by grubslugger
Base Map:Longshore
"The point is to reach the end of the drag on your Jet-Ski. The person that is not VIP drives the mongoose against the motor to give the boat forward momentum. The Vip sits on the back of the mongoose and shoots the sides of the boat to turn it and stop it from sinking. Also, shooting the motor gives you a boost. This is meant for exactly 4 people, no more, no less. This game is a completely original race map/mini-game"
Vapour knuckles
by Vapour knuckles and AURORA JETEX
Base Map:Sandbox
“This is Vapour knuckles and AURORA JETEX’s third map on sandbox. This map Kilauea represents one of the volcanoes on Hawaii. It is a very active volcano which has cause a powerful eruption of lava that came from the depths of hell. It is quite small compared to the other volcanoes on Hawaii but it still makes quite a big explosion. In the course of the eruption, lava flows have destroyed a famous 700 year-old Hawaiian temple, overrun many houses, but the famous old tree survived through it still. But you still need to escape by going through the old ruins of the temple and making a huge turn leading to a jump that make you go flying through the eruption making you land on the lava flow skidding along the lava. You speed up and see the big tree that will always stand tall forever as you make a sharp turn to the escape. This track will test your skill as you choose you path as you try to escape by take the toughest route yet but the only way left home, is through the fiery beast of the volcano.â€Â
Game Type-Rocket Race
by Rogue Shaddo
Base Map:Sandbox
“A very smooth double-wide racetrack with hills, tunnels, and a jump.â€Â
Banshee Bundle
Game Prodigious 7k
Base Map:Sandbox
“Banshee Bundle is a very fun race map for banshees on the ground floor of sandbox. I had the idea when looking at Airshow by anus lad. He gave me permission to use the idea to make a map of the same style as his, so i did and here it is. I wanted to make this because his track (if you can call it that) was not structured at all, and all the scenery made crashing common so the play was very stop start. Also because it was in the skybubble you would find yourself dying for no reason while flying (because of the floor of the skybubble), this made gameplay very difficult.

Skipping sections of the track is not cheating, it is intended so people behind can quickly get back into the game, making it fun for everyone, as opposed to mongoose racetracks where if you fall off, thats it for you unless someone else falls off. The review below is wrong if it still says that skipping the track is cheating, they didn't understand the map properly.

My map is different because:
• It is on the floor level with the guardians OFF so you cannot randomly die.
• It follows a structured path which is fun.
• It has very little scenery, although you could say i did not do much to the map, the map works better this way and gameplay is what counts.
• All the points are the same and there are no annoying obsticles which hindered you more than helping gameplay in anus lad's version.

As with all racetrack maps everyone needs to be on separate teams. The maximum number of players is 4 because of the number of banshees available. Sorry.â€Â

Details for the Gametype:
Here are the more important settings for the gametype.
• Score to win: 50 (4.5 laps uncontested) (my best time on my own is 2:13)
• Goal movement: Move on arrival.
• Goal movement order: Sequence.
• Damage resistance: Invulnerable
• Scoring: Goal arrival points: 1.
• Vehicle use: Full use.
• Number of rounds: 1.
• Time limit: No limit.