Welcome to Always Open! 

A place where fans have a chance to be Always Open too. 

Of course it is lovely to hear about the cast of Rooster Teeth answering fan questions and discussing topics but sometimes you want to answer the questions too! Things we can discuss together: 


1:Topics discussed on the podcast you might have stories and answers to tell the community. 

2: you might have questions too that haven't previously been answered so we can ask our internet friends for their opinion  (to be honest sometimes it is easier to talk to people you don't know then people you do, less judgement and topics you might not be comfortable talking to your friends about can be expressed easily onto the internet)

3:Maybe you have drink suggestions as well that the community can try that the cast of Always Open haven't tried yet. 

4: we can discuss our first times as well from the topics from the previous podcast show.

5. as well as SEXPERTISE questions that you Always Open people want to share experiences and or questions. 



So welcome to the community of Always Open!