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    • MelbARTST gathering Saturday 29th Dec

      6 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Merry Christmas, Melbournites (and other Roo Teethers)! I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful holiday with your families.

      **The last MelbARTST gathering of the year will be happening on this Saturday the 29th of December.**
      (You'll have to excuse me for giving such late notice, I've been distracted by artwork and Christmas things.)

      ** 11am: We'll meet inside Melbourne Central, at the top of the train station staircase (near EB Games).
      ** 11:15am: Head upstairs to have lunch at Grill'd.
      ** 12:15pm: Make our way to the Hoyts cinema for the 12:30pm session of "Rise of the Guardians".
      ** 2pm: Movie concludes around this time, and anyone who wishes to can have a look around the shops, or we can wander elsewhere as per the group's decision.

      Grill'd is friendly to all ages - they have (amazing) chips, burgers, sodas, etc. If they are too busy to accomodate us at a table, there are plenty of other options in the food court.
      "Rise of the Guardians" is rated PG and we will be seeing the 2D version.

      My mobile number is 0403 422 689 - feel free to call or text me if you need to on the day, or if you have no credit, you can send me a Facebook message or tweet, as they will be sent directly to my phone.
      Don't forget to wear something related to Rooster Teeth, and I hope to see you there for our end of the year celebration!

      -Ainsley (@indiefaerie)

      NOTE: These details have also been posted on the Roo Teeth Facebook group and the ARTST Facebook page, so make sure you're up to date!

    • MelbARTST gathering Saturday 25th August

      6 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Okay, Melbournites! Are you ready?!
      Here are the details for the gathering tomorrow, if you haven't seen my update on the Roo Teeth Facebook group, the Facebook event page, or the ARTST Facebook page:

      ~Meeting at 12pm outside the Melbourne Expo Centre for a lunch in the Crown food court (which has the basics, such as Maccas and KFC).

      ~At 3:45pm, we will head to the Strike Bowling Lounge.

      ***This is the evening portion of the gathering, which will cost $28 per person. In that cost, you get a game of bowling, access to the pool tables, nibbles, and inclusion in the Xbox competition.***

      ~At 5:30pm, we will head into the room that we've booked and hold an Xbox competition for approx 2 hours. We'll most likely be playing the Infection game type in Halo 3 or Halo Reach.

      ~Evening concludes at 7:30pm, which should allow plenty of time for everyone to make their way home safely.

      smiley9.gif My number is 0403 422 689, feel free to contact me if you're running late or have any questions!
      smiley12.gif Ainsley

    • Final details: MelbARTST Saturday May 26

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team


      The next Street Team gathering in Melbourne, Australia will be a casual lunch followed by two games of Laser Skirmish! Just in time to get you even more excited for the upcoming RTOZ event. smiley0.gif

      smiley9.gif SCHEDULE:

      11:30am - Meet outside the Melbourne Exhibition Centre
      (This gives us enough time to account for latecomers and public transport issues)

      12:00pm - Casual lunch in the upstairs Crown food court

      1:30pm - 2 games ($20 per person) of Laser Skirmish
      (Games go for 15 minutes each)

      smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifEDIT: Don't forget to RSVP on the Facebook event page!

      smiley9.gif I do understand if you don't have the money to participate in the Laser Skirmish, so don't stress - you'll still have fun catching up at lunch with everyone. smiley13.gif

      smiley9.gif DON'T FORGET to wear a Rooster Teeth tshirt!

      smiley9.gif My number is 0403 422 689 if you need to contact me.

      smiley9.gif Please RSVP ASAP so I know how many people to book in for the laser skirmish!

      smiley9.gif Bring your smiles and have fun!

      smiley12.gif Ainsley (indiefaerie)

    • FINAL DETAILS: MelbARTST Saturday Feb 18

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      ATTN Melbournites!

      smiley9.gif We will begin at 12pm at Batman Park (near Crown and the Melb Exhibition Centre) with a game of Humans vs Zombies (depending on the weather and attendees).
      Make sure to bring your own Nerf gun if you want to participate!
      Even if you're not interested in playing, you can cheer (or boo) from the sidelines. smiley7.gif

      smiley9.gif After that (or immediately, if HvZ falls through), we will go into the Crown Complex for lunch - just something simple! - and have our RVB trivia contest! Brush up on your knowledge, Melbournites! smiley6.gif

      smiley9.gifDon't forget to wear a Red vs Blue tshirt, as per usual.

      smiley9.gifMy mobile number is 0403 422 689 if you need to contact me. I can also be contacted via Facebook Messages.

      Please confirm in the comments below so I know who to look out for!

      smiley12.gif Ainsley Louise / indiefaerie

    • Update: Friday 18th MelbARTST gathering

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Aloha, fellow Melbournians! The time has come for another MelbARTST gathering.

      Weather and location depending, this gathering will begin with a game of Humans vs Zombies. Awesome, right?

      After this, we will be moving to a restaurant (TBC) where we will have lunch and a Red vs Blue trivia contest!

      TIME is currently a rough estimate of a 12pm start - LOCATION will be announced soon!

      Stay tuned for more updates, either here or via our Facebook groups:
      Roo Teeth
      and Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team.

      smiley12.gif indiefaerie

    • ARTST Dates for 2012

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Hey there guys and gals!

      As promised, here is the release of our Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team meet-ups for 2012.

      February 18th - Melbourne
      March 24th – Sydney
      April 14th – Melbourne
      April 21st – Gold Coast
      May 26th – Melbourne
      June 16th – Sydney
      June 23rd – Perth
      July – RTX FEVER – Sydney
      (to be confirmed, but possibly 30th of June / 1st of July)
      August 25th - Melbourne
      September 22nd - Perth
      October 13th – Melbourne
      November 10th – Brisbane
      November 17th – Adelaide
      December 15th – Sydney

      smiley13.gif Be sure to RSVP on our ARTST Facebook Page!

      As you can see, there is no confirmed date for RTOZ as of yet. We are still working out logistics but as soon as we know; you’ll know. The date will most likely just replace one of the above ARTST meet ups.

      You can find these dates and all the information regarding details, on our website, our ARTST Facebook Page and on our ARTST group. The details will generally be released 2-4 weeks before the ARTST date.

      smiley9.gifPlease note that these dates are subject to change on short notice.

    • SydARTSTXmas!!!

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Ok guys, just a quick update on the Sydney plans for this Saturday, as I know some people have still had a few questions. I'll try to keep it simple.

      So, Sydney gathering will be taking place at Parramatta Park. (The link goes to a Google map of the exact location of the gathering smiley1.gif )

      Starting at 3.00pm = BBQ and general hang out. At this stage if you wanna eat its going to be best to bring your own meat. With that being said however, there is a major shopping center nearby, with a fantastic Meat Market.

      After the BBQ we will be taking a vote/discussing our next move as to what the majority of people would like to get up to. As far as I am aware most of us will want to continue through the evening, but it will entirely depend on who actually comes and what they would like to do.

      Pretty simple really. Just come, bring meat, or money, and have some good old fashioned fun!

      Cant wait to see you there,

      P.s. If you have any questions at all, or you need to get in contact with me on the day, please either send me a message here, or on facebook (which I, and ashamed to say, am more likely to respond to quicker) or E-mail me.



    • MelbARTST September Gathering: Success!

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Last weekend, on the fateful day of Saturday the 24th of September, the Melbourne Street Team had their second gathering.

      Linh, Sean, Kim, Daniel, Kesket and myself went to the Royal Melbourne Show for the afternoon.

      After finding our way through the crowds, we set up the brilliant RTOZ banners (three of them, not two... ner ner, Sydney! smiley8.gif ), and it was Red vs Blue:

      I got a little too friendly with the picture of Joel..

      And then Sean joined in.. *touch*

      Daniel set out to pat a chicken, and so it was done:

      I made friends with a beautiful little lamb (and went more ga-ga over it than most of the children there):

      Many rides were ridden, including the Gravitron - you know, that ride where you stand inside, the whole thing spins around, and you start to fuse with the padded walls - and none of us puked:

      All in all, a fabulously fun day! Most of us hadn't been to the Show in years, so we had a wonderful time. Linh brought an awesome cake for Sean's birthday (which was Tuesday the 27th). We also got plenty of video footage, which should hopefully get put together fairly soon.

      I was so excited to see my RT friends again, although we wished everyone else could be there too. I can't wait to see y'all at RTOZ! smiley13.gif

      smiley9.gifThe rest of the photos are right here! smiley9.gif


      Oh, and one more thing...


    • Tickets and the MelbARTST Sept Gathering

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      Get them while they're hot! Watch your fingers.

      The inaugural and definitely not first annual RTOZ is only 4 weeks away! This is officially the ONE WEEK countdown until we close sales for the tickets on the 2nd October. So have you got your ticket?

      Buy it here!

      smiley13.gif Also, the Melbourne ARTST Gathering was a success! Here's a glimpse of the horror hilarity!

      Where's the ghosts?

      Nawww! I shall call you Rosie, because of the Rosemary that you could taste delicious with

      Is that two sided camel!

      Danny looks surprisingly calm

      Don't make me angry, birds

      There was a photo taken?

      Great job MelbARTST!

    • SydARTST Gathering is now LIVE!

      7 years ago

      Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team

      A few of you have already seen this, but just to reiterate. The video for the September SydARTST Gathering is now on the Roo Teeth Youtube Channel, along with another video of extras that didn't make it to the first video.
      But look, here they are!
      Sydney ARTST Gathering - Sept 3
      Sydney ARTST Gathering - Sept 3 (Extras)

      If you're in Melbourne, check out the latest post for the next MelbARTST. It's going to be at the Royal Melbourne Show on the Saturday 24th September.

      With the next MelbARTST coming, and from how much fun we had at Sydney, I guess all I can say is... Your move Melbourne.

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