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  • stupidsmart


    #30313852 - 10 years ago

    well, in this here Forum, we have some rules you must abide by, nothing too ridiculous.

    1.) Trolling is probably a bad idea. just saying.
    2.) A little bit of off topic discussion is alright, but..well, if you're talking about Dragonball Z in a Lenin appreciation thread for the last 8 out of 15 pages, chances are that thread is gonna be locked.
    3.) ANY mentions of Twilight will be censored automatically, starting after this post.
    4.) debates are ok. they are unavoidable. Flamewars will probably result in Censorship, Post removal, or Removal from Group.
    5.) The administrators of this group are NOT here to enforce power on you, we are here to make the people in the group feel welcomed.
    6.) in the hood, Snitches get Stitches. in this group, Reporting abuse or trolling is perfectly acceptable, and will be handled promptly.

    any more rules we [the admins] think of will be added later.
    alright. that is all, comrades.