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  • budjenpe


    #2416522 - 13 years ago

    oops I was talkin about redvd blue but Wade's song was hilarious "you know youe my dawg right, dawg? I mean that was totally canine." hahaha

  • brando5890


    #2416848 - 13 years ago

    this is my favorite:

    Computer: the first team will be... sam.
    Sam: alright, as long as i don't have tova-
    Computer: tovar.
    Sam: damn! alright, but at least not wad-
    Computer: wade.
    Sam: SON OF A...!

  • kittykaboom


    #2445036 - 13 years ago

    Nikki: Oh CRAP! Electricity!
    It was kinda hard to hear over your "internal monologue"
    If this is god, i dont think i believe in you, I'M apathetic. [sam: dot you mean agnostic?] Ugh. Whatever.
    When unreasonable people get desperate for cunt WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!
    Wade: Oh Man! Where are my marshmallows when I need em!
    No cookies and tang! We'll be dead in 3 days
    Oh man, i hope that wasnt me that just died
    I'm very sensitive man, think globably.
    And then Nikki was murdered by a team of international super ninjas with paranormal mind control raybeams man!
    Dr Chalmers: I KNOW this isnt MY couch. Hugh. This couch is perfectly ridiculous
    Look a'dis! I'm WAY too intelligent to buy one a'dese contraptions. Hugh. Fools, cookin away
    They cant watch you forever... Anonomous
    From WHOM! I told you, watch your language.
    Sweet napalms love child
    I already told you, this is MY sweater vest. And dont ask me who ate your delicious home made chocolate cake.
    Griggs: Oh man I really gotta remember to take off my camo before i go to bed. Gunna break out.
    Yeah blah blah blah click. Yeah boo hoo hoo click.
    Thats a good point little short guy
    Dutchmiller: if this is teevo i have to say, not such a fan
    Hey refrigerator, fantastic.
    Tovar: ladies lets settle with a spinning bottle game
    Or maybe she was eat by giant bunny. She tried to run.. but bunny could hop...
    Poor Nikey... so sad to see her die in tornado. [sam: there was o tornado] Plane crash [sam: no] Circus fire? [sam: NO!] ah yes... godzilla took her life... fire breathing menace...return to the sea...curse you godzilla! with your green spines, and firey breath! Tovar has firey breath too... but he takes mints now and then!
    Sam: Fine I just hope I dont get stuck with Tovar [Voice: Tovar] Damnit! Ok not Wade [Voice: And Wade] SON OF A..!
    Sam wade [Wade: Dirnt, due]
    Voice: Silence assorted stereotypes

    I love the way Wade says "man" with a slur too.
    And Catherine doesnt say anything funny

  • Pyrax


    #2451305 - 13 years ago

    dutchmiller: i was cuttig raw fish and thinking of you...

  • HayleyGirl


    #2571922 - 13 years ago

    "Dude someone put peanutbutter in my pants!"

  • Izzy41630


    #2659993 - 13 years ago

    Tovar: Poor Nike.

    I love how he says Nikki. :)

  • Inujade


    #2687339 - 13 years ago

    Wade: Can i look at Uranus, man?
    Sam: I said stop invading my personal space!

  • Arashi


    #2692903 - 13 years ago

    Nikki's ghost: "Here on Strangerhood Lane everone has secrets. Some secrets are so secret that even nobody knows that they are secrets."

    the dieing Nikki: "Oh no cement!"

  • Arashi


    #2692918 - 13 years ago

    sorry, I forgot:
    Wade: "Man the sky is broken."

  • Izzy41630


    #2709596 - 13 years ago

    I loved the constellations- plumbob, robot dog, etc. Hilarious! :)

  • ipw133


    #2740958 - 13 years ago

    Awesome, score

  • BlandApe


    #2750532 - 13 years ago

    It has to be either
    #1) "Oh crap! Electricity" - Nikki
    #2) "No dude, i think it was... Dirnt" - Wade (Dirnt)

  • firestormer


    #2769014 - 13 years ago

    Dirrrrrrrrrnt/wade: wohoo, i hope that wasnt me that jsut died...!

  • Izzy41630


    #2817130 - 13 years ago

    Griggs: Gimme some candy or I'll punch you!

  • tenshi29


    #2823746 - 13 years ago

    In reply to TetraLink17, #71:

    LOL! My brother was watching it with me and he was trying NOT to laugh, but that one line got him nearly hysterical.

  • Farmer


    #2832380 - 13 years ago

    I hope that wasn't me who just died.

    No cookies and tang we'll be dead in three days

  • Farmer


    #2832402 - 13 years ago

    Tovar-Why Nikki and why not someone Tovar does not like for inctance old guy.

  • Nox_12


    #2856944 - 13 years ago

    Dr Chalmers:
    "Sweet Napalm's Love Child"

    "Not you why dont u just leave me alone"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "im not crazy you are"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "no you are"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "NO U R"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "ok agree to disagree"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "I cant do that they will know"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "alright just this once, now shutup will ya can barley hear myself think"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "what do u mean theres not much to hear"
    (Lepricon "hzzziop")
    "I like that its funny ha ha ha hey wait a minute stupid lepricon"

  • tenshi29


    #2860176 - 13 years ago

    MY personal fave is:

    Sam: I'll get the cheese
    Wade: I'll cut the cheese
    Tovar: I'll get the sand
    Sam: *gives Tovar a look*
    Tovar: And the witches!

  • tsukahara10


    #3328693 - 13 years ago

    Griggs: Who does he think he's talking to?
    [Lawn Gnome makes wierd noise]
    Griggs: That's a good point little short guy.

  • al_trounson


    #3336836 - 13 years ago

    where are my marshmallio wen i need them

  • Oracle50


    #6860438 - 12 years ago

    "we didnt choose to be thats what our mighty man made us"--Oracle50

  • DocRossim


    #6895878 - 12 years ago

    "If I'm being honest, and I'm not trying to be mean here, but that was like being shot in the face with a bazooka, except the bazooka was loaded with the worst vocal performance ever and the face was not my whole face but just my ears. Also, I hate you and I want your whole family to die, and anyone who dissagrees with me is stupid. And you have no talent."

  • DocRossim


    #6895912 - 12 years ago

    "Tovar make crunching sound when moving body, Yipey!"

  • PurplePuddle


    #6896115 - 12 years ago

    I don't remember the exact quote but it was Wade talking about Nikki dying from Space Ninjas or something...very funny