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    • Example Vid - Casting Call

      5 years ago

      Community Compilation Music Videos

      I feel like some people might not fully understand exactly what the group is about and/or trying to do, so I want to throw together a little sample video to show exactly what it's all about, so FOR that I'm seeing if anyone would be willing to help out by essentially being the "example crew", for lack of a better term.
      I already have submissions from three people in my possession (You know who you are), and so I still need more clips to use so it's fully fleshed out~!

      So IF you want to help out, here's what you'll need to do:

      Get your hands on a video camera of some sort, if your phone can record video then that works perfectly fine as well. Whatever you use you'll obviously have to somehow get your recording onto a computer as a video file. The quality of the video IS NOT a factor that will help or hurt your being in the video, but everything will be scaled up or scaled down to fit a 1280x720 (720p) frame, so be warned that lower resolution footage from a shoddy webcam that only cost you about $10 MIGHT look a little less than stellar in the final video :P

      What you'll need next is simply a stereo or just your computer or ANY other device really that is capable of playing music outwardly, that is to say the music has to be clearly audible in your recording! Again, THE SONG HAS TO BE CLEARLY AUDIBLE IN YOUR RECORDING! (This is ONLY so that I'll have an easier time synchronizing all the clips from everyone).
      Don't worry about ambient noise or any sounds you yourself might make while recording, because the final video will see that all the audio from each person's videos is muted and inaudible, and laid over the whole thing will be a master audio track featuring only the chosen song's raw MP3 file.

      Next you'll need to get your hands on a specific song.
      I've decided for this sample video that the song we'll use is "Gentleman" by PSY.
      The beat is good for cutting and it's a very peppy song that will allow you to be silly and crazy whenever you feel like being such.
      The issue is of course that the lyrics are Korean, BUT remember that you are merely lip synching so you don't absolutely need to have the words perfect so long as your mouth is making something close to the right movements to mimic the words in the song. IF you don't know the sounds in the song well enough to lip sync, just listen to it over and over again for a while until it's in your head to a degree that you feel comfortable with.
      Don't want to bother with lip syncing? This is another perfect reason to choose "Gentleman", because IF you'd rather not lip sync for whatever reason you can simply dance around. And you don't have to dance extravagantly or even well; Just wave your arms, jump on the bed/couch, bounce up and down in your chair, bob and weave and swing your head around, hell you can fuckin' whip out a sock puppet and make THAT dance around in the frame if you want for all I care :P

      So then, got your camera? Got the song? Got something to play the song on? Then you're all set to record!
      Set up everything however you'd like, hit record on your device, start up the song in the background, and then just go nuts with whatever feels best! YOU are your own director at this stage, so if you fuck up in the middle and want to re-record from the start then that's your call. Subsequently I WILL be paying attention to your video while I edit, so if you have a minor fuck up or want to pause to catch your breath for a second or anything of that nature, I'll just make sure to edit around that specific part so it's not in the final video.
      Most importantly though, always always ALWAYS remember not to have any shame or embarrassment in how goofy or silly you might look in your recording! The entire idea here is for the video to be fun and happy and silly in the first place, and if you think about it too much then you'll freak yourself out and never be happy with your recorded attempts! Just let loose and have fun! Keep in mind that other people in the video are going to look just as silly as you, if not more so!

      Once you've got your recording finished, you're almost at the very last step. I'm the one doing all the editing on the project, so UNLESS you personally want to add some crazy filters or after effects into your recording, you don't need to do anything at all to the video file in terms of editing.
      Simply take your completed recording and upload it somewhere on the internet where it can be retrieved by others. I personally recommend if you don't have an alternative upload site, OR if you like you can upload your video to YouTube as a private file (That way it can ONLY be seen by other people if you give them a link TO the video. I have ways of downloading video files from YouTube, so it works out very well if you prefer this method). Once you have the file uploaded to your site of choice, send me the appropriate link and I will download your video when I am able.
      You can also just Email the video to me directly if you'd like, just PM me saying as much and I'll give you my Email address :3

      AFTER YOU UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO, DO NOT DELETE YOUR PERSONAL COPY OF THE RECORDING UNTIL I HAVE UPLOADED THE FINAL PRODUCTION VIDEO! (This is a precaution in case I somehow lose everyone's files due to accidental deletion and/or drive failure)

      And that's it! After you've uploaded your video and linked it to me, the rest of the work is entirely on my end! You just have to sit back and wait for the final video to come out :3


    • The Idea

      5 years ago

      Community Compilation Music Videos

      In podcast 251 there is featured a video, In which Gavin and Barbara are see, that is a compilation of RT users lip synch-ing to Dragostea Din Tei (AKA the Numa Numa song). Gavin mentions that it used to be a major thing here on the site that just went away over time.

      Now, I'm not sure how THOSE older videos were done or came about, but here's what I'm thinking:
      Basically, everyone involved would take a single chosen song (Gangnam Style, for instance) and record live footage of themselves dancing to and/or lip syncing the lyrics of said song. ANYONE could submit footage of themselves doing such and I personally would collect everyone's footage from upload sites or private YouTube links and edit it together into a compilation video like the one seen on podcast 251.

      Before anyone rushes off to record anything, know that I am presently only asking everyone in the community if this is something you'd like to see come to light.
      So IF you want to see this happen and/or be part of it, leave me a comment or join the group!

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