• New Update!

      9 years ago


      OMFG really? Yes really. Everybody was probably getting tired of the last news post being about the pitt and how we all were waiting on Broken Steel. So now that Broken Steel is out and Point Lookout is also out, I want to hear from some of the community about what you guys think on it. Post, be active, and enjoy the company of the fellow Fallout fans in the group.

      We're still waiting for the only known DLC due out, Mothership Zeta, and from what I've heard and read in the Fallout thread, not too many people are looking forward to it. There is some that say that aliens have nothing to do with the world of Fallout which is utter nonsense. There are others who support the DLC and eagerly await it's glory. Then there are the realists, who realize what the hell we're up against. Aliens with Alien Blasters... goodie...

      But keep the spoiler free talk going, it's always good to keep the group forums safe for the new people that come in. Keep it clean and we'll be back with another update eventually, hopefully this time a little faster then the last.

      Fallout Group Staff smiley8.gif

    • The Pitt

      10 years ago


      It's finally out (even the english version in its true, non-corrupted form) and we're all probably right in front of our individual Xbox 360s or PCs playing and chipping away at the 5-6 supposed hours that The Pitt has to offer. While you guys play, I'll write. (We needed a new news entry anyway.)

      Not much going on around the Fallout community. With the exception of most people bitching about the day wait for The Pitt. It has been slow as of late. The modding community has provided a few interesting items for the game itself though, if you have a PC that is. Either way, we're all awaiting Broken Steel supposedly coming sometime in April. Probably later in April but whatever.

      Anyway, there's been little talk in the group forums as well as the Fallout 3 thread in the Xbox 360 forums about The Pitt. I expected a lot more spoilers then there are., but you guys surprised me. Either way, thanks for trying to keep it spoiler free, or at least using the spoiler tags.

      Other then that, keep it real. And should be more news next month. (Unless it gets pushed back again, knock on wood guys).

    • Whoops...

      10 years ago


      Yeah I kinda forgot about this...

      So I should make some other people Admins....

      Send me a message stating your case and I will consider it...

      Lets say there are....3 Openings =P

      Let Kombat Begin...

    • Gone Gold Baby

      10 years ago

      Fallout 3 Has Gone Gold

      Available in Stores on Oct. 28 in N. America, Oct. 30 in Europe/Australia, Oct. 31 in UK

      October 9, 2008 (Rockville, MD) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax Media company, announced today that its highly anticipated title, Fallout® 3, has gone gold and will be available on store shelves and online in North America on October 28, in Europe and Australia on October 30, and in the UK on October 31. Developed at Bethesda Game Studios – creators of the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® – Fallout 3 is slated for release on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows.

      “Fallout 3 has been the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken,†said Todd Howard, game director for Fallout 3. “It’s been a long journey and we’re really happy with how it turned out. We can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to play it.â€Â

      Fallout 3 features one of the most realized game worlds ever created. Set more than 200 years following a nuclear war, you can create any kind of character you want and explore the open wastes of Washington, D.C however you choose. Every minute is a fight for survival as you encounter Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, and other dangers of the Wasteland.

      Fallout 3’s first review is featured as this month’s cover story in Official Xbox Magazine, hitting subscribers now and on newsstands October 21. Hailed as one of the most anticipated games for 2008, Fallout 3 has already won numerous awards including Best of Show from the official Game Critics Awards at E3 2008, a selection voted on by an independent group of journalists from 36 leading North American media outlets that cover the videogame industry.

      Fallout® 3 has been rated Mature by the ESRB.
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