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  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9098055 - 11 years ago

    I remember seeing a trailor for this a long time ago, and up until recently I just assumed it was dropped on account of hearing nothing about it. But it turns out I was wrong, the project is live and kicking, so I think it needs its own thread.
    This game has more or less rekindled my interest in RTS games. The game takes place early on in the UNSC's war with the Covenant, and focus' around the re-taking of the planet Reach. The game is told mostly from the perspective of the crew of UNSC warship Spirit of Fire, and starts with small skirmish's to all out war.
    The games details are strictly under wraps, and Ensemble Studios plan on giving nothing away, but there is one gameplay demo currently on their website.
    The game is also going to be Xbox 360 exclusive, and built from the ground up to make for an RTS that works properly on a console. So what are everyones thoughts?

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9098142 - 11 years ago

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  • Colton1991


    #9098692 - 11 years ago

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    Yeah....but this thread's higher on the list, easier to reach.

  • AFKeeker


    #9099255 - 11 years ago

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    Nope. If a thread already exists, you have to use the older thread.

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9099383 - 11 years ago

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    Or he can just use whatever thread he wants, it's just a thread, who cares? Read whichever one you want. I just did a thread search and didn't find a thread which had Halo Wars in it, but does it really matter? It's an Xbox 360 game, so it's now in the Xbox 360 forums.

  • dreamcast717


    #9099406 - 11 years ago

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    It sure does matter. Read the forum rules.
    We only need one thread, so post in the existing one. The Xbox 360 forum rules also state NO HALO THREADS.

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  • ProfDrCmdrChang

    ProfDrCmdrChang Professor Doctor Command

    #9100662 - 11 years ago

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    You're just saying that because you created this thread and you want the cool points for "starting" it. This, of course, is in spite of the fact that there is already another forum for this specific purpose. It's a Halo game. It belongs in the Halo fucking forum. That's where you should have looked.