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      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      go go go go

    • HAI!

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      Your former SC Zap here. I'm drunkz ofs my ass rightg now and forgeot we need s a vote

      who wants to run???????

    • Final Update (I think)

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      I received the package (haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, because when I got the slip for the package, the office was closed.) That's great! That means I can get it there on time.

      smiley11.gif Last chance to donate to the gift if you haven't already. I still need money for the shipping, and the WoW subscription if we can get enough. If you haven't yet and still want to, please paypal whatever you can donate. So far, these users have paid up:
      MichyGeary, iJay, Khalahd, count3D, jessiepup260, dougss, Silentucker, Fhajad, JohnBoyle, MissZahrah, Kalvaza, and speechie42, islandkitty, Crunchjaw.

      At least four other people said they would but have not. Please do so as soon as possible, because the gift/card go out in a few days!

      Thanks guys. smiley0.gif

    • Got it!

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      I've got an idea for Gus's birthday, but we have to move fast.

      It's this custom hoodie with his WoW information. It looks really sweet too. I'm obtaining all the information now to make it, but it's going to be expensive -- around 60 or 70 dollars. So I need everyone to paypal whatever you can donate. Users who donate will get their names printed on the card.

      Thanks guys!! Let me know if you have any questions.

      We're going to say the last date to donate (or tell me you can donate shortly after that date) is February 15th.

      The ATS shirt is postponed to next year.

    • To solve the problem

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      So here's what I'm thinking we can do about the gift.

      Hoping to hell that the gift either eventually gets to Wayde or gets returned to Anna, we can save the shirt for next year's birthday. That way we can make sure it gets to everyone overseas and we're not on a time crunch. That being said, we'll need a different idea for this year.

      Any thoughts on what we could do?

    • Another snag...

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      Wayde's house seems to be a postal black hole, so it's entirely possible that the gift has disappeared.


    • Gus's gift update

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      My deepest apologies guys, but due to some complications it doesn't look like we're going to be able to get the shirt to the UK. However, I don't want to discount you guys because you're all important -- so if you'd like to augment to the gift, please send cards/gifts/etc whatever to me, and I will include them before the gift goes off to Texas. I'm really sorry that you couldn't sign the shirt, but we just don't have the time anymore.

      So if you still want to include a little something from you, please message me for my home address if you don't have it already (if you have my address that starts with an 8, send it there -- if you don't have that, then you need to PM me).

      That being said, I think I have all your addresses, but anyone in Canada needs to PM me their current address where they want the gift shipped. Then I will sketch out a travel path and we'll get that going hopefully by January.

      Crunchjaw, it's going to have to hit you last. Sorry.

      Any other questions, comments, post 'em here. Zap, I'm gonna PM you about your inauguration. smiley1.gif

    • Oh look. It's working!

      10 years ago

      All Things Simmons

      Groups are finally...unbuggified! Yay!

      So I think this is what we'll do. We'll use this group and the news feed to make public updates about the thread and stuff. Journals on the SIMMONSboard will be made only for board business, so those will be locked. But for regular stuff, please keep this news on watch!

      That being said, I know I've been a bad girl handing over the reigns. I think here's what we'll do to make it easier in the future. Inauguration will take place January 1st. Then all subsequent term changes will take place on the firsts of the months -- i.e. April 1st (haha), July 1st, October 1st, and January 1st again. That should make it easy to remember. We'll set dates for the nominations and voting, too. What do you guys think?

      Obviously Kalvaza will be our next Social Chairman -- congrats!! I'll PM you with details for your upcoming inauguration.

      As for Gus's gift -- here's the deal. It's making its quick way around the US at the moment (it hit a bit of a snag with Fhajad but hopefully that's being remedied). Once done here, it's going to hit the Canadias for about two or three weeks and then traverse the remainder globe. IMPORTANT -- If you are in the United States and you haven't received the gift yet (or been contacted about it) PLEASE POST HERE. I don't know who else from the US needs to get the damn thing, so please POST if you haven't been included yet. If you don't post, we might just miss you. (I think the only ones I have left to contact are the upper northwesters, Wayde and Liz/Hammy/party.)

      I also need all Canadiana folk to post here. I think I've got most of you, but just to make sure I don't miss you, please post here. We'll figure out the most logical path for the package to take, and then I'll contact you individually with details.

      I'm going to keep running this Gus gift thing while Zap's running office so he doesn't have to be distacted by the incredible ordeal, haha. That cool with you, Zappity?

      Any other questions/comments, please post here. And make sure you've got THIS account on watch. Thanks!

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