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    • DJ D-tor - Suicidal Uguuuuu~

      7 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      What ho! A new video?

      Nakura - A Song To Remember Me By [Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 - FREE]
      Pendulum - The Island (Essi Remix) [Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 - FREE]
      Damaged - Break [Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 - FREE]
      Archefluxx & Kesean Beat - Kill Them! [FREE]
      Starstruck ft. Gemma - Summer Rain (Original Mix) [Australia With Force - AWF035B2]
      Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (X-Ell Hardcore Remix) [FREE]
      D-Linquants - Barbara Streisand Booty [D-Linquants X-Mas Present 2011 - FREE]
      Camzor & Interlude - Llamacore [Cloud 9 Recordings - CLOUD001 - A1][Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 - FREE]
      Archefluxx - Unleash The Allen [Hardcore Producer Vol. 3 - FREE]
      Ed-Sheeran - A-Team (CLSM Bootleg) [FREE]
      Ian K & Skeets - We're Going Down [Pillaged Hardcore - PIL09]
      Kelly Clarkson - Hazel Eyes (Jack & Cuzzi Bootleg) [Bassface Recordings - FREE]
      Rameses B - Memoirs (Sunshine Remix) [FREE]
      Noisecontrollers - Gimme Love (Aarons Sneaky 170 Booty) [FREE]
      Rhythmics - Higher [Welp]
      SPIT ft. Andy Dee - Closest Friend [FREE]
      Sunshine - Autumn [FREE]
      Rhythmixs - Just Cry [Welp]
      Pirate Mind - Music Machine [Serious Sounds 2011 - DGPFREE002]
      D-tor - That Kind Of Love


      DOWNLOAD: mixes.djfez.com/mixes/7315/

      eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Coremance San

      7 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      New video out. Sorry I haven't been updating that often. A few mixes have been put up since then, please check out my channel for them.

      D-tor & ill.no1z - Classical Damn
      Audio Warfare - The Velvet Room [Electronica Exposed - Till Death Us Do Part]
      Douglas Vs. Peaks & Pinnacle - Gliese Beat [Rebuild Music - World Heavyweight Freeform]
      Sak Noel - Loca People (DJ Kurt's UK Hardcore Mix) [FREE]
      Nakura - Cube Zero [Forthcoming DNL Records]
      Evolutionize - Hit It! [FREE]
      Jack dB feat. Fingaz & Lasgo - Alone [FREE]
      Norcore - Skycoaster [RuffBeatz005 - Audio Crysis - FREE]
      Kurt - We're Flying High [FREE]
      Kevin Energy & Proteus - London Helsinki (Proteus 2011 Warcry Remix) [Nu Energy Collective - The Final Chapter]
      Transcend - Carol of the Bells [Rebuild Music - Exclusive]
      Core-Station - Catharsis [PLUR Hardcore: Hardcore Eternity - FREE]
      Pants & Corset - Malice In Wonderland (Eufeion Remix) [FREE]
      Spirit Wolf - Falling for You 2012 [PROMO]
      Sky & Core-Station - Until Forever [PLUR Hardcore: Hardcore Eternity - FREE]
      Archefluxx - Systemization (/DJS\ Remix) [FREE]
      Phaaze - Unsecure Place (D-tor Remix) [FREE]
      Kevin Energy and Douglas - Chop Suey Meets FM200 (Kevin Energy Megamix) [Hardcore Energy 2]
      Flakee & CoolFx - Synthomatic [Relentless Digital - RLNTDIGI078]
      Sc@r - Acid Porn Monkey [Raw Elements - ELEM041]
      Backmaster - 4 Angels [FREE]
      Capsule vs Stigma - More More x Noisia (TANUKI Mashup) [FREE]
      Girls' Generation - The Boys (Dub 07's Radio DnB Remix) [DNL Records - FREE]
      Inizio - Long Forgotten [FREE]
      PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks (Underpony DnB Remix) [FREE]
      TenTun - You're Mine [Pigface Records - FREE]
      DJ Shimamura - Tales of Hysteria [Rebuild Music - Exclusive]
      Defnoyz - HeartBrrreak [Electronica Exposed - Till Death Us Do Part]
      Air - Anime OP (you's Hardcore Remix) [Re-feel - FREE]
      Helblinde - Monado [FREE]
      so-fram*c - Sinfonia [FREE]
      Distance (TANUKI's Remix) [FREE]
      + (so-fram*c J-Core Remix) [FREE]
      Ben Atomgrinder - Burning Moth [Rebuild Music - World Heavyweight Freeform]
      S3RL - S.L.U.T. (Douglas W.H.O.R.E. Remix) [Executive Records - EXE031]
      Angerfist - Dance With the Wolves (Randy & Radium Remix) [Masters of Hardcore]

      DOWNLOAD: mixes.djfez.com/mixes/7253/


      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • Free Track!

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      WATAMI - Tears

      As heard on Crush On Hardcore 4. ^^

      Grab it~


      sesunde irukara alright~
      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • A Fetch Betch

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      facebook friend of mine uploaded this mix of Dubstep/Electro House. Pretty tight shit right here man. It's by Eggz, the same Eggz tournament player if you follow tournament Brawl players.

      1 Chrispy — Roll Out 0:00:00
      2 Space Laces — Deep Space 0:02:50
      3 Skrillex — WEEKENDS!!! (Feat. Sirah) 0:04:44
      4 Noize Generation — Drop That 0:06:50
      5 Marco V & Mohawk — Ego Clash 0:10:56
      6 'Japanese text that RvB can't read' — Fantazia 0:12:28
      7 Pendulum — Set Me On Fire 0:16:26
      8 Tasha Baxter — The Visitor (Chasing Shadows Remix) 0:19:25
      9 Skrillex — Do Da Oliphant 0:21:49
      10 Benga Feat. Katy B — Katy On A Mission (Trainrek Remix)


      Enjoy and tell me what ya'll think!

      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • Heads Up

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      Heads up for you Hardcore Heads, Beatport has the back catalog of some great Hardcore tracks for $0.99 USD. It's kind of hard to sift through, but I'm working hard for my Hardcore. Imagine it's Cyber Monday! Look carefully for which labels...

      Songs discounted until Tuesday.


      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • New Multi-Genre mix up

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      You read the title, right?


      Anyway, check it out, and grab a song from the mix here

      Thanks and enjoy your day!

      Bring it back
      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • Artist Spotlight

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      Here's an artist spotlight!

      I know Deanne's work through some of her Hardcore vocals, but her House/Club/Commercial work with husband Steve Rander (DJ PunCH... or something) really stands out, earning this Artist Spotlight!

      Check it:


      My favorite track is It's Not Over.

      More work to come from me shortly, it's gonna be all musical and sheet.

      I've gotchu Baby Herman!!
      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amateur

    • New Mix

      8 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      I got a nu mix for you all to enjoy.

      It's House/Electro/Urban/Hardcore, but less Hardcore.

      Basically a multi-genre mix, check it out.

      DOWNLOAD: www.mediafire.com/?xzifv223cy9hzz4

      (Siggy is not here today. T_T)

    • HLP - Free Hardcore Album!

      9 years ago

      Electronic Musiq

      Hey everyone! I have a free, 3CD album for you all to enjoy! Made by two guys I haven't heard of before! The album itself is pretty great, and the album artwork is pretty! It's a sad thing that there's a typo.. lmao.

      Anyway I hope you enjoy! What really disappoints me was that I went onto imodownload.com to purchase new songs, and I thought I dug deep to find special, new, and unused songs. Then I listened to this album and almost every single one of the songs I wanted to buy was in a mix. T_T Oh well, download and enjoy!!

      This is for everyone who wants to download volume 1 of our album series. It features 3 mixes of the best hardcore, J-core, and drum & bass around; one by myself, Nick 'Steeple' Gable, one by Shane 'Eggz' Johns and another by me B2B special guest Jamie 'JDM' McGrath. It also comes with a sick, full-length song by Lorenzo TweaKn, too, so be sure to check it out! PREPARE FOR AWESOME. P.S. See the complete track listing here before you download: www.facebook.com/djsteeple?v=app_2347471856 . You should also add Shane and me if we're not friends with you already. You'll get updates on future HLP Hardcore volumes and such. Plus, we're friendly. Show your friends our album for bonus points! :D


      CD1 Mixed by Nick Steeple

      1. Eprom - 64 Bytes (Boreta Remix) (Nick Steeple's Mashup Intro) - Addictech [ADDICTECH006]
      2. Gammer & MC Whizzkid - We Are The Vampires - Muffin Music [MUFN009]
      3. Kurt vs Nick EP - Kicking - Lethal Theory Raw [LTRW007]
      4. SPIT - My House (Nick Steeple's Extension) - NSR [NSR039]
      5. SynthWulf - Suck My Block - [PROMO]
      6. t+pazolite - ALiCE'S COMMOTiON - C.H.S [CHS0007]
      7. B-Tek - Candyman - [PROMO]
      8. S3RL ft. Kimberley - Middle of the Night - Australia With Force [AWF037]
      9. Kesean Beat - Tea Time (Lorenzo TweaKn Inspiration Mix) - Forthcoming American Hardcore Revolution [PROMO]
      10. Harry H - Wild at Heart - Relentless Energy [RENRG001]
      11. Alex BassJunkie - My Boy Lollipop - [FREE]
      12. Gammer vs Basic Element - Rippin' vs Touch You Right Now (Nick Steeple's Mashup) - Muffin Music [MUFN002]
      13. Samba D ft. Nova - Wallhalla (Darts Remix) - Mooch [MOOCH004]
      14. Starstruck ft. Gemma - Summer Rain (Matt Hylo Remix) - Australia With Force [AWF035]
      15. Brisk & Fracus - Make the Crowd Jump - Blatant Beats [BB090]
      16. Ozmium - Rock This (Archefluxx Remix) - [FREE]
      17. Cat Like Thief - New Heights - Forthcoming Hardcore Underground [PROMO]
      18. Bubble & SHM - Kung Fu Lady Bits - JB [JBR30]
      19. Deeper Territory - The Answer - Hardcore Underground Digital [HUDIGI007]
      20. Pendulum - Under the Waves - Immersion

      CD2 Mixed by Eggz

      1. EDIT: Japanese text not supported. Check tracklisting.; - HeatingS...ul (Shimamura's R3mix) - [SHOT001]
      2. Orbit1 - Orbit2000 - Australia With Force [AWF032]
      3. Darwin ft. Obie & Vicky - We Know the Truth - [PROMO]
      4. Joshka - No Reason [TANOCD-0010]
      5. Substanced - Freeform Mercury - [FINRG FREE]
      6. Darwin ft. Fraz - Mesmerized -24/7 Hardcore [247HC015]
      7. Entity, CLSM & Lawlzy - Lost in Time - CLSM MP3 Store
      8. Andy Vilo - Starry Eyed - [CBR001]
      9. M-Neko - Neko 3 (2009 Update) - [MPTS001]
      10. Kurt vs Michael V. - My World - Lethal Theory [LTR021]
      11. SPIT & Ellie Jay - Show Me How - Executive [EXE019]
      12. T+Pazolite - Green Eyed Monster - [CHS0007]
      13. Seikan Hikou (REDALiCE Remix) - [PREGET-0002]
      14. Archefluxx - Scratch! - [FREE]
      15. Starstruck ft. Mel - It's Gonna Be Love (Hyperforce & Wiggi Remix) - Australia With Force Free [AWFFREE006]
      16. Entity - Never Let Me Go - Hardcore Underground Digital [HUDIGI009]
      17. Lorenzo TweaKn & Kesean Beat - ADHD - [PROMO]
      18. Koja Yukino & Shimamura - In the Sky (Alistair Storm Remix) - [PROMO]
      19. Jamie Ritmen vs MOO-D - Flame in the Dark - UK Dance [UKDD0017]
      20. LIA - Crystal World (Teranoid Remix) - [PCCG-90031]

      CD3 Mixed by Steeple B2B JDM

      1. /DJS\ - Pipe Dream, Part 2 - Lightbox [FREE]
      2. Makio - Crush - Australia With Force [AWF036]
      3. Hoodzie vs Himbo - Guiding Light (X-Cyte Remix) - [PROMO]
      4. Danny Danger - Anthem (Weaver Remix) - Recycled [RECYCLED007]
      5. Spyro - You and Me - [PROMO]
      6. MOB - Flirt vs Over Now (Nick Steeple's Mashup) - Turbulence Hardcore Anthems / Turbulence Hardcore [THCDL029]
      7. Hyperforce & Wiggi vs Lynsey Davies - Here for You - [FREE]
      8. Starstruck ft. Ali G - Terrible DJing Injury - [PROMO]
      9. DTF & Exalt ft. Marie Louise - Up to the Stars - [PROMO]
      10. Milo - Take Me Away - Project 00 [0004]
      11. Brett Cooper - Hardcore Disco - [PROMO]
      12. Dave Curtis - Wildstyle - [FREE]
      13. Petruccio & Modulate - Lord of Sleeze - Future Hardcore Anthems Vol. 1
      14. Andy Dee - I'm on Fire (SPIT Remix) - Make Believe [MBR003]
      15. Ant Newbold - Never Be the Same - Forthcoming Recycled [PROMO]
      16. Lumin8 - Rivers Flow in You (Darwin's HU Remix) - Australia With Force [AWF038]
      17. Rhythmics - Icarus - Audio Warfare [AW002]
      18. Bishop vs Al Storm ft. Deanne - Follow Me - 24/7 Hardcore [247EXCLUSIVE]
      19. Sy & Al Storm ft. Meri Everitt - Lonely - Quosh [QUOSH098]
      20. Fracus - Albion (I Want Your Body) - Hardcore Underground Digital [HUDIGI005]

      Download links:
      Single .rar - tinyurl.com/394uesk
      Split into 3 .rar - mediafire.com/nicksteeple

      Album comes with 3 mixes; a free full song; artwork; and if you check the information, links to the free songs featured.

      I will fly you to the moon and back, if you beee~, if you bee mah baabay!
      -Tresureman, DJ D-tor, Hardcore Admin, Group Creator, Amate

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