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  • Julia

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    #32167848 - 6 years ago

    YouTube channels, short films, and series oh my! We want to hear all about your own projects that are in progress or have been completed smiley1.gif

    Post here to show us your creative/helpful sides smiley12.gif

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  • Quirky


    #32167849 - 6 years ago

  • mdubmachine


    #32167851 - 6 years ago and - my music pages - podcast that I am co-host on. Technically Im also (read: primarily) the Recording Engineer, but we rarely have good sounding podcasts because either A) rob wont replace his computer that THE LOUDEST FAN EVER THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE MIC, B) we get screwed over with which studio we can use at my school and use a post production one with no Live Room that I have little experience with, or C) two of our good studio podcasts get taken down due to "complications"
    Basically I promise Im a competent Recording Engineer, but I have a strong relationship with Murphy's Law. Episode 40 is our best sounding one yet, though unfortunately there is a subtle AC hum that i WAS able to fix the subsequent podcasts that got taken down.

    Btw @ThomIsPurdy, your profile pic is of an awesome nature.

  • BeardGaming

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    #32167852 - 6 years ago

    Now, would anyone want to do a weekly lets play minecraft with me? Possibly play for an hour or 2 every Saturday, doing tekkit, or some other mod pack. I can only do the weekends though, as I am busy throughout the week for work.

  • mdubmachine


    #32167853 - 6 years ago

    @BeardGaming I would, but I've been busy and probably will be busy these upcoming weeks. Perhaps in the near future. That doesnt mean you should wait for me if other people are interested, i am merely expressing the fact I am interested in it.

  • BeardGaming

    BeardGaming FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Guardian x5

    #32167854 - 6 years ago

    Well I need to get my laptop hard drive nice and clear for stuff, so I won't be starting immediately anyways :D, was just seeing if there was any interest in it.

  • Brahmastra


    #32167856 - 6 years ago

    I'm a machinima director and my channel is BrahmastraHD. Come and watch me because...wait. Shout! I was suppose to do this in rhyme. Alright, just go to the link and subscribe to my channel, cause willa willa dunk, its better my life. :(

  • DMC701


    #32167857 - 6 years ago

    I have a youtube channel, but I'm still working out the kinks with this cheap ass capture card I bought. If you visit the channel you can see how embarrassingly fucked up they are. Perhaps someone could give me some insight as to what I might be getting wrong.

  • Eluviahns


    #32167858 - 6 years ago

    This was a while back, two days at towards the end of May, but this was a little thing I got to be a part of:

    Look they even made an imdb for it: second name under sound department. This is a big deal because this was my first project out of school, it was really fun and I liked it a lot.

  • Eluviahns


    #32167859 - 6 years ago

    I really wish I could edit my posts because I just realized those links were posted wrong whoops

  • mdubmachine


    #32167860 - 6 years ago

    Podcast I started recently. We are hilarious. And it doesnt sound like crap!

    Holy crap that is a long URL

  • paetramon


    #32167861 - 6 years ago

    To help myself learn how to use Source Filmmaker and hopefully find it easier to branch into different types of animation, I started remaking Red vs Blue episodes today. I have about 2 minutes of the first episode done right now (basically Grif and Simmons talking in the beginning).

  • Xalgen


    #32167862 - 6 years ago

    Have been working on my brainchild WTF Gaming logic

    Here is the first of many videos I have been working on in order to give my channel something that can be my own project.

  • mdubmachine


    #32167863 - 6 years ago

    My first short film (or whatever you want to call it). Made for a Film Riot contest on Youtube.

  • paetramon


    #32167864 - 6 years ago

    Update on my project: I finally finished RvB episode 1. Currently it is rendering, and at 16% completed.

  • happyjuice11


    #32167865 - 6 years ago

    Ok guys I'm thinking about making this series and right now am looking for a second commentator to co host the show its has to be some I can talk with general friendly so we will have to talk a bit first I won't tell any of ye about the content yet but if interested add me on skype colum22

  • Vickino


    #32167866 - 6 years ago

    so, i didn't make this because i am not that awesome, but @QMrHappy made an animated Rage Quit of a certain segment in the last poscast and it's pretty cool. give it a watch!!

    personally, i think it's awesome that we're getting animated. holy crap, thanks you guys! smiley12.gif

  • mdubmachine


    #32167867 - 6 years ago

    In reply to ickyvickiiii, #19:

    Nic is a table....i feel like i missed something lol

  • Nic


    #32167868 - 5 years ago

    In reply to mdubmachine, #20:

    yeah, i was a bit miffed at my apparent new shape shifting abilities. but hey, can't complain.

  • mdubmachine


    #32167869 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Nic, #21:

    "Miffed." I'll have to remember that word.

  • Eluviahns


    #32167870 - 5 years ago

    I got hired on by the company of those guys that I did the short film at the end of May with, it's two brothers and they are just starting out and getting a more steady streams of projects right now, they are having a music video shoot this Saturday that I get to be a part of so that's pretty cool, then I have a tv series that I am getting to be a part of and then I get to work on a tv series and that's going to go from August all the way until October I think.

    Here is the pilot for that, they said it's not really related to how it's actually going to be anymore except for the atmosphere of it. So yeah I'm going to be pretty busy.

    In reply to paetramon, #17:

    Hello yes I would like to see this online somewhere if you can put it up without getting nailed for copyright, I think it would be really cool to see what you made.

  • mdubmachine


    #32167871 - 5 years ago

    Episode 2 of the Pinnacle Weekly Podcast.

    We talk about Ostrich Boots.

  • pwnd117


    #32167872 - 5 years ago

    So this is my channel on youtube. Be gentle guys I did all of these project in college/high school and I am super new to understanding how to make short films and what not. You can see the progress through the year but I would really enjoy what other have to say about my work and writing and what have you.

  • mdubmachine


    #32167873 - 5 years ago

    In reply to pwnd117, #25:

    your 2012 Reel looks pretty interesting. I will definitely check out the rest of your videos

  • clandipher


    #32167874 - 5 years ago

    We are Shaved Eagle Films, and you may have seen us on these forums.
    Our new minecraft machinima is called "Nothing to Sea," and we're on episode 4.
    New episodes will be released every Friday, so be sure to check us out! Subscribe for more content.