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  • DeeMonstar


    #4443103 - 13 years ago

    Everyone has a soft spot for the sims of Pleasentview somewhere inside them and I'm curious to know, how did the lives of your Goth, Pleasent, Broke, Oldie etc families end up?

    Did they live happily ever after? Did you torture them? Or did you ignore them?

    For me, I recently reset my Pleasentview and I have only been playing the Pleasent family right now, and boy, their lives are chaotic right now.

    Mary-Sue caught Daniel 'WooHoo'ing with Kaylynn, so she broke up with him and moved out into this little shack of a house, while Daniel married Kaylynn and had twins (Thanks cheesecake!), Mason and Summer, but then when Herb Oldie (Mary-Sue's father) died, Coral moved in with Mary-Sue, and then when she died, the flame between Mary-Sue and Daniel began to flicker again. Then Kaylynn caught him kissing her and now hates him, and because I accidently got Daniel to flirt with Kaylynn, Mary-Sue now hates him again and has thrown him out, but Kaylynn won't let him move back in with her, so he will eventually die an unemployed bachelor with > §20,000 to his name. smiley2.gif

    Poor Daniel.

    As for Lillith and Angela, they're sitting in the University sim bin, waiting for their parents to die so they inheriate their parents money so surviving college is alot easier. And they also get the orphan scholarship. smiley0.gif

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    Edit 2: This is the one hundredth thread in this forum! I feel special.

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  • GeneraI_Beef


    #4443108 - 13 years ago

    I'm afraid they all died in freak swimming pool accidents.

  • AFKeeker


    #4443149 - 13 years ago

    Still dancing in that great disco in the sky...... *sigh*

  • dreamcast717


    #4444779 - 13 years ago

    My families never last too long. I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with a house made entirely of walls with no doors or windows.

  • goatman93


    #4448112 - 13 years ago

    I ate lit fire to mine, made new ones, then drowned them, got new ones, lit on fire again, repeat. tongue.gif

  • Kor


    #4448563 - 13 years ago

    The Goth family had a get together in a bathroom without a toilet or sink. Then the door disappeared miysteriously, and they died as a family.

    I also put on outdoor pond in there. smiley1.gif

  • darkzombie


    #4457800 - 13 years ago

    they are still killing each other even though they are no longer "present" they still have their hauntings

  • Wat89


    #4466182 - 13 years ago

    yeah, pretty much i killed off all the goths through fires and by fencing them with no food, you know the usual, and had another family move into their house and renovate it.

  • The_Eagle83


    #4614016 - 13 years ago

    Mine are currently locked away in my computer having it been months since I last played.

  • MoranaCeres


    #4639204 - 13 years ago

    I just made my own neighborhood but I like playing with the Goth family, Cassandra so far got rejected at the altar, then she cried all day (so did her dad and her brother btw). Afterwards Mortimer went downtown and saw Don or something like that I forget his name and threw a drink at him. But I only just started.

    P.S. I'm planning on giving the boy plastic surgery he's a mutant freak from Sims' hell.

  • MoranaCeres


    #4639217 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DeeMonstar, #1:

    Just kill them! I prefer death by flies :D

  • uncle_monty


    #4714541 - 13 years ago

    All mine just "mysteriously" were trapped inside of a small room with no doors and no windows...

  • uncle_monty


    #4720340 - 13 years ago

    Some of mine died of lonelyness, because his wife left him for a movie star...and his kids were taken by child services so all he had was a cat named Burnie (Coinsidence?)

  • hypeserver


    #4838141 - 13 years ago

    hmmmm........well that's a funny story really.......well......ok........I trapped them in rooms and let them die

  • uncle_monty


    #7802965 - 11 years ago

    All mine died in a fire...after they died, I found out the reason for the smoke detector...

  • Wispah


    #7819427 - 11 years ago

    (Sims 2) Cassandra is living alone as her first love Don married Dina (the red head :P) and had two beautiful twins. Her Dad Mortimer moved in with the gold digger Nina (Dina's sister). All I can remember, haven't played in months since I had to format my hard drive.

  • simskiller


    #7860411 - 11 years ago

    I got a family of three and some old people moving in with them.... all the old people died for some reason all of a different cause (Hmm might be the Tombstone of Life and death) I got Dustin and Ashly (I thinkthat's her name... Lilaths twin) marrired with Dustin cheating on Ashly with Lilath. I got Dustins best friend (Forget his name he's the one in a thiefs uniform) married to Lilath and he's cheating on her with Ashly. They both have kids and are living in that big ass mansion. Oh ya I got the shrink stuck there and I can't get rid of him.

    All in it can't hurt them if they don't know the truth of what goes on when they are at work.

  • curseyousnac


    #7942911 - 11 years ago

    pssh i totally played them, i even made one of them marry one of my people :)

  • Chickachicka


    #8135665 - 11 years ago

    Cassandra caught Dan(?) and the gold digger together in bed while she was giving birth to their 8th child (yep yep big family). Meanwhile Morty died alone, for his son ran off to college married his boyfriend and had 5 (just as big) children. I got bored with them though, and there kinda sorta...Dead. I think I'll make them zombies with whats left of the children.

  • Raul7


    #8629106 - 11 years ago

    I made a new sim moved it in. Wooed everybody. Lifetime Want achieved!

  • Burgeonite


    #9530205 - 11 years ago

    he he he theyre all dead

  • evil_gamer


    #9534726 - 11 years ago

    Unlike u people my sims last much longer than your! but i creat my own NH so basicly I never palyed in PleasentView!

  • 814d3h4mm312


    #9748793 - 11 years ago

    Mortimer decided it wold be a good idea to laugh at a grave and a gohst killed him. Then cassandra got eaten by the cow plant it was quite funny.

  • Physconails


    #9969710 - 11 years ago

    I never killed them off. Cassandra married Don, who she then caught cheating on her with some random. She left with their daughter, and was pregnant with another. She then made Darren's dream come true, and she married him. They later had another little girl. Now the 2 are elderly and all but the youngest are in college. Dirk married an NPC and they have 3 sons.
    Don ended up married 3 times, he's now with Dina. She lives in the goth house with her daughter with Mortimer. Mortimer moved out to live with one of my sims, where he had twin boys. He recently died of old age, making his girlfriend a single mother. He didn't have much money to leave to her, Dina got away with most of it.

  • 814d3h4mm312


    #9981015 - 11 years ago

    I Recently reset my saves just because I could...
    ...Mortimer got married to Nina, and had a kid. But while the Nanny was there he caught the kitchen on fire. the Nanny walked through the flames and caught on fire herself while walking back to her van. Her van then burst into flames and as they were trying to put out the fire both Nina and Mortimer Died, leaving their Teenage son to raise the baby...
    ...Needless to say he failed, and child services took it away.