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    • Why are you here? Go play Halo Reach

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      Halo Reach has daily and weekly challenges, so there's not much more to say other than... Good luck and have fun. smiley0.gif

    • Castlevania HD *Update*

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      I played Castlevania HD last night with some friends, and I have a lot to say about game. I have some corrections to make from the last news post on this group and some opinions to give.

      First let me say that before you buy this game you should play the demo. This Castlevania game plays very differently from other Castlevania games. Here’s a run down of how the game plays. You have five characters to choose from. Each character has multiple color schemes. So if you and a friend want to be the same character you can do so, you just pick different colors so you don’t get confused. Each character has their own set of abilities and weapons.

      As far as I know the game has six levels. Each level has a boss, which is the target of each level. You are given 30 minutes to find and defeat the boss. There is no leveling system in the game. The only way to become more bad-ass is to find or buy items. You collect items and money as you play through levels. No matter if you fail or complete the level, you will keep all your money and items that you have collected.

      You are only able to equip items and weapons when you are in the main menu screen. You can equip items during a level if you find a book (big, golden, glowing, spinning thing in the level). There are normally a few books on the level. When you use the book you are taken to an equip screen, like the main menu screen. Problem is when you are equipping items the time is still running and enemies can still hit you.

      The menu screens and equip screens are confusing. You can buy potions in the shop, but you can only have three equip on a level. If you use all three you can find a book and equip three more, if you have them. There’s a lot for a player to do in between levels; selling items, buying items, equipping items and weapons. It takes away from the gameplay.

      Pros and cons: I love the classic 2-D gameplay, I wish there were more games that were 2-D. The controls seem a little tiny bit sluggish. Even through the game is “HD†in 1080p it still looks like a SNES game, I’m not complaining about how the game looks I’m just not sure they should have pushed the whole HD thing as far as they did when marketing the game. Co-op is very entertaining. There’s a lot of funny conversations between multiple gamers trying to understand a game that is this confusing. And when I say confusing I mean really confusing. The menus are confusing. The boss fights are confusing. Setting up online co-op is confusing. (Ok, maybe not confusing but I’m spoiled on Transformers WFC and Halo Reach, which both have great online party setup)

      It’s hard to sum up the game because I had fun playing it last night, but it was generally a let down. I played co-op last night with two friends for a few hours and had a lot of fun. We all got frustrated and it took us about an hour and a half to completely understand how the game plays. All in all we had fun. The game plays like a mix between classic Castlevania and Gauntlet (+1 part confusion). In single player the game is really hard, and you will find yourself playing the same level many times, just to collect items and money. This game is made for co-op play. It’s worth trying the demo because the gameplay system is interesting. The system just needs perfected.

      I guess the game challenge on this game is understanding it and having patience. There are leaderboards, but they are broken down by difficulty and level. Last night I was ranked 116 on the third level in normal mode. There's a leaderboard that is "overall for month" so we can stick with that. Feel free to post where you stand in overall for month in the comment section.

    • Castlevania HD

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      An HD 2-D 6-player co-op game. That's a lot to take in. You may remember Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance from the Game Boy Advance. Well, it's back with a new look and now you can bring your friends. Castlevania is now co-op friendly up to 6 players. I haven't got a chance to play the game yet, but I'll report some of what I've heard about the gameplay.

      (This information may not be correct, I will update this group after I play the game)

      There are six characters to choose from, you can play 6 player co-op at which time you can zoom out the camera to view more of the castle. The leveling system is gone and you will have to depend on finding items to help you. I'll update this page later with more information about the co-op mode and general gameplay.

      Castlevania Harmony of Despair (HD) 1200 MS points

    • Limbo

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      Limbo is a black and white 2-D logic/puzzle game. It's highly addictive and loads of fun. It has some great replay value. Throughout the game there are 10 hidden eggs. Each egg will unlock an achievement for you. You will also get achievements for beating the game, and beating the game in under five lives.

      After you get all the achievements on the game you'll have 100% However, if you look at the leaderboards you'll notice some people have 111%. This is because there are 11 more hidden eggs that are even harder to get that the original 10. There has also been a lot of talk about a 12th. As of right now one person has 112%, but it has not been confirmed that it is legit. The forums on this game have gotten pretty crazy.

      There are lots of places to look for help on this game, and you might need some help with finding all the eggs. I watched the Achievement Hunter vids to find some of the eggs. I suggest playing the game through at least once without any help. Solving puzzles and using logic is where the real fun is in this game. After you are done here are some links Check out the forums for some great tips and crazy fights.

      Make sure you also watch the videos for Limbo on Achievement Hunter
      Eggs 1-4
      Eggs 5-7
      Eggs 8-10

    • War for Cybertron

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      Transformers: War for Cybertron comes out at midnight so I put together a list of achievements that look challenging.

      Autobot Commander – Complete Autobot Campaign (Medium) – 30G

      Autobot Prime – Complete Autobot Campaign (Hard) – 45G

      Decepticon Seeker – Decepticon Campaign complete (Medium) – 30G

      Decepticon Warlord – Decepticon Campaign complete (Hard) – 45G

      More Than Meets the Eye – Earn a 1st place MVP award in any multiplayer mode – 15G

      Prime Directive – Unlock Prime Mode – 30G

      Heavy Metal War – Complete the 15th wave in Escalation – 50G

      Feel free to comment on the game here and/or make posts on your achievements. Please use the spoiler box for any spoilers.

      Now transform and roll out.

    • Demo

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      The demo for Transformers: WFC has been out for a week now, so what does everyone think?

    • Up next

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      The next game challenge will be Transformers War for Cybertron. It comes out June 22, 2010. I'm not sure if the challenge will be achievement based, difficulty based, speed based or other. Any suggestions?

    • Wii has good balance

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      This news post is a personal game challenge I've had for the last 121 days. If you've ever weighed yourself on the Wii Fit you know that the game test your balance as it weights you. Before the game tells you your weight it shows you your balance. I've tried to get a perfect 50/50 balance on the Wii Fit for 121 days now, but up until today it's always been 49/51 or as close as 49.03/50.97

      Today I finally got 50/50 and I was so excited I took this picture


      I didn't think it was possible.

    • Halo Reach Beta

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      If you're not already playing the beta for Halo Reach, drop what you're doing and run to your Xbox 360. The beta for Halo Reach came out Monday, and with it are all new ranking and class systems. You will earn points for every match you complete. These points can be used to upgrade your armor. (change the look of your armor, the upgrades don't effect gameplay.) Some armor is locked until you reach a specific class, such as Corporal or Sargent. To acquire these classes you must play matches and show your skill. If you are very skilled you will get promoted quickly. If your skill lacks a little, it may take longer to get promoted.

      Divisions in Halo Reach and how they work.
      If you play enough games in the Arena playlist you'll receive a rating. After that day is over your rating resets and you'll have to do it all over again. If you rate enough days in a season (probably a month) you are placed in a division and will be able to view a breakdown of your division placement and and your stats.

      Remember to track your kills, medals and other game stats on It's free and you can learn a lot about the game just from checking your stats, as well as other player's stats.

    • Like a Ninja with night vision

      9 years ago

      Gamer Challenge

      Get really to exercise your Fifth Freedom. Splinter Cell Conviction is out today and totally bad ass. It's got 45 achievements for a total of 1000 gamescore points. A lot of the achievements seem to be multiplayer based. I've never played Splinter Cell on any of it's multiplayer modes, but I think this game is going to change that. So stop reading this and go play Splinter Cell Conviction, because jumping out of the shadows and scaring the bejesus out of people is much more fun than reading. (I think I just insulted Tom Clancy, cool)

      This is the game with the USB card.


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