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  • iEatDONUT

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    #30048612 - 10 years ago

    This is a strategy that me and my friends used to get past Round 24 with ease in 4 player co-op. (It is still in progress so if there is any errors please inform me)

    MG (Machine Gun)
    IKG (Instant Kill Guns)
    Box (Random Box)
    RBR (Random Box Room)
    P (Points)

    4 Player Nazi Zombie Co-op Tutorial:

    Round 1: This round DO NOT buy any guns, it is absolutely unnecessary. Pistol, knife, and explosives are your friends so USE THEM!

    Round 2: Same as 1, depend on your pistol (but you will most likely run out), knife, and grenades (each round gives u 2 grenades so don't be afraid to use)

    Round 3: This round should be about the time someone reaches 1000P, do not open the door, wait till at least one is at 1950 (so he can buy a gun to)

    Round 4: This is the level when the door should be open (it can be open at 3 if u want) so go buy from the Box for IKG (Magnum (until round 9), PTRS Sniper, Ray Gun, Scoped Snipers (until round 9), Shotguns (until round 11)), MG (MG42 or Browning), or a spray gun (if you use these aim for the head). NOTE: Any semi-auto or bolt action non-scoped snipers are worthless and should DIE! Also Bazookas are EXTREMELY useful at later levels but try not to depend on it (only 5 Ammo)

    Round 5: Do the same step as 4 but have 1 person guard the RBR and make sure no zombies sneak in, the rest stay in the main room.

    Round 6: Again do the same as 4 but everyone goes into the RBR, Have one person with a IKG guard the hallway, the other three guard each hole (the two windows and the breakable wall). If necessary, when someone needs points have the hallway person switch with that person and let him get points in the hallway.

    Round 7: Do exactly as round 6

    Round 8: Do exactly as round 6

    Round 9: In this round it begins to get critical. If you have a Magnum, Scoped Sniper, or Shotguns switch them out for THE FOLLOWING: Ray Gun, MG42, and Browning (these are extremely useful later on). Also have ONE (AND ONLY ONE!) person to have a Flamethrower. The Flamethrower is TOTALLY useless after Round 10 unless there is instant kill (which is why only 1 person should have it). The initial set up you will want are: Ray Gun/Ray Gun, Ray Gun/MG (either one), MG/MG, Ray Gun/Flamethrower, MG/Flamethrower.

    Round 10: Repeat 9 but at a faster pace and make sure to keep zombies OUT! (the windows and wall become more critical then the hallway)

    Round 11: Repeat 10 and PRAY TO GOD for one of the set ups in round 9

    Round 12: The Zombies are now too overwhelming to hold off in the RBR room, so open the couch in the RBR room, go upstairs, and go into the room with the closed off curved stairs (DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OPEN THIS ONE OR YOU ARE SCREWED!). This is the strategy to last for a long time. The zombies now have only 2 ways to get to you, the door to the upstairs hallway (this is the room with the stairs you opened) and the window next to the curved stairs. Have 2 people with the initial set up stay near (far enough to not get hit but close enough to get accurate shots) the door to keep zombies from rampaging the room, one person with the initial setup or a Ray Gun or MG with another gun at the window to keep zombies from breaking in through there, and a grenadier/back-up (grenadier are those who do not have the initial set up to buy grenades and throw it through the door, try not to waste P you will need it to go down between rounds to GET the initial set ups) -- (back-up are the people who have the initial set up to swap with a person at the door if they begin to run low on ammo or are reloading and cannot shoot, and remember to tell them your reloading or almost out. this might not sound important but they are EXTREMELY crucial to survive because every bullet COUNTS!).

    Round 13: Repeat 12 but NO SLACKING OFF OR TRYING TO BE A HERO, YOU WILL FAIL WITH A SINGLE FLAW! Now then, between rounds (when the numbers blink red/white) go down to the RBR room and whoever does not have the initial set up should go down to open the box ONCE! (thats all you can do before the round begins) and hope for the gun you need. 2 people should go down to the Box and 2 at the top should be repairing all windows to stall for time. Once the round starts everyone should IMMEDIATELY run back upstairs to the room. and do the strategy in 12

    Round 14-20: Repeat 13 TO THE CORE

    Round 21: Zombies will be floods now but not to worry, everyone should at least have 1 type of the initial set up (if not then do it for 3 more rounds then give up) and follow 12 but with no grenadiers and no back-up either, there should be 3 people with the initial set up at the door because it is a flood! Don't forget about the 1 person at the window. Also the door people should take a few steps back away from the door because they come faster and more frequently.

    Round 22-24: Repeat 21 and pray for Max Ammo, Instant Kills, and Nukes (all these conserve ammo)

    Round 25: Give up on the window, the flood has now tripled and the window is already screwed. everyone go to the corner with the grenade packs (this is where the grenadiers buy grenades) and just stay there with your MGs and Ray Guns, Shoot the hell out of the door and always keep a close eye on the window side because they will break in now. This is the time people will start to freak out. DON'T! You are still somewhat under control. Just stick to shooting the door and keeping an eye on the window side and you will be fine... sort of...

    Round 26-30: Keep using the strategy of round 25 (assuming you were lucky enough to get Max Ammo)

    Round 31: Me and my friends were only able to pass this once because we all had Ray Guns and one had Ray gun/Flamethrower (we told him to just take the Ray Gun from the Box but he refused) and we went all the way to 43. The Round 25 strategy lasted us to about 33, 34 tops. This is how far me and my friends went, I know it might not be the perfect plan but it is a great plan none the less. I hope this helps some of you.

  • iEatDONUT

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    #30048613 - 10 years ago

    Authors Note: Flamethrowers should only be used on instant kill and no one else should be shooting (save your ammo). The Curved Stairs should never be opened. This plan is only good if people follow the instructions, some mistakes can pass at some moments but not all, if you mess up you will die. Those who don't follow the directions given become incapacitated after Round 13, do not save them unless you got a Nuke or the round ended because if he goes down and someone goes to saves him, most likely a zombie will take him down and you have to try save him and you will go down, or even if you don't save him either 2 people won't last against all those zombies. You could try to save the person on insti-kill but the flame thrower must go out there to keep the zombies at bay, another person should be reviving the man down, and the last guy should be keeping the room clear for when they return back to the room (this has about a 70% success rate, even if followed perfectly). Lastly the person who is watching the window should always be VERY careful of not opening the Curved Stairs because it is very easy to accidentally be opened when either reloading or rebuilding the window so always be careful. That is about it. Happy Zombie Killing :)

  • crazyninja13


    #30048614 - 10 years ago

    wow that's hard to memorize

  • UndeadJakob


    #30048615 - 10 years ago

    Rumor has it, That at round 50 (Farthest ever gotten) You will see Zombie Hitler