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  • Mithhuanion


    #281019 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Chessrook44, #26:

    Maybe that was in Sams underwear too...

  • takeit


    #281182 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Chessrook44, #26:

    It's got more syllables man. D-r-r-r-nt

  • BigRed8485


    #281955 - 14 years ago

    In reply to LtFiggnuts, #19:

    Actually in a later episode, can't remember which one, church and tucker were discussing this and how omally was destroyed when tex was killed. Omally fled tex when it overheard churchs plans to warn the reds, and so to protect itself it fled tex to caboose who was on the radio at the time trying to contact church. and right after that he says what u the "calling church. This is your good friend, Pvt omally..." etc.

    yea i don't know about the Tovor name and where it came from. all of a sudden same just said his name after he said that he was suppose to get ice.

  • SirTristan


    #288577 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Chessrook44, #1:

    I bet you're the type of person who goes to Star Trek conventions to point out the discrepancies to the actors. Relax!

  • BlueBoots


    #295460 - 14 years ago

    Our best convention here is Armageddon. But I only picked up on one thing, "Where are your parents?" "I'm 26?!" Says Sam. How does Sam know that if he only just discovered his name? I mean sure "I'm in my 20s!" could be explained... But eh.

    I'm thinking it fit the mouth movement.

  • jokingclown


    #295888 - 14 years ago

    Just because they dont remember their name, doesnt mean they dont remember anything. they all speak english fluently for example..

  • BlueBoots


    #302064 - 14 years ago

    In reply to jokingclown, #32:

    But forgetting language is different from personal amenesia, where you forget your personal info (Like age, name birthday and family etc). It is strange that the foreign kid speaks english tho.

    But hey! This is just pointless humour. So who cares?!

  • Blueghost


    #355035 - 14 years ago

    Maybe Tovar isn't his name. Maybe it was a Church-Doc moment we didn't see, were The Doc or Griggs or Cathrine or someone just made up some names on the spot for everyone. It seems something that Cathrine, would do, esspecally to Tovar.

  • Philix


    #356259 - 14 years ago

    The reason Tex doesn't display AI-itis is that she has a stronger personality than Doc or Caboose.Tex is a vicious cold hearted butch whereas Doc is a hippie and Caboose is a trusting moron.

  • bschott


    #356437 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BigRed8485, #29:

    Anyone remember the movie "Fallen" with Denzel Washington? In that movie a demon could possess a human by having the body it was in touch another body. The demon would then possess that person, and jump to another person whenever it was threatened.

    The only weakness it had was that if the body it was in died, the demon had to find a new body with in a short distance or it would "die".

    In the very end of that movie, that is what happens. The body it has possessed, dies and it is floating 'up' in pain...when you hear a cat's meow. Then it 'supersonicly' rushes into a black hole under the house, and possess the cat.

    Ok, long story short, the RT team gave a nod to that movie with the whole AI thing :)

    Just trivia for those interested.