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  • BigMattyM


    #30177692 - 10 years ago

    discussion on how to go about creating the virus to end the world

  • BigMattyM


    #30177693 - 10 years ago

    me and my pals at school were discussing how to create a zombie virus the most popular theroy atm is to get the rabies virus and alter it so it increases in effectivity and you add a certain microbe to it to induce mass amounts of adrenaline production in the host so the host doesnt feel the pain from being shot and can carry on attacking without the pain receptors hindering the hosts attack also it was decided to increase the aggresiveness of the host to ensure a violent kiling spree. would any one else have a decent imput onto this topic. NOTE: everything mentioned is theoretical so no one is actually going to create the virus .

  • psyco38


    #30177694 - 10 years ago

    what about a parasite and mutate it until you get the wanted results

  • leetmonkey


    #30177695 - 10 years ago

    But you would have to genetically engineer the parasite, and we don't have that kind of time.

    Altering a pre-existing condition would be a lot easier.

    Rabies is good, but it kills after a while.

    You want something that promotes aggression, yet increases lifespan.

    Probably some kind of a mixture between adrenaline, steroids, vitamins, and morphine.

    Combined with a sort of airborne pheromone/hormone that induces both sexual and aggressive feelings.

    That way the virus spreads, making a new generation of zombies by way of cross-breeding between humans and the infected.

    I don't even know if this is possible though, I practically failed biology class.

  • BigMattyM


    #30177696 - 10 years ago

    my mates at school found a wesbite called and it had an article on liek 5-10 different things that could cause zombiefication or has the similar effects to zombification it had stuff liek rabies the rage virus from 28 days later and some parasetic organisms which actually exist

  • Darkfire002


    #30177697 - 10 years ago


  • Cassner

    Cassner FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Hail Hydra

    #30177698 - 10 years ago

    Avon has you beat, you know the T Virus from Resident Evil well guess who made it.
    Soon fourty year old women will be wondering the malls looking for sweet man flesh, well the do that now but this time they are zombies.
    Source G4

  • juanicimo


    #30177699 - 10 years ago

    well tho i agree the best way to sell the t virus is through the ever growing need for beautty products for those who are overly vain about there ageing looks.. i think if spread the simplest way is through pests..
    mosquitos, ticks. lice... hell even fleas as they already spread rare and odd viruses that they them selves are imune too!
    altho grave_chapel's sighting of g4's comment on cougars wondering the mall in search of oh so tasy flesh for some insne reason doesnt seem a deterent?
    i would go to the mall far more often if it men i could beat somone over the head every few stores and get some decapitations on..
    anyone with me?

  • joshy666


    #30177700 - 10 years ago

    In reply to juanicimo, #8:

    i would go to the mall far more often if it men i could beat somone over the head every few stores and get some decapitations on..
    anyone with me?

    i am.

  • juanicimo


    #30177701 - 10 years ago

    In reply to joshy666, #9:

    el yay!

  • howtokill101


    #30177702 - 10 years ago

    In reply to juanicimo, #10:

    Woot zombie killing time ill get my knunchucks you aint a man unless you can kill a zombie with knunchucks

    (knunchucks are useless dont try it in a real zombie invasion its stupid)

  • juanicimo


    #30177703 - 10 years ago

    In reply to howtokill101, #11:

    i concur! however your not a stetson man unless you cna kill a zombie with your bare hands!!1. NAY!! strangle it! bakc into death! with your bare hands!!!
    chuck norris did it!
    i was there! i saw! it was magic!

  • BigMattyM


    #30177704 - 10 years ago

    any way back on topic fellas we need a zombie virus to be spread across the world so only the elite will survive now we have had ways of spreading we just need a detailed plan of creating it

  • juanicimo


    #30177705 - 10 years ago

    well somone id asume would first need an advanced degree in biochemestry or gene manipulation...
    evern the top mind in these feilds as i know of caouldnt possibly dream to imagine how to go about creating or manipulating cells into hvaing the bailtys that the zombie (gene, virus,contaniminent) does

  • BigMattyM


    #30177706 - 10 years ago

    according to a article on (btw i dnt know how credible the sources are on this website) the article said that the most likely thing to cause a zombie like infestation or spread would be nanobots that alter the synapsys in the brain and take control so i dnt know how credible it is but it seemed to make sense.

  • juanicimo


    #30177707 - 10 years ago

    In reply to BigMattyM, #15:

    if its nano bots we are seriosly s.s.o.l. (the extra s. is for an additonal seriosly)
    as to my under standing of nanobot technology and it being used in the way your describing...
    you could use them to basicly provide a labodemny? lobahdemy>?
    brain rewiring on a microscopic level...
    anywhere from defcaing the brain enough to retard a person to enough of an extent to portray zombie like attributes
    to shutting on and off certain chemical intakes casued and needed by the brain..
    an army of loyal super men and women feeding off the chemicals thier body now freely produces...
    giving them hormones to produce a secondary puerberty even for extra speed strength and anger...
    or just to soup of the more feeble and week to match levels with the stronger of the crowd...
    hell having them eat other people can be for fun as the blacksmith of this weapon can bend the victom to any will he sets forth!
    but as nanotech is still in its dream phases and infantsy such uses and widescale abuce is somwhat unatainable
    however as thier is always some brillaint mind to rocket each art and science leagues into the future im sure it could be quite factual and in the end probbaly the worst idea as control cant be fully achiveied with out under standing..

  • Skywalker666


    #30177708 - 10 years ago

    Well at my lunch table, we discussed this. I determined that you take the worst viruses, and do some genetical altering. Then injecting the new virus into a animal, not a large one, but a small fast one. Then let the animal do the work of spreading the virus. If worst comes to worst, we inject the virus into a prisoner, and let the prisoner infect others. The worst thing that could go wrong is that the virus gets into water, and spreads that way.....

  • BigMattyM


    #30177709 - 10 years ago

    In reply to juanicimo, #16:

    yh thats pretty much what the article says lol and i think the word u was looking for toward the starts was labotemy not sure whether it is right spelling but there u go

  • Demon-Rift


    #30177710 - 10 years ago

    I watched a documentary on zombie once, which told you how the witch doctors made the illusion that they could raise the dead. The documentary talked about the effects of puff fish poison. A powdered version of the poison can paralyse a person and stop them breathing but they can still be resuscitated later. Other effects of the poison are that it makes them act in the same ways as a zombie in terms of speech, movement and also appearance although it will also kill the person unless cured. Im not to sure on the science of the poison but its effects are half way there.

    Also this talks about the 'reptillian complex' which "can override the more rational function of the brain and result in unpredictable, primitive behavior ".



    #30177711 - 10 years ago

    There are many ways to go about it, Stem Cells are the biggest, if to many stem cells are released into the body it causes damage to the brain, but they also become what ever the body needs them to be. Think about it, you have the damage to the brain that would make the zombie type behavior and the cell growth on a massive scale to keep them going. I have yet to come up with a way to spread it...

  • topchamp2000

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    #30177712 - 10 years ago

    Upgraded rabies on steroids smiley0.gif

  • lonewolf92


    #30177713 - 10 years ago

    a really good idea is 2 put a delay aon it a incubation if u will so tat they spread it wit kissing and basicly contact wit NI(non-infected)tis way max spread is caused and PS i could make i just dont have the resourses and also were makin zombies not over musclear wait do we want it 2 evolve or devolve ppl


    BEELZACK FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold '); DROP TABLE users

    #30177714 - 10 years ago

    WHY IS IT THEORETICAL? mwahahaha!

  • Spawn_Kreed


    #30177715 - 10 years ago

    If we try to kill them,wouldn't make sense not to wait for others to make than make it ourselves?

  • androb92


    #30177716 - 10 years ago

    "zombiez move slow" NAH worng i the early stages of infection stenchers will be running because decompostion hasent had a chance to set in yet and i like grifs idea lets go to alaska