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Thanks CG!

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  • DeeMonstar


    #883983 - 14 years ago

    This thead is to thank the CG for creating this create site that is 1.5! So sign here and leave a message for them!
    WOW! You guys must have spent so long on creating this magnificent site, I love the smilies, I love the new look, I love.... screw it, I love the whole god damn thing! If this site is great, 2.0 is going to be god damn fucking AMAZING!

    - DeeMonstar smiley1.gif

  • kia


    #885940 - 14 years ago

    this is the best site ever created!

  • rhino1045


    #890298 - 14 years ago

    Not the best...but getting there.

  • KJH


    #891053 - 14 years ago

    In reply to rhino1045, #3:


  • darkLoki


    #891826 - 14 years ago

    Best and not best. Better in community ethos but it divides sponsors and high karma users from everyone else. not a good thing IMO

  • CiQuat

    CiQuat FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Woop woop

    #892123 - 14 years ago

    Those with low karma or lacking sponsorship really aren't missing much - they just perceive it as such. Smileys, a custom title, a star, a special forum, and a +20 forum aren't really things of any significant value. The low karma/non-sponsors can still download videos, post messages, do journals, etc - all the high-value items on this site (outside of the difference between hi-res and low-res, basically the sponsors payment in this case goes to offset the increased bandwidth/disk space to host the hi-res).

    The +5 requirement to create a thread is just to weed out the spammers and force people to interact with the community before they go and start making threads that are likely to be duplicates and annoyances. Consider it the pre-school and kindergarten of RvB. You can still make posts, so you still get to contribute and participate in the community. Honestly, more people complain about junk threads than those who complain about their inability to make junk threads. This will also encourage people to post their random thoughts in their journals (where they belong) instead of deciding to make a thread that will just hack people off.

  • darkLoki


    #892967 - 14 years ago

    I've been here 8 or so months..and I've already seen a user who signed up 2 days ago on level 7. They band together and rate each other up, and the cycle begins again!

  • DeeMonstar


    #898472 - 14 years ago

    darkLoki, PM a mod the name of this user already on level 7 as they have probably mod cheated

  • Quecko


    #908854 - 14 years ago

    Pretty O.o

    Been away for a whie, come back, and I'm blinded by pretty colors of red and blue. :D

  • strickjh2005


    #927942 - 14 years ago

    I agree, very nice job. Its amazing you guys can do so much stuff. Your work ethic is amazing.

  • chris_harry


    #946117 - 14 years ago

    its soo flashy and cool... it radiates...

  • dewknight


    #962302 - 14 years ago

    This could very well be the third best site ever created, in the history of the intarwebs