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  • poison_x


    #14895028 - 7 years ago


    Hope it's good. What are your thoughts?



    #14895102 - 7 years ago

    I don't know why people complained about the most recent one. I thoroughly enjoyed and it killed a lot of time for me...

  • Moonrager


    #14931857 - 7 years ago

    Frostbite 2 engine is going to be in this one for sure, but anyways, I liked the ending to the first one and for sure getting this one.

  • gonzo11790


    #14932820 - 7 years ago

    i really liked the campaign, i even completed tier 1 mode, which was pretty fun

  • LiFeInABoX


    #14932880 - 7 years ago

    In reply to REACHPWNS, #2:

    In reply to gonzo11790, #4:

    I really enjoyed the single player campaign, but hope they fix some of the issues I had with check points. During one of the later missions, I was stuck restarting under constant fire. The multiplayer was okay, but felt rushed and poorly put together, but liked how "pointstreaks" could be achieved by pretty much doing anything, even if I don't like them in general. Also, one of the maps was too small and extremely easy to spawn camp.



    #14932954 - 7 years ago

    In reply to LiFeInABoX, #5:

    most of the maps were like that, except that one across the canyon where everyone was a sniper....

    I do agree about the checkpoints, I got stuck in the worst position on the last mission

    Overall, the game got me pleanty of gamerscore

  • ONI_Spartan


    #14937785 - 7 years ago

    I'm pretty sure this teams name is AFO Tiger shark.

  • Tangero

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    #14946850 - 7 years ago

    If this is true, then that's completely badass. I loved the first one, both in campaign and MP, but the story was far too short. Well, now it seems they are finally continuing that trend, so more power to them. The only thing I wish is that Danger Close makes their own MP instead of DICE doing it. I didn't mind the DICE version--I in fact found it quite fun--but it seemed tacked on and too different from Singleplayer