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    #31000465 - 8 years ago

    in case u hvnt already, u need to buy this book
    The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
    it has literally everything in it, from know your enemy to case studies
    even if you don't take this zombie thing seriously, it still makes for good reading and is hilarious in parts

  • cote117


    #31000466 - 8 years ago

    some stuff in it is useful, like some weapons, vehicles, and armor. the rest is junk.

  • zazazazaza

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    #31000467 - 8 years ago


  • cote117


    #31000468 - 8 years ago

    oooo... fire... pretty

  • thehealer


    #31000469 - 8 years ago

    booyah chainsaw

  • cote117


    #31000470 - 8 years ago

    bad idea... the noise attracts the hoard

  • NHunt2125


    #31000471 - 7 years ago

    I enjoyed the book and would suggest it as a basic knowledge material to anyone just starting their zombie plan. It's something that you can customize your own plan to.