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    • 24 hours in 4 days

      6 months ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      So since my last post we have raised about $300 more. Good job. We are now sitting pretty at $2339.01(Whoever donated the $.01 to TudorVII is my hero).

      Also Jack announced Geoff and his involvement in Extra Life AWHU #32.

      So like the scouts say "be ready" (or something like that I never was a scout I always liked the great indoors) stock on candy, energy drinks, friends, and anything you'll "need" so you can go for the 24.

      On Saturday please sign in on the forum to tell everyone you have started. We already have topic set up and will be open on Saturday.

      See you on the otherside

    • Party Like A Gold Farmer

      6 months ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      We Raised $15,399.43
      10/24 Update: $16,304.05

      Was it as good for you as it was for me?

      This was by far the best charity event I have been apart of. Playing video games and switching between Knuckles's and AH's live feeds. The guys at Roosterteeth made the experience 10 times better. If you missed it, you missed out.
      Topics included: when everyone lost their virginity, how Griffon and Geoff met, Harry Potter (Don't Ask), Griffon did kiss a girl and liked it (for about 3 years),and leave Monty alone about Mo-cap.

      Special Guest
      Jack's brother
      Burnie and family
      Monty (came to work stayed to play)
      Tina (came for an impromptu Pajamachievements)
      Cardboard Joel
      Cardboard Gus
      Cardboard Burnie
      Even evil twin Cardboard Geoff came

      You all did great Thank you for your time and support

    • The Last 10 and $$$$

      6 months ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      We are in the last 10 days of the campaign for Extra Life. Now is the time to put in that last burst of asking for help. I know a lot of people have had others promise to give but never did. Right now is a good time to ask them for that donation. Also start making your arrangements to play the 24 hours Saturday Oct. 16.

      As I'm posting this we have raised $2032. That is good number we all should be proud of. I still think it will be higher in the next days so please check our team page often.

      You all did a good job whether donating, participating in the the event, or just spreading the word.

      Thank You

    • RT Community, Extra Life, and YOU

      5 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      GB330033 Head of SideQuest has posted a news post about ExtraLife

      RT Community, Extra Life, and YOU

      Tons of people getting involved this year. Great opportunity to play games with other RT/AH community members.
      Check it out!!

    • Extra Life 2013

      5 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      This year Achievement Hunter/ Rooster Teeth will be having a presence in Extra Life 2013.
      They will be Streaming for the whole 25 hours.
      So sign up now and join in!

      Rooster Teeth Team

      Jack's Journal

    • Tips for the 24 Hours

      7 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      Unless you're a bit of an insomniac , staying awake and coherent for 24 hours could be a shock to the system, and not to mention a strain on your eyes. So here's a few tips for making it through the 24 hours of gaming ahead of you, and doing it in a way that means you won't be suffering too much for a couple of days afterwards.

      1. Get a good night's sleep
      Obviously different people only need different amounts of sleep, and you should know your body well enough that you can plan for the right amount of hours you need to feel at your best once Extra Life starts. If, like me, you're starting later in the day, try and get a good hour or so nap in before you start. That should give you enough of a boost to make it through till at least the morning.

      2. Drink lots of coffee
      The short term effect of coffee as an instant boost is pretty much all in the mind, which is good because we're interested in the long term effects. Proper filtered or instant coffee (even tea for that matter, although it's not quite as good as coffee) will do the trick of keeping you awake through the late hours. But remember you're gonna need to sleep after the marathon, so cut out the coffee a couple of hours before you finish. Water and fruit squash should be your other beverages of choice, just stay away from anything sugary like fruit juices, energy drinks and fizzy stuff. You'll crash on the amounts of sugar pretty quickly giving you headaches, and no one wants one of them for 24 hours.

      3. Eat smart
      This is another area where you should avoid sugars and generally junk food, although a little shouldn't be anything to worry about. The best foods for keeping you full and giving you energy will be fruits and cereals. A scary concept for some gamers, but cut up a banana on some Weetabix and you've got a healthy meal to keep you awake and gaming!

      4. Take regular breaks
      "It's a marathon, not a sprint" Trying to play the games continuously until the end could have some severe consequences, and not just to your eyes. It's important that you take a few minutes every hour to walk away from the game, stretch yourself out and if possible get some fresh air. If your eyes are hurting, take a longer break and go out for a walk, this will also help to keep you awake.

      5. Keep your cool
      Open the window, turn off the heaters and make sure you're in a comfortable climate. When you get hot and the room gets stuffy, this is when you're most likely to fall asleep against your will. Keeping the room cool with some airflow will help to keep you awake and alert.

      6. Know your limit
      Probably the most important bit of advice. Remember that you're doing this for charity, no one's going to say a bad thing about you if you find you can't stay awake gaming for 24 hours. So if you are struggling to keep your eyes open, get your head on your pillow and rest. If you want to carry on after you've slept, you can. This is the beauty of doing Extra Life from your own home.

    • Two months till Extra Life

      8 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      Hey all,

      Just wanted to drop an update on the current Achievement Hunter team for this year's Extra Life event. Thanks to everyone who has signed up already, and to those that have received donations already, this is an amazing thing to see so early on. That said, there's always more that could be done. So why not invite your friends to join in, send emails out to co-workers asking for them to donate? There's plenty of time, but it will go quickly!

      Could I also ask that everyone who's signing up to be a part of the Achievement Hunter team just add a link to their Rooster Teeth profile on the donation page? We want to make sure we can thank you guys for the effort you've put into helping children, and other people on the site should know how awesome you are because of it.

      I'll be setting up a few new threads in the group to start some discussion of ideas for the day, and get some group gaming sessions planned.

      Keep up the great work guys, and let's really make this year's Extra Life a huge success!


    • Extra Life 2011

      8 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      For some of you, Extra Life 2010 may seem like only yesterday, but once again the time has come around where we must prepare for the 24 hour gaming marathon.

      You can now register to take part in this year's fundraising event. Registration (and the entire Extra Life website) have changed quite a bit, so get rid of any old links you used to have and get with the new programme. While you're registering, you have the chance to choose your team. I've already set up the Achievement Hunter team page, so make sure you join us when you're signing up. If you've already registered for Extra Life, you can join team AH from the link above.

      This year. the games will begin on October 15th at 9am in your local timezone. Like last year, we'll have a thread set up in the group to sign in once you've started your marathon.

      Until then, we've got a few months of planning for our games, streams and other activities we can do to try and gain more donations. So get to it people!

    • Quick little update

      8 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      We gone over $5,000 in donation good job everyone!!
      Update: We are now at $6000
      Update: We are now at $7000
      Update: Sitting pretty at $8000
      Update: Hit the $9000 mark
      Update: Broke $10,000!!!
      Update: $11,000!!!
      Update: $13,000 passed and I'm going stop updating because wasn't expected much more than $5000. But you guys proved me wrong.Thank you!

      Thank you all participating in this event. You have done a great job. I'm real happy to see so many people going and getting so much in donation, also everyone who has given too. Remember everyone, what were doing this for and that's the kids. There are no cheat codes in life, but there are "power-ups" that keep the kids going. That's what why we are here. That's why we will game.

      Alright everyone! So we are less then 12 hours away from Extra Life (at least I am anyway). I hope you have gotten everything you will need candy/energy drinks/games/etc. Say goodbye to your non-gaming friends and family(You might not see them again). Get some sleep. You're going to need the rest.

      Don't forget!!!!

      Sign in here when you are starting (It's unlocked now!! My bad to all who have started.)

      (optional) Put current gamerscore here to see if you can get the most in the 24-hour time span

      Watch Geoff and Jack at AHTV

      Or watch Knuckles_D on KD Live

    • People putting forth the effort

      8 years ago

      Achievement Hunter's Extra Life HQ

      I wanted to start recognizing people who are putting all they got into this campaign. I think I might have someone who is truly putting her heart into this cause. ChurchsWife has taken up a notch.

      Just take a look at this journal entry

      I've got some pretty fucking cool news about my Extra Life campaign.

      If you guys are sick of hearing about it, all I can say is, "Help me reach my goal." Twitter, Facebook, journals, anything. Every bit helps. Getting the world out to one person I wouldn't have normally reached is amazing. Every little bit, guys.


      As you guys know, I snagged a job at Johnny Rockets. I've been there for almost three weeks now. After I started my EL run for this year, I asked my boss Chris what the JR policy was about me fundraising on the job. When I told him what it was for and what Extra Life was, his eyes lit up. "This is perfect," he told me. "Rick (regional manager) has been looking for something like this."

      From there, Chris and I developed a plan. All the servers would raise money and join the fight, our marathon would be done in-store. Closing down half the restaurant for table top and console gaming. During our marathon we'd have news coverage, donations from spectators, maybe even getting customers to sign up and join us for our marathon. Chris would run it by Rick and get back to me.

      Now, I'm in charge of organizing the campaign across every Johnny Rockets in Washington state. I'll still be streaming on AH, we'll be securing other sponsorships (like Clear internet) to donate to the cause as well as help make the stream happen. I plan on reaching out to local gaming stores to provide games and possible donations. I've got big plans. I hope I can make them come true.

      I just wanted to share this with everyone because I'm really proud of the level of respect I have from my superiors for them to have put their trust in me to put something like this together.

      I really do want to implore you guys to link to my campaign journal wherever it may help, repost it, put it on Tumblr, whatever you can.

      I want to raise more money than Buffalo knows what to do with.

      Link to orignal journal

      I wish we could all start putting forth this kind of effort, myself included. Hopefully this will inspire all of us to try harder to get more donations and get more people involved.

      If you know someone is giving their all to this campaign please message me.

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