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    #6508842 - 12 years ago

    Where can I buy this on DVD! I can only find RvB out in the stores! I already own ssn 1-4 and am completely dedicated to such a hilarious plot. I'm waiting for ssn 2 of strangerhood! Can you only buy it straight from RT?

  • dededetimmy


    #7089989 - 12 years ago

    Dude don't you know It is kind of ovious that there not coming out with a second seson of StrangerHood the way they ended the seson so You are like compleatly retarted for saying that I put shame upon your Family Mwahahahaha (I feel O-Mally-ish Today ; -D)

  • dededetimmy


    #7090016 - 12 years ago

    In reply to jawcheats, #20:

    Did you seriously just say "How The poop"
    seriousley dude what the fuck that is bull SHIT not poop

  • Belgarth


    #7131403 - 12 years ago

    In reply to Markus_Grif, #23:

    You should be able to find that info in the Machinima Forum.

  • RetartedBird


    #7243651 - 12 years ago


  • trinamarie9


    #7378534 - 12 years ago

    umm where do you get the dvd?

  • Charliez


    #7378573 - 12 years ago

    I don't know, maybe on the link on the left that says "The Store", perhaps? A store is where you usually buy things...

  • dirtyshishno


    #7452606 - 12 years ago

    hey thats cool

  • SilentxBunny


    #7468516 - 12 years ago

    In reply to dededetimmy, #27:

    actually a while back... shortly after the release of the first DVD... gus (i believe it was gus) announced that they had "ideas" for a second season... if they didn't make a second season and Red Vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicals is truely ending then their only real project would be 1-800-Magic which is a mini series anyway!

    so unless they are making a new un-announced show than their probably will be a second season...

    by the way its not spelled retarted retard!

  • Charliez


    #7476153 - 12 years ago

    Strangerhood is not getting a second season.

  • DeeMonstar


    #7482578 - 12 years ago



  • MatrixM


    #7602510 - 12 years ago

    i've only seen up to episode 10 and, i have to say, i don't think it is that good so far. there are episodes where i don't even get a real laugh.

  • DeeMonstar


    #7610198 - 12 years ago

    Who gives a fuck?

    Why the hell would you that in a thread about the easter eggs on the DVD??

  • puck_you


    #7683949 - 12 years ago

    i think i wet my self

    98%of teenagers say "I Love You" and don't mean it. If you are one of the 2% that does, then copy and paste this in your profile.

  • Charliez


    #7707428 - 12 years ago

    In reply to puck_you, #39:


  • jonexwarlord


    #7790352 - 12 years ago

    yeah i found one. highlight scenes and press in order 3 6 1 2 eneter and it shows you tovar cooking.

  • TyPictures


    #7917855 - 12 years ago

    In reply to Markus_Grif, #23:

    Dewd press Tab and you'll go in to camera man mode

  • She3p


    #8535625 - 11 years ago

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  • dantoshou


    #8788337 - 11 years ago

    In reply to MatrixM, #37:

    matrix, watch the series while sat wearing headphones, i was skeptical like thou at first, but when i sat not watching the episodes with headphones on, i absorbed the voices and watched it again and it grew on me ,chill out and watch it again.

  • Deman732


    #9763161 - 11 years ago

    If anyone is a Linkin park fan, the Frat Party in Pankake festival has...cheats? thats what I've heard them called. But there most likely to be called Easter Eggs. There's one that plays One Step Closer backwards....oh well. just look up Frat Party at Pankake Festival cheats or something.

    I'm sure no one likes LP though. :[

    | | ___
    | | | 0 |
    | |__ | ---
    |___| | |

    ha. hope that shows up alright. If it doesn't its a crappy LP line art.

  • Deman732


    #9763165 - 11 years ago

    In reply to Deman732, #45:

    Yeah, it didn't, sorry.

  • daniel453


    #10383749 - 11 years ago


  • daniel453


    #10383757 - 11 years ago


  • colebat

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    #11792459 - 10 years ago

    If you put your Dvd in the microwave and then put it in your dvd player everything will suck monkeys. Is that an easter egg?!

  • minerva_hana


    #11882627 - 10 years ago

    OMG LOL sorry some of this is way too funny. Looking for easter eggs for the resurrection dvd can anyone help?