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    • Upcoming play test

      7 years ago

      Epic Forging

      I have been making some maps that need tested and I'd love for some of you to come along. One them is a proficiency map (for driving 'hogs) while the other two are just fighting maps (one with a team-based air combat theme and one with a lone-wolf based Labyrinth-like oddity to it) and I need a big party for one of those, minimum 6 players.
      If we get the playtests out of the way quickly enough, we might even be able to move on to Matchmaking and, perhaps, the Arena smiley0.gif

      The party is scheduled for 20:30 British Summer Time on Thursday (that's 15:30 US Eastern and half past noon US Pacific time) until however late it needs to go on.

      Will you join in? [POLL ATTACHED]

    • Population check

      7 years ago

      Epic Forging

      Since it's been dark for a while, I'd like to check who currently watches the group, see if I can get some stuff going here again - and tailor it to who we have.

      I recently playtested the map mentioned in the previous news entry - more on that later - and am now working on a version 2.0 that incorporates some of the ideas I got from the play test. Expect some movement on that (and another idea) in the next week or two!

      If you know anyone who enjoys using the Forge, or who enjoys playtesting new maps, why not fire an invite at them?

    • Dusting off the group

      7 years ago

      Epic Forging

      I see there have been a few new arrivals since I last posted news here; I'm currently working on a Forge map in Reach that contains two (or more) separate areas. One of these, my design only dictates that it has to exist. So I'd like it to be something interesting.
      With minimal use of structural objects, if possible, I'd like your ideas for what could take place on this island:


      The only constraints: It has to be entirely contained on top of that island, be something that can be done in Slayer mode, remain open-air and be fun. Killing isn't a requisite - in fact, it'd be nice if I can use one of the tricks to make players invincible within the region wink.png

      Players will arrive on and depart the island solely via a rock tunnel visible on the right of the screencap.

    • Competition: Halo 3 Forge

      9 years ago

      Epic Forging

      Just as a last blast for Halo 3... I'd like you to use Forge to design the outside of a new building. Something that could be built as a small office block - anything from 8 rooms up to 80 rooms, on a max of 3 floors. So pretty much starting at 25 Forge squares up to whatever the frell you like.


      I'm putting together some proposals that may or may not ever be built, but that will be designed in Building Warrant levels of detail. I don't want just plain boxes with 42.5-degree roofs, I want something that looks interesting.
      This is your chance to shine if you're creative with Forge but would never consider yourself an architect. If I like your design, you'll get to see it replicated (in the materials of your choice) in a fully-architectural 3D model and, possibly, (if you're lucky) you'll one day be able to see it on Google Streetview.

      You can use any map you like and any Forge objects you like. Don't worry about the inside, you're just designing the outside and then I'll be fitting rooms into it - there might be some tweaks, especially with windows, but it'll be unmistakeably yours. You can submit screenshots via any medium you like (for example, using an image hosting site and posting them in these comments) but final submissions will be by sending me the map in your Halo 3 File Share.

      I may award style points for how you decorate the surroundings (creative use of Warthogs, for example) but it's really all about the building.

      I may also extend this competition into Reach, at my discretion. Halo 3 submissions close when Reach comes out.

    • Wakeup call

      9 years ago

      Epic Forging


      Huge emptyspacegoes in this bit...In 21.5 hours

      *Pokes group* It's been pretty dead here recently. Anyway, I thought this might take the interest of some of you...

      My latest Stargate map and game type are now officially in open beta. You can download them from my file share - I'll be playing them in the Custom Lobby from about 20:00 GMT. This map would be best played with a minimum of 8 players.
      I'd also like to take some video during the game, if everyone's up for that. I'm hopefully going to make a YouTube trailer for version 1.0

    • Custom Map Playlist

      10 years ago

      Epic Forging

      On Bungie day (07/07/09) Halo 3 will sport the playlist "Bungie Versus The World", which, according to the last weekly update, will consist of 35 custom built maps. The maps themselves are very interesting, each in their own way and may be of interest to avid forgers for inspiration and forging techniques.

      Here's the bungie update that showcases the maps and provides links to download each and every one of them into Halo 3.

      Also, if you are interested to know how these maps came to Bungie's attention and got included in a playlist you may want to take a look at this Bungie group.

    • Advertising Evolved

      10 years ago

      Epic Forging

      So, thanks to Firebug, we now have three new advert images to use for the group. If you're a sponsor and not yet using your advert slot, you can stick one of these in it and help us grow!

      Original, by Jalnor:

      Earth bar by Firebug:

      Guardian bar by Firebug:

      Square advert by Firebug:

      Vertical telekinesis bar by Nixorbo:

      We're still accepting new submissions in all three sizes - 728x90, 160x600 and 250x250. Epic adverts are made official and epic advert creators may acquire admin status.
      Meanwhile, if you have maps you'd like tested out or if you'd like to take part in a playtest, get into the Playtests thread and let's organise something!

    • Now to advertising

      10 years ago

      Epic Forging

      So, you may have seen the advert running for this group:
      This was less than an hour's work in Google Images and MSpaint... and it shows. The gauntlet is now down - who can make a better one? Post your advert images here, whether you're a sponsor or not. The best one of each type will be made the group's official adverts.

      Image sizes are 728x90, 160x600 and 250x250

    • Sun Temple

      10 years ago

      Epic Forging

      Those of you who watch her will be aware that Firebug was hoping to make a machinima to advertise one of her maps.

      The Sun Temple was designed with infection in mind as the main game type and, although the map should work with all game types, it has not yet been tested on anything except infection.


      The ancient Sun Temple was discovered by a routine scouting patrol, who reported their findings to command. After going to investigate, the scouting unit was never heard from again. Command dispatched a crack team to the area to find out what had happened and to rescue the team. Upon arrival, the team find the temple and it's vicinity apparently devoid of life. Unknown to them, however, they have stirred the slumbering infected.

      The role in which the players will find themselves is that of the crack team, trapped in the depths of the temple's crypt area, defending against the attack of brain-seeking zombies. Or they are a brain-seeking zombie.

      (It is recommended that at least 2 zombies are set to start.)

      You can download this map from slot 7 in Firebug's file share and there is a "Gloomy" version available as well.

      Then you can find the machinimated trailer here.

      (There is also a longer, credited version, with some action shots of infection games here.)

      Firebug extends a great big thank you to Jalnor, LegendaryStorm, Sekai08, Shukakaist, Urself and The Old Captain for all their hard work. Much appreciated smile.png

    • Map testing evening

      10 years ago

      Epic Forging

      We're having our first map testing evening tonight - see the upcoming tests thread for details on that.

      This is something we're going to start doing fairly regularly, though only a major one will be announced in the news. Keep your eye on the thread for upcoming play tests.

      Tonight's play test will commence at 21:00 British Summer Time (that's 16:00 in New York, 13:00 in San Francisco, 09:00 in New Zealand) and will be run by firebug19.
      Should you have any trouble connecting, reset your xbox and network (at the same time) and, failing that, run a connection test from your xbox dashboard.
      You'll need the Mythic map pack for tonight's game.

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