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    • Still Need a Few Voices...

      4 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      The Minecraft machinima auditions a few months ago resulted in an astounding turnout and I'd like to thank everyone that applied as we grease the wheels and get this project ready for recording.

      However, that said: there were not a lot of MALE auditions and as such we've come up short for a few male roles.

      Specifically; I'm looking for older men in the community to contribute their voices to a few of these side and bit parts.

      Any men with a voice that could pass for somewhere between the ages of 35-85 (need some deeper middle age gravitas for some parts as well as a seasoned elder voice for another) would be welcome to submit an audition or ask me for info via PM or email

    • Before I Forget... Again...

      4 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      I've meant to post this week's video/my pandering to my inner fanboy about 4 times now and I kept getting distracted before I did it.

      So... there it is.

    • NOTICE

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group


      CAPS LOCK.

    • Getting Back Into the Swing

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      Content resumes in the form of a head-up-butt pretentious trailer that I kind of like.

    • That Time of the -er... Week?

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      VG Breakdown #4 features discussion on bugs, glitches, and quality control... as well as some scripted banter with my good buddy Dan.

    • Double Update

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      This week's video turned out better than I expected, thankfully.

      Aside from that, since I will apparently need it next month I went and got a Twitter account so... woo?

    • RTX Getting Close: Getting Distracted

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      Aside from last week's vid sadly thrown together in haste yet again the only other thing to point out is that I went and signed up for Twitter somewhat against my will, but apparently I might need it next month... so... woo?

    • Because This Community is Grand...

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      Hello, RT Community! My name is Aaron Estep, known as "Razi" to most, and "Red_Uncle" here on the site.

      For seven years I have seen this community do things: some incredible, some questionable, some just straight up weird, but on the whole it has always been interesting to witness to say the least.

      I know I'm blathering, forgive me as I take a moment of your time to acknowledge and ask a few things.

      This is undoubtedly a community of talent. It comes in different shapes, ideas, and executions, but nonetheless it is there and as it stands talent is what I'm looking for in regards to this new Minecraft machinima idea.

      We have a good many people vying for a writer position as it is, so maybe not them so much, but I will be looking for voice actors, talented builders, redstone engineers, people familiar with certain mods (morph, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, cam studio, and weather manipulation: one that allows for controlled lightning strikes), body actors to control the characters during filming, skin authors, and possibly server masters (I might actually be able to do it myself, but I'll have to look into it again).

      I've always had a reliable stable of actors/actresses to call on such as @SailorTweek, @sirNARVY, @Reesekindle, @Stelladea, @bacoose, @agentenvy, and so on and so forth, but I'm interested in getting more of the community involved with this one. Branching out and trying new faces, so to speak. Granted I'll still accept the auditions of my regulars because if they want it and they're good: they'll have earned it, but this one's going to be more open.

      "How do I audition", you ask?

      At the moment there's not much written: just an idea, but I'm going to be working through the assigning of a writer or team of writers ASAP so soon enough we'll have material and character descriptions for you to give a try for: keep an eye on us for that. (See end of post as well)

      This a *IS* a Minecraft machinima so talented builders are a must!

      Most of the builds should be somewhat simplistic: ruined underwater cities here and there, small remote little islands on occasion, but the most important one is THE SHIP.

      "THE SHIP" currently has no name and no set design. It's to be a LARGE aerial vessel that houses at least 20-25. Think of it like the Enterprise-D (though certainly not THAT big); a large, military vessel, with luxury accommodations for the crew and visitors. It needs a somewhat large bridge/command deck, mess hall, an active/lively engine room, a docking port or two, and something called a "drop bay" (essentially a small-ish room comparable to a transporter room, but instead it merely opens to allow water to flow down out of the ship for character drops in which the ship has nothing to dock with). Ideas are certainly welcome. (See end of post)

      Redstone Engineers:
      Got to make that engine room seem alive somehow: and you're just the kind of people we need to make that seem like a reality, while making it easy to turn of and on as well: can't have noise penetrating through the other decks and potentially ruining ambiance and sound.

      Aside from that other contraptions may be required as well such as cannons and so on. (See end of post)

      Body Actors:
      I've got to have people to be able to film them and the ship has a crew that needs to be seen hard at work in the background on occasion. How many people do I think I'll need for this? Maybe around 15-20. Never more than 8-10 at a time I'd think though; maybe with an exception here and there. Also: you're most likely going to be asked to utilize various skins so if you volunteer you must be willing to change yours so I'd recommend saving your usual one. (See end of post)

      Skin Authors:
      When the characters have been created in writing they'll need to be created visually as well. So people with better skin authoring/creating skills than me are going to be required. (See end of post)

      Mod Users:
      I don't play with mods aside from Optifine, really so I'm not entirely familiar with the process to much. Advice from people with experience would be welcome. Especially if you're familiar with the previously listed ones. (See end of post)

      Server Masters:
      If you've got one or the capacity to run one: you'd be my hero. Otherwise I'll look into it myself. (See end of post)

      And that's it, really.

      Admittedly all I can promise is credit where it's due, but I've always done this for fun and there's a lot of joy to be found in doing this kind of thing if you ask me. The more and more I thought about this idea: the more I just wanted to try and involve the community. For seven years I've kind of skirted around the edge of it and minded my own business, but I figure for a change, at least just this once, why not involve you wonderful lot for some fun times?

      If you're interested you can PM @Red_Uncle here on, BUT I'd prefer emails to as I easily lose track of PMs in RT's messaging system.

      Thank you for your time: all I ask is that you consider this as a possibility to engage with the community and link/repost this message to your friends on whatever site you'd like. Pass it on, please!

      Aaron "Razi the Red" Estep

    • Looking for Assistance/Talent Again!

      5 years ago

      Civility Appreciation Group

      In a different way this time!

      This week's short isn't all that great, the message tacked on to the end explains why and also explains what I'm about to be looking for.

      I've been looking to get an actual machinima series rolling again on our channel for a few reasons:
      1.) The Mix-Bag videos are always random and VG Breakdown is something else altogether so I want to have something that has continuity, reoccurring characters, and an overall plot.

      2.) Mix-Bag videos release every Friday, VG Breakdown videos are biweekly on Wednesday, and ultimately I'd like to have something for a weekly Monday release. That way our release schedule has something at the beginning and end of a week and occasionally in the middle as well.

      3.) I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A SERIES, but I want to focus on my attention on what I'm already currently working on.


      Like I said: I have an idea for a machinima series involving Minecraft. A general plot, a setting, a few characters in mind, and so on; but I'd like someone else to take over writing it in full for me.

      If you're interested in writing a Minecraft machinima series: PM me here on Rooster Teeth or email me at and we'll talk.


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