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  • dduxliger


    #30111836 - 9 years ago

    I would only have two weapons on me and that would be a crowbar (this weapon can also be used to open items and doors when needed) and a's virtually silent and ammo is easy to find, make, and recover. Now if I'm just going with pure weapons for destruction instead of practicality then I would replace my melee weapon for a Xiaolin Spade and replace my ranged weapon for a semi automatic rifle.

  • SniperEye


    #30111838 - 9 years ago

    I'd probably use an L85 as 5.56 are easily available in most places, a lee enfield for long range work, and some sort of silenced weapon for when I don't want to get mobbed, so either a pistol or an MP5SD

  • garethtbc


    #30111839 - 9 years ago

    We all know what we need, it isn't an option its a necessity it is the all mighty CHAINSAW!


  • hunterbrute


    #30111840 - 9 years ago

    In reply to garethtbc, #54:

    noisy, inefficient, needs gas, and it makes a big mess, that'll get you infected in 4 seconds flat. I guess if you wanted to go out rambo style then you could but personally i want to survive.

  • Gatana


    #30111841 - 9 years ago

    Guns, chainsaw, and maybe a few blunt objects like an ax, pick ax, sword (if you can get ahold of a good sharp one that you can just hack your way through), maybe a machete, and maybe and aluminum bat.

    Thoses are the only weapons I believe would be best. Otherwise you're going to have to be Mr. T or Popeye to you'd be fucked.

  • hunterbrute


    #30111842 - 9 years ago

    In reply to doom_taco, #39:

    Unless you have a tool box and military training, you might want to reconsider, The M16A4 is known for having an over-complicated system hard to dismantle and prone to jamming, you need a screw-driver or something similar to adjust the sights, which needs to be done every time the target changes ranges. Yes it is powerful and yes it is cool looking, but completely impractical for survival. If you must bring an assault rifle your best bet for survival would be a member of the AK-47 family, easier to dismantle, jams less, but has a less effective kill-range.

  • MrJones95


    #30111843 - 9 years ago

    Well id have a sawed off 12 gauge 4 punch in case of a tight situation so i can escape.A P90 SMG cuz its light weight
    small and rapid fire in case of a swarm.And a M9 Berreta in case all else fails or if im out of ammo

  • cote117


    #30111844 - 8 years ago

    i would probably use a silenced m4 carbine with silencer, wakazashi sword (a shorter version of the katana), white fodferous grenades (destroys corpes), and incindiary ammo for a light display. oh and a riot shield.

  • tundra7658


    #30111845 - 8 years ago

    A ak-47 easy to use easy to maintain and a FN five seven with two extend mags and one super extend mag mostly because the two normal extend mags hold 30 and the super extend holds 50 and this gun uses the same bullet the P90 and has low recoil so easy to use

  • G_Man_MoFo


    #30111846 - 8 years ago

    Well,several revisions and thoughts and ideas later,I think this would be something of good use.

    Well,along with this,a .22 Long Rifle weapon,or Magnum,would be good. A pistol would work just fine.

    Well,with this being said,a light an medium weapon established,there's also a heavy weapon to be had,for maximum penetration. Well,even though this would probably count as moderate,but still be heavy penetration granted you get the right cylinder,barrel,etc,this would work just fine,but also any kind of high powered rifle,around .308,.30-'06,10 Ga.,or if you get lucky,a .50 B.M.G. or something to that effect.

    And finally,there's melee. Well,something can be said for a slugger,but this goes to personal preference.

    In fact,most of it goes to personal preference. If you can work with light weapons,medium weapons,heavy weapons,a mix of the bunch,whatever it,it isn't really a matter of what's best,it's what's best for you.

  • Bio00

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    #30111847 - 7 years ago

    A baseball bat and an axe would be the best. Unlike guns you never have to reload and its easier to kill the zombie.

  • Paul


    #30111848 - 7 years ago

    Grill lighter and lots and lots of body spray.
    fire kills zombies, people, cats... the list can go on and on.

  • Jackj19


    #30111849 - 7 years ago

    Cross bow off walking dead is amazing, silence!
    Samurai sword for close range, able to cut flesh and also Double SILENCE!

  • MormonNinja


    #30111850 - 7 years ago

    A commonly overlooked but necessarily is the old reliable .22 lever action rifle. Look, I'm all for massive, world destroying guns (and I'm sure they will have their place in the post-apocalyptic world) but a Zombie isn't a walking tank. A .22 round is big enough to go into a zombie's skull, but not strong enough to exit it. That round will bounce around in the brain cavity making it super dead. Plus a .22 long is easy to carry and the ammo is super light.

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  • MormonNinja


    #30111851 - 7 years ago


  • JoshLaxen


    #30111852 - 7 years ago

    I will say that the best in my opinion are...

    Primary weapon: AK47 a rough and tumble weapon that is not easily jammed and has a pretty good range.
    Close combat fire arm: Shotgun, any seems fine the close range and scatter shot is a good combination to blow off the head of any undead suckers
    Melee: Shovel. Varying in size the shovel is not only a weapon but a tool that can be used to decapitate any zombies that get's too close for comfort. not to mention they can have length that is more than double a regular person's arm length. Past that a crow bar is good as well.

  • ChaosAD


    #30111853 - 7 years ago

    ... noobs.