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  • DeeMonstar


    #5683401 - 12 years ago

    The Sims 2: Pets added a nifty new of sharing skins/accessories for your pets, unlockable codes.

    You unlock the items as you play the game and move your pet/s through the career ladders. When you unlock an unlockable in your game, it automatically appears in CAP and also generates a code for you to share with your friends.

    You can find your code by following these instructions from Maxis:

    1. Start The Sims 2: Pets.
    2. Enter a Neighborhood, click the FAMILIES button, then click CREATE NEW FAMILY.
    3. Click the Options icon (the "...") and then click the Game Options icon (the cogs).
    4. Click the Blue Key icon which opens the Unlocked Sims Gift Code dialogue box.
    5. A code will be displayed underneath the name of each item you have unlocked.

    And the instructions on where to put a code continue on from here:

    6. Click the Enter a Code Key icon, enter the code, and click the Check Mark icon. If your code is valid, the skin or accessory will appear in the CAP menu.

    So this thread is here for you to share the codes that you have unlocked in your game. There are supposeably 41 different unlockables in the game, though check to make sure a code you have isn't already posted in this thread because the same skin/accessory can have different codes.

    And please only post in this thread if you are posting an unlockables code, you can thank the poster for the code by giving them a +1 Cool or by posting in their personal comments. This way searching the thread for codes is easy since you don't have to read through non-related posts. Thanks!

    Also, check and double check your codes are correct before posting them.

    Edit: Posting codes for the Bandit Cat, Purple Pug and Star Dalmatian pre-order bonuses are fine because they can be unlocked in-game too.

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  • DeeMonstar


    #5683402 - 12 years ago

    Neon Green Fur Color for Cats:

    Orange Diagonal Collar for Cats:

    Pink Fur Color for Dogs:

    Stars Coat Marking for Cats:

    Goofy Fur Color for Dogs:

    TopTRV Blue Fur Color for Dogs:

    Goofy Fur Color for Cats:

    White Zebra Stripe Collar for Cats:

    SIMSTEAM Bandit Mask Coat Marking for Cats:

  • ecjulien


    #5687889 - 12 years ago

    You are the biggest Sims nerd I know.

    I just got the Sims Glamour life...I really want the Pets one, maybe for Christmas? And when I do I will totally get a Pink Dog.

    *edit* Oops...just read the last line of the first message. No I am not cool enough to have codes. But I am cool enough to mess up thread rules. smiley0.gif

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  • sandra1994


    #5758222 - 12 years ago

    Yeah, I really want the Sims Pets too. Hopefully my mom can get that for me.

  • Burgeonite


    #9939300 - 11 years ago

    i got my copy at ayard sale for 2 dolars