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The Great Scone Debate

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  • CivilEnginer


    #30074879 - 10 years ago

    Well, seeing this great group without any threads, I thought I might fire off the imagination a bit with this one.

    The debate is as follows:

    Cream on Scone then Jam, or Jam first, then Cream?

    I am a cream first man, myself.

    Let the debate begin!

  • nikzbitz


    #30074880 - 10 years ago

    In reply to CivilEnginer, #1:

    Or scone with just jam? Does that count?

    Or heated scones and butter?

    Or scones with honey...

    All hail the humble scone

  • DocRossim


    #30074881 - 10 years ago

    For practicality put the jam on first, as you can spread it out and then dollop the cream on, then you don't need a second knife for spreading the jam over the cream, but I actually go for cream first because then the jam is on the surface and its flavour comes out more when I actually eat the scone.

    Fruit scone or plain? I like fruit scones.