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Survivors and Socialization

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  • Gatana


    #30741286 - 9 years ago

    Okay, different question on topic from the zombie plan. How do you expect yourself to socialize to any outsider survivors of the zombie apolcalypse?
    Hostle? Inviting? etc. you get the idea. Basically, what would you do? Help others or leave 'em to die?

  • gunaholich


    #30741287 - 9 years ago

    Be inviting, but keep a close eye. you dont know how predictable the outcome can be. So be friendly, but not trusting until you realy get to know him/ her. because just like those in the movies, their is just that one person screws everything up.
    so be weary.

  • Gatana


    #30741288 - 9 years ago

    In reply to gunaholich, #2:


  • hunterbrute


    #30741289 - 9 years ago

    Seeing as i was paranoid enough BEFORE the apocalypse my default attitude will most likely be extreme suspicion. Background checks, frisks, wound examinations and everything if they want to spend significant time with our group. Though i won't travel with more than four or five for long.

  • AnbU_KibA


    #30741290 - 9 years ago

    also anther good idea set up a trap only a human can get out a pit drop or something

  • gamefreak905


    #30741291 - 9 years ago

    no way in hell, i stay in a group of 5 of people i already trust, and if they want to come, im sorry but no, too big a group will kill us all, we will teach them survival skills and help them out a bit with other things, but thats it

  • AnbU_KibA


    #30741292 - 9 years ago

    ya but if you do that then how is humanity ever goin to become the dominate species again

  • JoeCasteel


    #30741293 - 9 years ago

    In reply to AnbU_KibA, #7:

    u got a point

  • Refff73


    #30741294 - 9 years ago

    In life or death situations all humans are one of two things bait or snuggle buddies guess what all the guys are

  • Refff73


    #30741295 - 9 years ago

    In life or death situations all humans are one of two things bait or snuggle buddies guess what all the guys are

  • bulletbeater


    #30741296 - 9 years ago

    me and my freind with shotguns, chainsaws, axes, a safe house and a hummer with a snow plough front


  • gogleos


    #30741297 - 9 years ago

    I would let them come with me for a time, but the second something bad happens, whether they caused it or not, I'm leaving them behind. Unless they're useful, of course. Plus I'm planning on starting out with maybe five people, so we've got to keep it small or we'll all die.

  • MrJones95


    #30741298 - 9 years ago

    depends 1st check them 4 bites then c if they had a lot of combat experience and finally c if they can fend 4 his/her self



    #30741299 - 9 years ago

    like it or not refff73 is right, its in our culture to want to do the right thing. But when it comes to life or death, it's in our nature to look out for number 1. Plus girls who think they might die tomorrow are a sure thing ;)

  • Gatana


    #30741300 - 9 years ago

    In reply to JIMtheSAINT, #14:

    thats a very interesting thought but in my eyes I say it's best in numbers and those folks you do save need to learn to be reliable, that way we don't all fuck up and die
    second is buddy system

  • cote117


    #30741301 - 8 years ago

    before the zombies, i would spend excessive time to CQC training, then i would travle with a group of 5 to 6 people with different skills... OF HOW TO KILL THINGS! travel light, and be in a suped up vw van with extra armor plating, gas tank, and snow plow on the front with a machine gun (.50 cal) on top. it will be my death mobile!

  • Inukazan


    #30741302 - 8 years ago

    people are dangerous so keep them around they have more potential for killing things than the actual zombies but don't get to attached really be kind but once they're done they're done there's no saving them

  • cote117


    #30741303 - 8 years ago

    so true my friend. so true...

  • thehealer


    #30741304 - 8 years ago

    Keep them close you never know when you need bait.

  • cote117


    #30741305 - 8 years ago

    again, so very true