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I just can't get into it

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  • Kipp187


    #398679 - 14 years ago

    In reply to bladewraith, #28:

    I just read through most of the string and don't remember seeing one word about mature humor. I think you need to get your head sprung.

  • abbismonster


    #400442 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Kipp187, #29:

    I just dont think its funny, at all, i havent laughed once so i just stopped watching it. some other people might like it though i guess, not sure why but whatever.

  • Phorpus


    #400662 - 14 years ago

    (Sigh) The problem isn't in the plot, but the roots. Well, not game engine roots, but the people who make it roots. Think about it, for two years the Rooster Teeth has made us a revolution in internet humor, and for two years they kept it up. However, they now made the Strangerhood, a completely different Machinima, different plot, different game, different people, but the problem is that it's still the same writers. Despite the satirical properties the Rooster Teeth writers and animators may own, they can't be expected to create two different Machinimas with two different styles of humor (RvB- Profanity / Strangerhood-Sitcom) and also crank them out every two weeks. Rooster Teeth just took on a dragon but didn't prepare for it. Just give the guys time, they'll figure it out sooner or later. Besides, creativity isn't whipped up like magic, it takes careful thought process...

    ...or absolute randomness

  • ronaldoj999


    #400970 - 14 years ago

    I actually thought a few parts in the strangerhood were funny, but alas, I have to agree that i don't totally get it either.

  • MMxVoid


    #404393 - 14 years ago

    No it didn't. I laughed my ass off.

  • Max123


    #405803 - 14 years ago

    That is it! I am so sick of people complaining of how strangerhood sucks how it isn`t as good as RvsB. Look if you don`t like it DON`T WATCH IT, but don`t ruin our fun by spamming up the boards with your godamn complaints. Get a life and stop spamming comprendo. I am sorry if this seems harsh but I am really at the end of my line.

  • rymesblack


    #405836 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Phorpus, #31:

    True there...

    I personaly (did I spell that right?) love them both. Each has their own type of thought-out (or not) plot that makes it unique from all the other Machinima. No other series can come close to these two - and I admire and love them both. True, RvB might be held in higher regards - the team has had more time sculpt (bleh) the store and to make them into characters everyone loves. But give the Strangerhood time! I have a feeling this is just a slippery entry into a legend.