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      8 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players

      So yeah.. I'm playing FFXIV now. So I havn't really updated this in a while. I'm sorry.
      So you can get lv85 now in FFXI.

      Here is a Panoramic Picture of Ul'dah:

      If anyone here wants to take over or has info they want me to post just send me a message on RvB, or something.

    • FFXI level cap increase to level 99!!!!

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players (Click Level Cap Increase on side)

      In attendance at the special talk session were Producer Hiromichi Tanaka, Director Koichi Ogawa, Battle Director Akihiko Matsui, planners Yoji Fujito and Mizuki Ito, and Global Online Producer Sage Sundi. The discussion revolved around the new content being planned for the upcoming version update as well as the game's future direction.
      * All announcements made are for content under development, and thus changes may occur without notice.

      Level Cap Increase

      History is about to be made as the level cap will be increased starting with the version update scheduled for this summer! The increase will take place in stages until the new maximum, level 99, has been reached.
      Up until now, character strength has been limited to level 75, and additions to the game such as monsters, strategic content, and equipment had been designed to correspond to this.

      However, with the game having reached a certain level of maturity and the bulk of existing notorious monsters having already fallen prey to tenacious bands of adventurers, the development team has deemed that the time is now ripe for the bar to be raised.

      Level Cap Considerations
      We are aware that players will inevitably feel concern over how in-game elements such as support jobs, experience camps, and merit points will be affected by this change. We would like to take a moment to explain the measures that are in the pipes to preserve game balance.

      Support job abilities that are not expected to steal the limelight from main jobs as a result of the level cap increase will be allowed to come into play. Furthermore, there are plans to tweak certain job abilities, job traits, and magic spells on an ongoing basis in order to further accentuate the uniqueness of each job when used in a main role, as well as its versatility when playing a supporting role.

      New camping grounds are scheduled to be added to cater to the anticipated rise in demand for experience parties. Furthermore, the redistribution of monsters in existing areas is also under consideration.

      An increase in maximum upgrades is being considered for existing merit point skills and attributes. Preparations are also under way for the introduction of a new type of merit point for players who have reached the new level 99 summit.

      “Abyssea,†the all-new series of battle-oriented add-ons has been announced.
      Abyssea is a parallel world existing beside Vana'diel. A land fraught with perils, Abyssea is home to savage hordes of heretofore unseen creatures. Ferocious, towering NMs, new-look HNMsâ€â€even the garden varieties will confound would-be challengers with their unfamiliar and formidable powers. These and a whole host more await hapless adventurers with open arms and voracious maws.
      In Abyssea, concerns such as the over-population of battle areas and the need for large time investments will be a thing of the past. The development team is hard at work creating a world where parties can engage in rewarding battles with powerful foes and collect prized equipment with the least of fuss. The expansive realm of Abyssea will comprise several new areas which will be introduced over the course of three add-ons. 5c_0021.jpg
      Visit the official Abyssea website for all the details!
    • World Merge & FFXIV Beta

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players

      Feb. 28, 2010 07:00 [PST] From: PlayOnline
      Announcing the World Merge

      We will be performing a World Merge to resolve this issue so players may enjoy all the content the game has to offer.

      Please refer to the "Guidance on the World Merge" for more details.

      [Guidance on the World Merge]

      - Schedule
      World Merge will be performed during the upcoming version update. Once the version update is complete, characters from the "Source Worlds" will be migrated automatically to the "Destination Worlds".

      * The schedule for the version update will be released at a later date.

      - Details on the World Merge
      The following is a list of worlds designated for the World Merge.
      Source World Destination World

      Fairy -> Sylph
      Kujata -> Valefor
      Remora -> Leviathan
      Midgardsormr -> Quetzarcoatl
      Hades -> Cerberus
      Seraph -> Bismarck
      Garuda -> Lakshmi
      Pandemonium -> Asura
      * Other worlds will not be affected.

      - Things to note for the World Merge
      Character Data:
      Other than the data listed below, all character data will be transferred to the new world. This includes character status, belongings, gil and key items.

      Character Name:
      In cases where a character with the same name already exists on the "Destination World," you may be required to change the name of your character. If this is necessary, your character name on the character selection screen before login will be displayed in yellow. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change.

      Changing the character name will not affect data such as your Friends List.

      Items stored in the Delivery Box or Auction House:
      Items and gil stored in the Delivery Box or Auction House will be deleted automatically when the World Merge takes place. Please move them to your character's belongings or Mog Safe before the World Merge.

      Please note that items and gil lost in the merge cannot be restored through the Item Restoration service.

      Linkshell, Pearlsack and Linkpearl:
      Pearlsacks and Linkpearls cannot be carried over to the "Destination World," and will disappear during the World Merge. Linkshell owners will receive an unopened Linkshell when they log into the "Destination World" for the first time. Unopened Linkshells will not be affected by the merge.

      Please note that you will need to create a new Linkshell Community after creating a new linkshell on the "Destination World."

      - Suspension of the World Transfer Service The World Transfer service will be suspended from Mar. 9, 2010 7:00 PST until the World Merge is complete.

      - Suspension of the Character Reactivation Service The Character Reactivation Service will be suspended from Mar. 9, 2010 7:00 PST until the World Merge is complete.

      - Regarding the worlds Odin and Bahamut
      After the World Merge is complete, the following services will be reinstated:

      Character transfers to Odin/Bahamut.
      Creating a new character on Odin/Bahamut.
      Issuing a Gold World Pass on Odin/Bahamut.

      Well VanaFest 2010 brought some welcome news to the Eorzean faithful (and a ton to the Vana’diel faithful). The reports are coming in, the official VanaFest page has been updated, and it seems that Beta notices will start as early as today, with beta testing starting on March 11, 2010! So stay tuned – sounds like a lot of players are about to get their beta on.

      Closed Alpha to loyal Final Fantasy XI User. Sweet!!

      If you got an invite. It looks like this....

    • Mog Bonanza 2010 is Over!!!

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players


      I hope someone here won something. I only had ONE winning marble, and it was a Rank 5..
      I took a Fafnir Statue

      Other Stuff

      I ran into one of my old FFXI friends while we were talking a Taru was stopped running and was standing causing this.....

    • 11-10 Update is here...

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players!

      They added a bunch of new things. I ran into one of the new NMs right outside town.
      Killed it and got the drop first time :D

      Tenax Strap

      Succubus Grip

    • Woot! {Hexa Strike}

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players


      Read the log file. :D

      (Yeah I'm using Windower, and I'm on win7)

    • Security token

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players

      I ordered my Security token like 3-4 days ago and mine just arrived.

      I also found a party of people that we static with almost every night while in Skype Chat. Level sync helps a lot. I've been working on leveling my BLM and THF. I got someone on our LS who has like 6 lv75s who is helping people with the AF sets and stuff. He is really good at farming and poping NMs. I think a few days ago he poped a NM and soloed it and got like 600k or something on the item that dropped.

      The Mog Satchel is really nice. I can now carry my WHM gear, BLM Gear, THF gear and my Elemental Staffs on me at all times!
      Or on my Mule i can carry all my Crystals in the Satchel and move them over as I need it.

    • What I've been doing.

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players

      I've starting playing FFXI again every night.

      We are working on ZM5 got 4/7 of the Fragments last night.
      I also beat The Shadow Lord a few days ago.
      And right now I'm working on CoP3-3

      Also working on leveling my Woodworking skill.

      What has everyone else been up to?

    • New Pictures

      9 years ago

      Final Fantasy XI Players

      I just uploaded some cool pictures I got while playing.

      As you notice some of those were Cut-Scenes where there would be a chat box or online status in the corner.

      Anyone else got any cool screenshots? If you want i can post the link to the full-res version of the ones I uploaded

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