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Game Night Planning!

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  • AWD_Caboose

    AWD_Caboose Braaaap

    #32198585 - 4 years ago

    In reply to SupremeMoose, #110:

    So far as far as legendary goes I'm actually having the most problems with CE. All the other's ones I can run through

  • SupremeMoose


    #32198586 - 4 years ago

    My problem would be the skulls

  • Nic


    #32198587 - 4 years ago

    In reply to SupremeMoose, #108:

    As you may have noticed this group has kind of died, at least from the point of us admins organising things. Life has seriously got in the way for pretty much all of us.

    But feel free to organise things yourself. I'm more than willing to post group wide news posts for any ideas people have with a little bit of interest. I would love to see this group alive again like it used to be, but sadly I can't do that myself any more.

  • SupremeMoose


    #32198588 - 4 years ago

    I didn't really think of 1 month as dead, but if I think of anything I'll post it here.

  • Eluviahns


    #32198589 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Nic, #113:

    I know all of us have been pretty busy, but I think now things are starting to slow down for me a bit and I was bouncing around the idea of a game night and I'd been meaning to bring it up to you all, I just don't have specifics for a game or time that would work for most everyone and their schedule.

    Maybe even a movie night would be neat, GotG came out today and TMNT had an early release, maybe one of The Hobbit movies can be watched and then the second one at some other time to kinda lead in to the last one coming out towards the end of the year.