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Where is Dutchmiller?

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  • DeeMonstar


    #872148 - 14 years ago

    Is the fact that he isn't on the The Strangerhood site image a sign that he is leaving the show?

  • HeroinAddikt


    #873838 - 14 years ago

    wow....I think you're right.....

  • Roki


    #876217 - 14 years ago

    First thing i noticed when i looked at the new site.
    I doubt that he's leaving though.

  • Shindo


    #876518 - 14 years ago

    but why is NIkki there? Last time i saw, she was dead

  • Mrrix32


    #877477 - 14 years ago

    Ninkki's there though! that might mean she's doing more voice overs!!!

  • tasagi


    #879952 - 14 years ago

    heh...never noticed that...

  • mmogg


    #893883 - 14 years ago

    I had noticed that either, it's weird that Dutch is missing but Nikki is still there..

  • mmogg


    #893889 - 14 years ago

    In reply to mmogg, #7:

    *hadn't, sorry.

  • Kendal


    #896127 - 14 years ago

    They proboly couldn't fit him in the area that they had when designing the site, OR they dont like Duthmiller, OR he could be the next to go. I don't know, but that would suck if he was next to go because they are just barely developing the relationship between him and that prissy chick (always forget her name). I think they could have some comedy with that.

  • sorserer


    #896422 - 14 years ago

    maybe its like .... Final Destynation *AAAAHHH*... OR its a litle fault. And Nikke maybe she´s coming as a gost ( not halo although its funny if she become a gost from halo :) )

  • drpoodle


    #991967 - 14 years ago

    there is enough room to fit him on the banner, so either its a mistake they made, or he won't be in the next episode, which is also confusing, because they seem to be dropping like flies!

  • KnightX9600


    #1011233 - 14 years ago

    I think his agent couldn't come to terms and he walked off the show.. Ether that or Catherine has him locked away somewhere.. lol

  • Erika


    #1047068 - 14 years ago

    yeah... i saw that dutch is not there... it is really strange........ will something happen w/ him??? maybe....

  • DeeMonstar


    #1049076 - 14 years ago

    In an interview with matt, I have asked why he isn't there and I am waiting for matt to answer the questions I sent, so we will know soon!

  • MidnighRaven


    #1054737 - 14 years ago

    OR Dutchmiller has major surgery and ends up looking like Nikki. The only reason he might do this is because he gets possessed by her at the very end of Episode 6.

  • kwkak37


    #1062441 - 14 years ago

    In reply to MidnighRaven, #15:

    What the???