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  • viltere


    #30108393 - 9 years ago

    In reply to cabosetek, #1:

    NEVER expect relief to come, because what if it doesn't come?

  • Drizzle084

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    #30108394 - 9 years ago

    My plan I didn't think of myself, I was reading World War Z and at one part a "survivor" was talking about how her father, her mother, and her all went north, like to Canada and shit. I would go there because zombies will freeze. When they are zomb-sicles, I will be able to walk up and bash them with a hammer.

  • thehealer


    #30108395 - 8 years ago

    My current plan is to keep it simple. Get out of the city using my annoying roommate as bait calling him Grif as I go. And getting as far away from population centers as possible. Possibly go to my freinds parents house which is really far off the grid. By the way I live in Canada and am currently in North Bay.

  • RoadsRClosed


    #30108396 - 8 years ago

    Easy. Go up to Alaska. Bullshit my way through the rest.

  • Inukazan


    #30108397 - 8 years ago

    Kill everything that gets in my way find my friends if they are alive recruit them make a swath of destruction if they are infected kill them move on sentimentality can be held later if dead ... fire i guess rather than have their bodies eaten. I just like to kill things and amlikely worse than the zombies cause I don't take bll shit and that's pretty much all humans are.

  • tgore606


    #30108398 - 8 years ago

    You want to use something A LOT bigger than a little .22. I am a hunter so as far as gun advice goeos, get like a .308 semiauto

  • paintballmg


    #30108399 - 7 years ago

    In reply to tgore606, #57:

    caliber of the weapon does not matter. .22 ammo is light and very common. as long as the shot hits the head, the zombie is dead. (rhyme ftw). for a hunter, a larger caliber makes sense because you want an instant kill when you hunt. basically, any gun works, but the .22 is popular among zombie hunters because after entering the skull the bullet might bounce off the other end and destroy the brains completely.

  • Simmonsized9


    #30108400 - 7 years ago

    My Zombie plan is simple and effective. I live in Maine so there's not a whole heck of a lot of people to worry about. As for how I'd survive, easy we have 100,000 rounds of ammo at the house and we can easily take on the entire population of my hometown. I'd have my friends and family gather at the house. Once everyone is present we will wait a day or two to let the zombies feed on those who haven't prepared properly (not the nicest way to go about things but this is about survival not about saving the world). After that we set up a scouting party to go get supplies such as food, water, and if possible ammunition. There would be no need to flee my area since I live in the second floor of a condominium and there's easy access from the second story to the roof and if it should ever have to come to us not holding out at the house we go to the rooftops with our supplies and wait...Zombies eventually starve and we survive the worst crisis in the world. That's my zombie plan if there's any flaws in it feel free to point them out.