Boomstick Saints

    • I'm sorry, I can't let you do that...

      10 years ago

      Boomstick Saints

      First off, no more talk to making another leader the Phantexxx. your lack of faith is disturbing.

      Second, has we have won first round by default, and i still got a couple weeks for my xbox. mikey and apoc, practice on versus mode. i have L4D on PC so i am practicing on there so don't worry about me being rusty.

      not sure when the next match will be, i've been told by finch to expect a lot of team purging for the no-shows.

      and just because

      Surutar - Game Captain and all-around great guy
      Apocalypse89 - Number One and Champion of the Canadian Wild
      MikeyMasta - Third in command, and intelligence-extraordinaire
      Phantexxx - Official Mutineer and poop deck swabber.

      and with ProudCanuck, the founder of our band of merry men, currently doing whatever voodoo that he do-do, EddieJames is now our replacement to fill in when needed.


      10 years ago

      Boomstick Saints

      Ok, I was just approached by a member of Team Recon. We will be playing them first in the first round of the L4D tournament.

      Currently, we do not have a rank structure for our team. We know not who is Team Leader, Information officer, Trash Talk officer, Chief Slacker, or our back-up personnel.

      I propose that Apawk be our Team leader, as his xbox isn't dead, and because he's more active online than the rest of us. I don't mind being any of the others.

      List of Duties:

      Team Leader -- Will be point of contact for tournament information. Will be liaison between our team and the other team captains. Will be responsible for reporting wins and losses. Will be responsible for informing team members of practices.

      Information officer: Will be responsible for coordinating schedules between the players on the team (including Availability of team members, work schedules, time zones, and things that woudl complicate play.) Will assist the Team leader with scheduling of practices.

      Trash Talk Officer -- Will be responsible for slandering the other teams before the tournament.

      Chief Slacker -- up, play, and just be around. No real duty.

      Now, should we vote on this? Also, who are our back-up peoples? Just in case Surutar or Myself cannot participate due to dead xboxs. More to come.

    • So......

      10 years ago

      Boomstick Saints

      Apparently the teams xbox's are catching their own versions of a strain of zombie virus..... causing their eyes to glow red and not play nicely with their owners. a problem.


      10 years ago

      Boomstick Saints


      Just typing in here telling the other admins that you can do whatcha whatcha whatcha want! As long as you have the funnys and the money's to flaunt.

      Now where do you get your information from, huh? Right here.



      You can't front on that.

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