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  • louiecski


    #6912511 - 12 years ago

    Nikki in response to Evil-Tovar insulting Catherine during the last episode: "Actually, I don't think your tiara makes your ass look big......

    ... but your GIANT ASS sure does make that tiara look small!"

  • FlaymKnight


    #6923243 - 12 years ago

    Hmmm, weird, I created one of these threads 5 months after you.... and it wasn't shot down? Glad to see the original(er) one still going.

    As for fave quotes... most of the last dialog in the series. With Sam trying to be all sentimental yet failing miserably.

  • Degenerate89


    #6953059 - 12 years ago

    Sam: Do you even know what being sequestered means?
    Chalmers: I believe it involves shackles and some kind of hot poker.
    Sam: NO IT DOESN'T!
    Chalmers: Oh. In that case, y'all gonna get shackled and hot pokered.

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  • xxmillerxx


    #7048477 - 12 years ago

    Theres peanut butter in my pants!

  • Belgarth


    #7102921 - 12 years ago

    Tovar: Come in pool Nikki.
    Wade: ...then she was killed with a bolt of electricity...
    Nikki: Oh crap!
    Tovar: Don't come in pool now Nikki!
    Tovar: Poor Nikki. So sad to see her die in plane crash.
    Sam: There was no plane crash.
    Tovar: Whirlwind?
    Sam: No.
    Tovar: Circus Fire?
    Sam: No.
    Tovar: Aw poor Nikki killed by Godzilla.
    Wade: (in backround) WWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?
    Tovar: Curse you Godzilla with your pointy spines and firey breath. Tovar have firey breath to but takes mint from time to time.

  • hayden117


    #7118886 - 12 years ago

    yeah tovar is ball from canon

  • ghalodog


    #7152135 - 12 years ago

    its not "i just sniped you in the head" its, "I just sniped you in the head and lets watch it in slow-mo"

    best quote ever!!!

  • islandkitty


    #7192871 - 12 years ago

    He lived as he died, in water!

  • DocRossim


    #7228923 - 12 years ago

    In reply to Belgarth

    I think you mean:
    Wade: "Tovar and I were swimming in the pool..."
    Tovar: "Come in pool Nikki, is fun!"
    Wade: "...then Nikki was murderred by -- a bolt of electricity man!"
    Nikki: "Oh crap! Electricity!"
    Tovar: "Don't come in pool now Nikki!"
    Wade: "It was a giant explosion, like barbeque everywhere man..."
    Sam: "That can't be right either."
    Wade: "No wait, I meant she drowned."
    Chalmers: "But you said she wasn't even in the pool."
    Nikki: "Oh crap! Cement!"
    Tovar: "Tovar remember! Thing from space fall on head like Sputnik."
    Sam: "Oh, come on!"
    Tovar: "Or maybe she was eated by giant bunny. She tried to run but it could hop!"
    Sam: "Did either of you see actually what happened?"
    Wade: "Actually no dude. We were playing that Marco Polo game, so we, like, both has our eyes closed man."
    Sam: "Wade! Only one person is supposed to keep their eyes closed in Marco Polo!"
    Wade: "Dude. No wonder that game is so hard..."
    Tovar: "Poor Nikey. So sad to see her die in tornado."
    Sam: "There was no tornado!"
    Tovar: "Plane crash?"
    Sam: "No!"
    Tovar: "Circus Fire?"
    Sam: "NO!"
    Tovar: "Ah yes. Godzilla took her life!"
    Wade: "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"
    Tovar: "Fire breathing lizard... returned to the sea..."
    Wade: "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"
    Tovar: "Curse you Godzilla with your green spines and firey breath! Tovar have firey breath to but takes mint now and then!"
    The Uggos: "Bye Nikki Bye! I'm gonna miss the sparkle in your eye-eye-eye-eyes; Bye Nikki, bye, Nikki, bye..."

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  • RetardedBird


    #7252377 - 12 years ago

    i think im in the rong thread

  • RetardedBird


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  • Oracle50


    #7284289 - 12 years ago

    "die? dont you know ... spartans never die"~ Kurt~spartan iii trainer

  • Da_Mexicant


    #7315180 - 12 years ago

    My favorite quote from the Stangerhood episodes is . . .

    "Starving is like diet, with pain." >Tovar

  • Sargebro

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    #7318200 - 12 years ago

    Narrative Wade: She was sleepin' with the fishes.
    Wade: That totally sounds like fun!
    Narrative Wade: She was dead.
    Wade: Oh, much less fun, dude.

  • sammy_ble


    #7564820 - 12 years ago

    "Don't blame me, I just work here."
    "Its true, he has a T-shirt."

    or something along those lines

  • Mrs_Caboose


    #7697081 - 12 years ago

    Doctor Chalmers: "Hello, young males. Are your parents at home?"
    Sam: "Parents? I'm 26."
    Doctor Chalmers: "May I remind you that people have parents regardless of their age? I myself have two."
    Wade: "Hey, me too, man."


  • Oracle50


    #7870385 - 12 years ago

    my quote is one that runs through peoples blood. one that means something to everyone. one that people say with pride.

    HALO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • calvin1001


    #7967426 - 12 years ago


  • sportoracle


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  • TsukiMizu


    #8526773 - 11 years ago

    "we control the vertical and the horizontal"

  • SilentRuss


    #8545165 - 11 years ago

    Yeah, when Dr.Chalmers just walks up.

    "Hello young males"

    Is there really anybody in your life who would say that?

  • SilentRuss


    #8545174 - 11 years ago

    When they lost the contest of making grill cheese sandwiches.

    Wayne: dude, i need lotion, LOTS of lotion.
    Tovar: Yai, Tover make crunching noise when he move body.

  • DarkDucky


    #9020639 - 11 years ago

    Catherine: Trape. Dear!

    Wade/Drrrnt: The sky is broken, man!

  • DarkDucky


    #9020648 - 11 years ago

    In reply to DarkDucky, #149:

    Sorry, I misspelled tramp.

  • Bllasaenlimt


    #9049511 - 11 years ago

    In reply to Leus, #1:
    "It's Durnt, dude."
    "Your name is Durntdude?"