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  • Cheshire_Cat

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    #31813508 - 7 years ago

    Hey. You know this guy -> 422594_10100646918556903_780921283_n.jpg
    Love him.
    Love his music.
    Want to have his musical babies.

    Well, now you can help make that music happen by donating to his Kickstarter Campaign! There are only 13 days left for Jeff to meet his goal and he is just under half way there!!
    Right now folks who pledge get access to two upcoming video performances by Jeff of an Original Jeff Rupert Song and a yet-to-be-disclosed Cover song. Don't miss out on the opportunity to help a fellow community member out - he's offering up lots of perks in exchange for the donations, not to mention will have a kick-ass CD released when the Kickstarter completes with collaborations with such other musical talents like RT's own Jeff Williams.

    Jeff and Jeff? Let's make that magic happen, people!