolis, #79:

    Any TV show, of course. I'd love the chance travel with the Doctor and get into all sorts of mischief.

    Ok,would you rather want to have the chance to be a character in Red vs Blue or a character in RWBY?

  • dmlees


    #32254470 - 4 years ago

    Red Vs Blue for sure!

    Would you rather... Be superman or batman.

  • ByRobF


    #32254471 - 4 years ago

    In reply to dmlees, #81:

    Superman. I'd prefer to help everyone rather than intimidate people into doing what I want them to.

    Would you rather... live in the world of Robotech or Macross?