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    • Time Traveler (video game)

      7 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      This is "real 3D".
      You could move around the machine and see a different view.
      I don't recall there being a limitation to the view.
      Why couldn't they have advanced this technology to have 3D movies?

      Time Traveler or Hologram Time Traveler is a stereographic laserdisc FMV arcade game released in 1991 by Sega and designed by Dragon's Lair creator Rick Dyer. It is called the "World's First Holographic Video Game"[1] because it uses a special arcade cabinet that projects the game's characters. The holographic effect is an optical illusion using a huge curved mirror and a CRT television set.
    • Dosbox 0.74

      8 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      I tried Dos Box a while ago for Star Control 2 and it seemed to work okay, but it must have been a bit flaky because I didn't go back to it.

      Now I tried 0.74 and it seems to be working quite well with Star Control 2 and Master of Magic.

      I have to play around a bit with the "mounting" of drives, but it running pretty smoothly now.

    • Gauntlet Dark Legacy

      9 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      I use to play Gauntlet at the Arcade when it first came out.

      I was a bit disappointed in the Atari 800 XL version because the machine only had ports for two players.
      Then I bought it for the Sega Genesis. I still remember entering the code for your saved character,
      and I bought an four port adapter to we could play in four.

      Then I bought it for the N64, but it was buggy, it would crash sometimes.
      It was also a different game with the additional 3D effects and game play.

      Gauntlet Dark Legacy is the best version of this game, even though it pretty well has the last version in it as well.

      Too bad "Seven Sorrows" was so short, I probably would have bought that as well.


    • Magic the Gathering - Windows 7

      9 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      Good ol' Microprose - Magic the Gathering...
      still works in Windows 7, and works even better on a netbook (slower processor)

    • Tetris turns 25

      10 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      People were asked what they were doing to celebrate, this is what they came up with...








    • Punch Out Wii

      10 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      The remake of Punch Out is out.

      Here's Lefty's review...

      I got the game on Tuesday and I didn't want to do a review of the game until I had beaten it... which was about 20 minutes ago so... yeah.

      As far as Punch Out games go, this one is probably the hardest. Of the 13 boxers (I'll get to that in a bit) I probably had to demand a rematch against at least half of them because this game is not easy. When you boil it down to it's most simple form, Punch Out (and boxing games in general) are pattern recognition games. You wait for the other guy to punch, you dodge in the correct way, you center yourself and punch your opponent. Lather, rinse, repeat and you'll eventually win.

      Punch Out doesn't do too much to stray from that formula or from the formula of the past two games either, considering that of the 13 boxers in this game there are a whole ONE boxer that is new in this game. One.

      Super PO had 16 opponents, 11 of which were new to the console series. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having a ton of returning boxers, I just had assumed they would have taken the time to come up with at least one ofther new guy but I would say it's not really a complaint because of all of the returning boxers, only Bald Bull really fights like he did in the other games. Some of the boxers will remind you of the other versions but it's really only in slight ways, and even Bald Bull has enough variance that you don't feel like you're simply playing the old game with a new coat of paint.

      Glass Joe
      Von Kaiser
      Disco Kid
      King Hippo

      Piston Hondo
      Bear Hugger
      Great Tiger
      Don Flamenco

      Aran Ryan
      Soda Popinski
      Bald Bull
      Super Macho Man
      Mr. Sandman

      Now here's the part where 13 boxers is not so bad. After beating the game and winning the title, it turns out the game isn't over yet! Now that you're the champ, everyone wants a piece of you and they'll stop at nothing to get your belt. I've only fought Joe and Kaiser in Title Defense Mode so far, but Joe wears head gear to keep your jabs from hurting him and Kaiser gets a haircut to... I'm guessing reduce wind resistance because he gets a little faster. Anyway, in TDM all of the boxers will fight differently in some way shape or form, enough so that it feels like you're not doing the same fight again which is awesome because it pretty much beefs up the roster to 26.

      The game is a lot of fun and totally worth getting if you have a Wii. It's both fresh and nostalgic. It's easy to learn but as you make your way through the ranks (pretty much after Don Flamenco) the game stops being forgiving and starts punishing you with ever tougher opponents.

      Overall smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif / smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif
    • If Duke Nuke'm Forever had come out

      10 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      when it should have, it would have been a "Classic game" by now.

    • War Lords

      10 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      This was my favorite multi player game in the arcade.

      The remake (shown here) is pretty good.


      (Not to be confused with another game called War Lords, this one is a "Pong" variant)

    • Magic the Gathering

      10 years ago

      Classic Gaming

      I still play the original Microprose computer version of Magic the Gathering, which amazingly still plays pretty well even on Windows Vista.

      I played a little bit of the card version, but myself and the people I played with stopped playing when Wizards of the Coast declared the older editions (now on its tenth edition) obsolete (illegal for tournaments).

      Also, a side note, "Master of Magic" (MOM) had spheres of magic very similar to those in Magic the Gathering, and the "replacement version" of MOM that I play, Ages of Wonder: Shadow Magic, also has this similarity.

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