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      Death Note.

      HobbitSkater review of Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases.

      Hey there,

      This is a review for the novel spin off from the popular hit Anime and manga series Deathnote!. The novel is named Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. The author is Nisio Isin, his pen name is also written as NisiOisiN as this emphasizes his name is palindrome (the same read backwards).

      Well lets jump straight into it. If you have read all of the Manga or seen all of the Anime, then you will no of Naomi Misora. She is the wife to be of Ray Penber. Now the novel is a prequel to the series and is all about Naomi's first case with L. Of course I don't want to spoil the story so I will say no more. Now the story is about Naomi working with L to solve the case of the BB murders. BB being the murderer. Now il leave his name as a surprise. If you are un aware of what a shinigami is or have not seen all of Deathnote or read all of the Manga, then this novel may not be for you as some parts you need to understand already from the Manga or Anime. But the story is new to the Manga and Anime, all though you do here Naomi talk of the case in the Anime. The story is great and in my opinion would have made a great second series of the Anime. Yeah it's that good.

      The book it's self is a nice piece to add to any Manga or Anime collectors collection. It's a hard cover book with a slip on front cover. The book is black with just the title Deathnote on the front. However this gets covered up by the white slip on which goes about 3/4s up the page. Inside the book is a picture of Naomi and L. This is a lovely image and is a nice touch to the book. The prologue is available to read on Amazon and i suggest you do as it may convince you to buy this book. when i bought this book i wasn't sure how it would be, not aware of how good the author is. But i was extremely shocked, the book left me absolutely hooked. This book was honestly the best novel i have ever read.

      I've been a fan of Manga for a year or so now, and before Manga I was never hooked on reading. But before i started reading the Deathnote Manga, fully aware of the Anime story. I took a brake to read the novel. This was the only book I can say I couldn't put down. It's not to slow and gets straight to the story. Not only is the story compelling all through the novel but the Description and sheer detail to this novel, really makes this novel seem like Anime or even Manga. And i hope that one day it may be turned into Manga or Anime. The one thing I was upset about, was that there are not any shinigami in this novel. But this is made up for in the story its self being so damn great. So do not worry about not enjoying the novel because of this. Because you really will find it a breath of fresh air.

      It's so descriptive and well written. It gives such a vivd image of what is going on, what people look like and how the rooms look e.t.c. Sure there are some grammar mistakes and such, but that can be expected as this is a novel based on someone else's story. The story wasn't boring at parts or slow, throughout the whole novel i was kept hooked and interested. There were a few main twists and you won't know what they are at all. I won't spoil it, but lets just say the whole novel is really a twist. This novel was so well thought out and cleaver. Its almost as if Tsugumi Ohba wrote it himself. This book will keep you gripped all the way. Every chapter of this novel holds a surprise or a twist and this is what makes this novel great.

      It's not just some stupid bad written and thought out story. Lots of care and attention has been put into this novel. Even the book it's self has a nice image for every chapter, with rules from the Deathnote as a border. This book is great for any Deathnote fan. And if you do love Deathnote it will be a great buy. In a way it brings back memories from Deathnote and carries on the story. This novel is great and i would say defiantly say earned the right to have Deathnotes name on the book. This is almost a tribute to Deathnote and is a must buy for any Deathnote fan. I was hooked all the way through, loved and enjoyed every moment, and recommend it for all Deathnote fans.

      10/10 unbelievably good!

      Thom (HobbitSkater)

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      Death Note.

      I am linking the site to which I watched all my Death Note on. I watched it in dubbed, but there is dubbed, subbed and the Manga. But because there is only one volume on the Manga I am also linking a website to where you can read the website online.

      smiley9.gifDeath Note Anime.

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      Have a good one smiley11.gif


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