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      10 years ago

      Game Maker

      During my time with game maker I've encountered some good sites for getting tutorials and uploading games. Here are few:

      64Digits - Great tutorials [This site is down at the moment]

      Snowmoon - Newer site, might find something worth while.

      Game Maker Technology Wiki - I found the free applications here particularly useful.

      Game Creation Resources - Tons of possibly helpful resources. Not all of them game maker, but very interesting regardless.

      GM Toolbox - Claims to have nearly every DLL and Extension for game maker, worth a look.

      Drag and Drop to GML Code - An extremely useful list of all drag and drop actions and their GML equivalents. Good if you want a place to start using GML.

      Also on another note, if anyone else would like to be an admin you're more than welcome to. Then you'll be able to make spiffy news posts and such.


    • So we have a few group members

      10 years ago

      Game Maker

      I guess introductions are in line?

      My name is Brad, I created this group in the hopes of gathering together the people on RvB who either are interested in making games, or already use Game Maker. However there doesn't seem to be any interest at all sadly. As for skill level, I make simple games and use GML primarily, dunno where that puts me as far as skill. If you want a feel for what type of games I make a good current example would be Shoot the Smileys (1.05 MB) nevermind, link is dead...

      That's all for me, anyone else?

    • Welcome to the Game Maker Group

      10 years ago

      Game Maker

      Current home for Game Maker

      This group is for people who already know how to use, or wish to learn how to use Game Maker. Game Maker is a program intended for those with any level of programming knowledge to quickly and easily make games. It's very simple and easy to understand for those just starting out, and gives the opportunity for more experienced programmers to use the built in GML language, or even to possibly extend game maker.

      Download the lite version of GM 7 here.

      This was how the description should have looked only the tags must not work in the beta version of RT groups. Ah well, thanks for stopping by.


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