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Turok VS Mercs 2

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  • me_caboose


    #9024884 - 11 years ago

    so tuesday the 5th of febuary turok and mercs 2 come out. they both look pritty cool but which do u think will be better?

    will it be the the kick assery that turok has (well the original 2) been?
    Pros- taking dinos down with a friend Cons- demo wasnt all that great, but demos have been prooven wrong before

    or will it be the sequal to one of the best open worlded games ever ?
    pros- open world, airstrikes a-plenty Co-Op Cons- mite blow ur console up cus of to many explosions on screen

    wat do u think?

  • RoadBlock

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    #9024952 - 11 years ago

    I think that we don't allow vs. threads.