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  • Jqueasy


    #148665 - 14 years ago

    I just downloaded the first strangerhood episode. I am impressed by the amount of detail they have put in to it. The body movement and facial expressions are spot on. I am look forward to them developing this and see if it can hold a candle to RVB (Comically)

  • darkkun


    #150899 - 14 years ago

    not a bad project just not like rvb and yes i know it is the first episode so i'm hopeful it will be better

    other than that keep up the good work

  • GirlieG86


    #151251 - 14 years ago

    In reply to lord_firefox, #404:

    When that happens just right click the link and chose "Save Target As", that should work.

    . I hate to ask a stupid question, but I have been looking through all of the other posts to try to figure this one out, and this is the closest remark I've had to my stupefaction. I am not really a computer person; I have downloaded all of the RvB episodes though, and I've never had a problem until now.
    . For some reason, when I right click and attempt to chose the "Save Target As" option, the only option available to me is "Save Link As," and when I attempt to do this instead, it seems to only save the link (makes sense huh?) and when I click on the saved link, it brings me to a page with only gibberish. This happened with both episode #40 RvB and episode #1 on the Strangerhood.

    . If any one has any suggestions that'd be great! –Thanks!

  • gremlin66


    #152005 - 14 years ago

    In reply to GirlieG86, #412:

    well i just tried it out my own self, even though I have both of those DL'd already, and as far as I always get "Save Target As..." when I right click, are you left-clicking as well? ROFL, sorry... my bad...

    quick question, are you using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator? I have no experience with Netscape, so the process maybe different, or if you are on a Mac it could be different as well.

    anyways I would perhaps suggest a site such as or I'm sure the other forum participants will correct me if i'm wrong. but you should be able to download a lot of episodes from a site such as those.

    Failing that solution, I have every episode currently available on my hard-drive. In a pinch, I'd be happy to send either one, or both. BOLTH...

  • GirlieG86


    #153375 - 14 years ago

    In reply to gremlin66, #413:

    .Lol, well, thanks for trying! And, actually, you may be on to something with the Internet Explorer. I was using it untill popups took over my computer a few weeks ago, and my friend had me download a browser called Mozilla Firefox. So, I'm going to try to download it on Explorer. Even if it doesn't work, thanks for trying!


  • Techman_16


    #153803 - 14 years ago

    In reply to GirlieG86, #414:

    Mozilla Firefox is the best browser out there so far, in terms of popups (as long as i have been on Mozilla, I have had a total of 0 popups), but sometimes is does require you to download java templates.

  • Baselerd


    #156832 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Jqueasy, #410:

    well, thats from the sims 2, not rooster teeth.

  • GirlieG86


    #157655 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Techman_16, #415:

    .What is a java template? Does that mean that I am unable to download the episodes then off of Firefox?

  • Techman_16


    #158304 - 14 years ago

    In reply to GirlieG86, #417:

    No, its just some various plugins that you might need in order to get onto some sites. Um, like for yahoo games, you need to download the lastest java template to play them, but the good things about that is once you download it, things run better for certain websites. its nothing bad, just extra.

  • DragonX06660


    #161140 - 14 years ago

    i cant load the WMV version some wierd codes pop up

  • drunkensarge


    #161929 - 14 years ago

    Sorry, not as good as RvB, still good, ill see how it develops. but first impressions leave me more respectful of Rooster Teeth Productions skill, but i didnt enjoy it as much as RvB im afraid.

  • drunkensarge


    #161944 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Colt45, #393:

    you have a point there, but the first episode did underline the type of humor i love RvB for, and the fact it is slightly strange. ill certainly give it another shot, but when comparing it to the first RvB, im still of the opinion it isnt as good.

    i was completly addicted after the first RvB, so i may be expecting just too much. ill give it a shot for a few more episodes.

  • Gemstone


    #162919 - 14 years ago

    congratulations to a great job so far - I laughed my head off. rofl

    "darndt dude"! :)

  • mblaze


    #164487 - 14 years ago

    Good work! Especially when you compare it to the humble beginning of RvB (which rocks now!)
    Guys have been walking around the office going - "Trashcan! Tea Room! Meeting Room!" :-)

  • psykoen


    #166445 - 14 years ago

    Hihi, I love RvB, so i know that The Strangerhood wod be good, it whas a strange episode, i loved it even my sister will follow The Strangerhood episodes.

  • Teflon23


    #166475 - 14 years ago

    I was really impressed with the way it was done. I had no idea you could do that much with a video game, even one as complex as The Sims 2. It wasn't bad for a first episode, but I didn't think it was all that funny. But I guess in the first episode humor has to be sacrificed to plot. The characters definitely have a lot of potential, and I'm looking forward to future episodes.

  • kilometer


    #169744 - 14 years ago

    i didnt think it was all that great........good luck with the next one though! : P

  • Stalker8


    #170192 - 14 years ago

    The homus was great! begining of plots and everything... keep on doing the same kind of scripts!

    (the most of those who don't like it, lack the kind of homur needed to view it... nothing bad meant)

  • EDOX


    #172231 - 14 years ago

    Funnay stuff. I will be keeping an eye on this series. Keep up the good and funnay work.

  • Chojin


    #173992 - 14 years ago

    yup....this is cool...I look forward to seeing how this lot evolve...but does anyone think using Sims 2 for Machinima is cheating a bit cos of the bulit in movie maker??? that seems like taking half the fun out of machinima

  • Wire


    #179149 - 14 years ago

    All I can say is I just watched episode 1 and 2 and they seem very promising. Rooster Teeth doesn't disappoint.

  • Bonecracker


    #185450 - 14 years ago

    I think this has some real potential.

  • krulleke


    #186058 - 14 years ago

    For all the people in here who knew RvB first, and therefore are very much influenced in their judgements by the stuff they are used to from RvB: I didn 't know this site before I heard about the strangerhood, and for me it 's the other way around: I like The Strangerhood a lot, while the episodes I 've already seen from RvB aren 't really appealing to me (Not really sure if I 'm using that verb in the right meaning here, but hey, English is my third language ;-)). So I guess it all depends on the perspective you start from...

  • Necrocanibal


    #186403 - 14 years ago

    In reply to krulleke, #432:


    has anyone else noticed around 3:04 at the top of the fram there are red...almost like exclamation points but more like | 's except there's a space at the middle. My sister explains it as a semicolon with another comma underneath, and the two commas are connected. It's right after Dutchmiller says "I have no idea where I am".

    I am currently trying to pause it on that exact frame to get a screen capture to upload here, and will tell you when I do so.

  • Necrocanibal


    #186441 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Necrocanibal, #433:


    I GOT IT! took lots of double clicking the pause/play button...*frustration*...but I got it.

    And here you go:


    (thanks to the team at Bleak Sims, aka me. please visit.)