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  • Vickino


    #32145010 - 6 years ago

    Hey guys, things are going so well right now and we're so excited to have you all with us! The Admins just have a few rules we'd like to post here so everyone has a clear description of what to follow so we don't have any issues inside the forums and on the Team Speak. The Admins are in no way trying to be pushy, but we don't want to get the The Latecomers in any kind of trouble with Rooster Speak or disbanded all together and we'd appreciate it if you would read this thread over!

    Forum Rules:

    1. Before creating a thread in the Forums for the group make sure that the topic you wish to discuss isn't already being talked about in an already present thread; this way we don't have repeat threads taking up server space. Also check with an admin before creating a thread so we can make sure we don't have copied threads etc. as to keep the group organised and where we want it to go.
    2. In terms of promoting the group, if you'd like to promote the group in any other forum on the Rooster Teeth site we would prefer you use the "Invite to group" button on a user's profile. This way it's a bit more personal and it prevents our members from clogging up other threads on the site.
    3. If you have not done so already make sure you guys all check out the Rooster Speak group. If you wish to join in on group chats, join the group and read over their rules, FAQ, and what they have posted because we would not be here without them! If you need to find Rooster Speak's group page just type it into the search bar.
    4. The rules are here for all the members to follow. Just to advise everyone if these rules are not taken seriously you will be warned. The Admins will apply a Three Strikes System.
    5. Lastly, while it is all good and fun to have a great time keep in mind, don't be a dick. Joking around is one thing but there's a definite difference. All in all we are to have fun, meet new people and become friends. We can have fun, just at the same time be a little respectful to everyone else around you.

    Team Speak Rules:

    1. Once you sign in do not change your username/nickname please. The one you sign in with should be the one you stick with. Changing names really messes with the server logs thus creating problems for the Admins. If they find you causing an issue because of this, you will be banned.
    2. Again, not to reiterate but, do not be a dick. Please be respectful, Rooster Speak is kind enough to allow us to use their server and we do not want to loose this awesome privilege.

    Thanks for giving this a read everyone, be sure to check out Rooster Speak's group, add them and read over their rules as well! Thank you!