Freelancer Program

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      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      As I promised I have updated the forums. If anything confuses you just ask me or Georgia what it means.

      Forum (Avaliable to ALL)

      HQ or Directors Desk

      Random Thoughts

      The Archive

      Group (Invite Only)
      Freelancer Mission Initiator Group

      Just so you know the Group right here ^ is invite only. Show us you have a creative mind and perhaps we will invite you. Also all Admin of this Group will automatically be invited.

      I hope you like the changes and if not well let me know I have an open mind!

    • A Little About The Next Mission!

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      I just wanted to let you all in on some details I have been working on for the next mission. This will attempt to get as many people involved as possible. Oh, and just a hint at what you might be dealing with. Here is the mission name I have come up with "Back to Basics".

      Everytime I have ever seen a Movie or read a book the sequel had something to do with everyone's past. So what I would like (and you don't have to if you don't want to) is for everyone to really create a good backstory at least 8 Sentences long at most 24 sentences long. This does not mean only put a period at the end of each paragraph. Use your best grammar and spelling. No run on sentences please.

      I will read all the submissions sent to my Messages. When I am done with all of the reading you will see what my whole intention is.

      For the super serious RPers. You know who you are. Those of you with 3 books of backstory. K.I.S.D.I
      Keep it simple damn it. Also remember your backstory should reflect on your just out of training freelancer. Not your super bad ass has learnt everything freelancer. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

      ****Side note****
      Forums will be updated after the current mission is finished.

    • A Few Good Changes!

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      Recently Gen. Georgia has asked me to be an admin. There are a few reasons why I accepted. I think this RP group has a lot of potential to take things very far. I personally think I write well and I hope you all have enjoyed the story I just recently started. I would like to continue to write these Missions up. However, there are a few problems with the current Forum set up. This has been an issue since the beginning as I have been told. So below is what I propose should happen and I think you will for the most part agree.

      This is what I propose.
      1. Story Initiator thread. This is where the stories can be created using our best talents. Basically the best story writers come together and create missions.
      2. Once a story is released we create a thread specifically for that story. Once the story has been completed we lock the thread with the last post being "Mission Complete"
      3. Chronicles/ Archives. Where we post all the Missions we have done in order to maintain past logs and understand how the story has gotten to where it is.
      4. Random Thoughts. Post random ideas that can be implemented into the story at some point.
      5. HQ or Directors Desk. Where everyone can go to see what is on the leader of the missions mind without having to send messages to each other. This will allow for people to constantly be working on something vital to the mission.
      6. Objectives. Where individual messages can be left so everyone is on the same page.

      If you have any other ideas you think can be used to make our group more interesting or organized leave a comment. Thanks for all your help and support.


      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      WE NEED TO KNOW WHO IS GOING TO BE ACTIVE ON THIS GROUP. So EVERYONE who is active on this group and wants to do things with their freelancer. MUST comment below if they wish to keep their freelancer and stay a part of this group. If you made a freelancer just so you can say you made a freelancer, we don't need you. If you write about your freelancer and wish to collaborate with the many other freelancer writers here, You may do so. (It will count as being active.) We are trying to make a list of all the active members so that we can properly proceed to making teams and writing groups when we can. But using the list we have now, we don't know if we're adding dead names to the groups that won't contribute or not. I need people who are ALREADY on the list to comment here. I don't want anymore random ass posts of freelancers that I have not previously approved on this comment area. I want to know who on the list is going to be active, not random people who just looked at this group for the FIRST TIME!

    • Freelancers......

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      Alright Our Captains have been chosen and are picking their teams.
      The Captains are Georgia(xXSwatXx), Vegas (Darknesssith), Tennessee (Be2Rad), and Maryland (Zebrahead101)

      Names of agents not yet picked

    • Themes:

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      Maryland ( iminsane321 )

      Georgia ( xXSWATXx )

      Rhode Island ( four_winds )

      NYC ( AnimalCops )

      South Dakota ( MiZzPrIcE )

      Tenessee ( Be2Rad )

      Indiana ( dachund )

      These are all themes for all agents involved in the RP Section
      Please, don't neg bomb cause these can be changed by request of the Agent's user.
      Please and Thank you

    • NEW Role-Playing Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      We have officially opened a Freelancer Role-playing topic for everyone who has created a freelancer. It had come to our attention that not all of you can write long ass stories about your specific freelancer. And even fewer of you actually have XBL. This is why, we have created the Role-playing topic. All role-playing will take place inside this topic and none other. If you are not familiar with role-playing, don't worry, you don't have to be an expert, you just have to have an IQ over 70. (I'm being lenient here, I hope you are smarter than that.) Role-playing involves exactly what it sounds like, a role that you act out or "play". It can be anything from taking your freelancer on missions, goofing off with other freelancers, smacking Grif with a hammer, or congratulating Caboose on his latest team-kill.

      The possibilities are endless, so get in there and mingle with your fellow freelancers. Just follow the rules posted on the first post of the topic and have fun. (Disobey the rules and suffer an admin's wrath on your ass.)


    • Come on people

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      We have 115 members and we still haven't filled all the freelancer positions.

      Come on.

      We need all, if not most of the freelancer's chosen in order to do anything like fireteams or the story. If you have XBL that's just a bonus, IT IS NOT REQUIRED, so don't worry about it. If you make a freelancer, use my updated list so you do not make a copy of someone else's freelancer. All freelancers posted after this need to check the list and if there are new ones from "Make a freelancer" page 6 and onward.

      ***U P D A T E D***

      Here's a list of all the taken agent (state) names and AI (greek alphabet and others) names: Names and AI's are paired how they were chosen and listed from first posted to last. Wait before taking the states listed in red. If you want them, ask either Me=xXSWATXx or Psyco and we'll give them to you if they are not already taken by others.
      Agents: ________________________________ AI:
      NJ ___________________________________Alpha
      Alabama ______________________________Bravo
      RI ___________________________________Zed
      Hawaii _______________________________Delta
      Cal (#2)______________________________Lunate Sigma
      Commander D.C.______________________Supreme
      Hereford _____________________________Foxtrot
      Ireland question.png____________________________Omega
      Indiana ______________________________Takia
      RI (#2)_______________________________Delta
      Alaska (#2)____________________________Gigawatt
      Washington NW__________________________Aisu
      Alabama (#2)__________________________Rebel
      Maine (Nice smile.png )_________________________Beta
      Cali __________________________________ Foxtrot (Fox)
      Wyoming______________________________Gamma (Too many complaints from writers. Deal.)
      South Carolina___________________________Loki
      South Dakota_____________________________Delta (Delta can be passed to York and NYC on occasion)
      New Hampshire__________________________Fixer
      York_________________________________________Delta (Like South, Delta can be passed Between York, South and NYC)
      NYC_______________________________________Delta (It's because they are friends, and it would make sense if you read any of their amazing stories)
      Texas______________________________________Omega (the REAL Omega)


      And thats the current list of what's taken. The states that are left are:
      Arizona, Idaho, West Virginia.
      Still alot of states left people. Get to picking before the picking's slim.

    • XBL live anyone

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      who in the group has Xbox live?
      I need volunteers to help a group in a war?
      we are all gonna play Halo3 and compete against USSrvb members.
      please tell me and I will direct you where to go.

      Btw I have a fanfic if you wanna read it go here

    • Pole time

      10 years ago

      Freelancer Program

      lets take a vote

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