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  • BigMattyM


    #30177717 - 10 years ago

    well all of these ideas are very good and if any ov you decide to unleash said zombie virus onto the world just make sure u give me time to prepare cuz us enlgish folk dont have shooting ranges like yall americans do which is most likely the only fault we have atm lol and in response to staticrift's first comment about the puffer fish zombification method, those sort of zombies are classified as voodoo zombies, apparently voodoo witch doctors would give a victim a concotion of dusts and powders which would damage the brain and make them act like zombies but they can be controlled and they will take notic of surroundings and feel pain and fear so not quite what we are trying to achieve as a collective. all your suggestions are super even the one about upgraded rabies on steroids!

  • thatguy1116


    #30177718 - 10 years ago

    canned tuna..........

  • Cruelrath


    #30177719 - 10 years ago

    Well the zombie virus or as it is also known as "solanum" is a virus that enters the bloodstream through bodily fluids like spit or blood, travels to the brain, kills off the frontal lobe, then replicates itself in the brain, killing off all extremeties but the brain keeping it essentially "alive". So my guess would be some mixture of aids and cancer.

  • TheTaco007


    #30177720 - 10 years ago

    swine flu

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  • Greed5

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    #30177721 - 10 years ago

    In reply to BigMattyM, #1:

    I would like to go about saying right now that this group is not for the creation of the undead scrouge.

    it is for the eradication of it.

  • UndeadJakob


    #30177722 - 10 years ago

    Zombie virus time?...Simple explanation...Actually the theory is at work in medical terms.
    Ever hear of organ doners? (Donate organs after you die?) well they use certain chemicals and electricity to keep the bodies alive so they can take
    the organs out as they please....Now increase that by tenfold to a grave yard, so they don't need a recharge and make the chemicals more potent, and viola!

  • Darkfire002


    #30177723 - 10 years ago

    A zombie virus is not possible. Chuck Norris would not allow it.

  • androb92


    #30177724 - 10 years ago

    if your going to make a zombie virus make it airborn that way when the virus is first relesed it will have a larger area of effectand
    p.s. make an anti-virus to inoculat yourself and as a fail safe

  • BigMattyM


    #30177725 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Greed5, #30:

    yes i understand that but isnt learning how to create the undead scourge an efficient way of eradicating it ? because through knowledge comes power and if we figure out the correct way of creating the virus studying its strengths and weaknesses as a virus and not as a zombie then we will be better prepared if the virus actually does break out.

  • juanicimo


    #30177726 - 9 years ago

    In reply to BigMattyM, #34:

    that is true as trying to incubate such a thing would deffinatly show you what its sesitive to and easily killed by besides the cure all of hot lead...
    and i still belive in some form or another a zombie virus could closley link to some type of regenrative side product..

  • androb92


    #30177727 - 9 years ago

    i think if you make a zombie virus you should relsease it in citys such as london or new york any large city with an underground train system because the underground system runs below pritty much the whole city and it will allow the infection to spread at a much faster pace

  • hunterbrute


    #30177728 - 9 years ago

    For a brain destroying entity i think the best base would be Naegleria fowleri, only problem is it's classified as a protist and is notoriously hard to contract. When it does infect an animal it rapidly destroys brain tissue resulting in changes in olfactory perception, coma, and death in two weeks. Now increasing the replication rate could lead to the fabled 24-hour-death as mentioned in the zombie survival guide. The rabies form of transmission is perfect, but the only problem is the difficulty of crossing the two with rabies being a virus and Naegleria fowleri being a protist.

    Hypothetically that would match the symptoms very well and could most likely be the culprit. Assuming they find some function to "raise the dead."

    That's all i got at the moment.

  • AgentGreen


    #30177729 - 9 years ago

    In reply to BigMattyM, #1:

    I just had a discussion about that yesterday. My friend and I agreed that the typical zombiy virus would be producing some sort of neurotoxin OR be somewhat similar to hydrophobia because the symptoms are close to that disease.

  • BlueFenix


    #30177730 - 7 years ago

    I know this thread for the creation of the best zombie virus but me and my friend recently started talking about the sudden resurgence of zombies in mainstream culture and the big differences between the original cursed undead rising to the modern infected and how both are flawed. The orginal is flawed in obvious ways but we came to the conclusion that in most cases the infection leaves the zombies either sterile or otherwise unable to breed, therefore already zombies themselves wont last very long.

    Their method of increasing population is by infecting healthy people through exchanging fluids (saliva and blood). This would only occur when they are feeding, so the virus has to choose either a large or well feed population. This means people strong or lucky enough to get away from an attack and not get eaten will become infected. And the virus could take any length of time to turn the person, it could be ten minutes could be a week, depends on how aggresive the virus is.

    There might also be the chance that the virus could have a resurrection phase, the infected actually dying and coming back to life but i still think that the zombies that infected them, even if they got away and died, might have found them and eaten some of their outards and innards. And even if they got away with only a scratch you'll still have died and have become a walking corpse. A body going through something like wouldn't last very long i don't think.

    This was all speculation and weird banter on a train journey home, if anyone knows better or has any ideas don't hesitate to correct me.