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      2 years ago

      RTX Condo Share

      II received the email today with the door codes. I will just paste it here for all to see. 

      We are looking forward to your upcoming stay with us! The property is located at: 301 E 4th #334 (Railyard), Austin, TX, 78701.

      Standard check-in time is 3pm on 7/5/2017, and check-out time is 10am on 7/11/2017.  

      We offer all guests an early check-in or late check-out if the home does not have other guests on the same day. If available, we will email you the day before arrival or check-out. Unfortunately our agents are not allowed to authorize these in advance since we do not know if we have same-day exchanges of homes up until the last minute.

      Please use this unique door code to access the property during your stay: 895530

      Arriving and Parking: The condo complex address is 301 East 4th Street.  Please park in the metered spots briefly to access your unit to acquire the parking garage clicker. Use front gate access C to enter your condo. The pedestrian gate code is 41972*. To gain entrance to the parking garage you will have to go to the unit and take the garage clicker. The clicker will be on Velcro in the entrance way.

      Lock Instructions: 1.     Enter your six-digit door code on the lock keypad. If the code is accepted, the light will flash green. The outside turn knob is then engaged for 10 seconds. 2.     Turn the deadbolt and open using the door handle. If you need to try again, allow several seconds for the lock to reset before trying again. 3.     If a red light flashes, the code was not accepted. Please call 888-512-0498 and speak to a TurnKey representative. 4.     To lock the door, turn the deadbolt in the same direction you would if you were using a key, (You do not need a code).

      Parking spot is C-2. Parking entrance is on the back side / west end of the building.

      The easiest and cheapest way to get to the condo is to take the bus. The bus I believe costs $2 and it will take you right to the front door of the complex. Just stay on the bus until you turn on to 4th street. I guess they will notify me the day before if we can have early access to the condo. See you all in 9 days!

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      2 years ago

      RTX Condo Share

      This will be my sixth RTX. This group will be available to communicate about the condo. It will also allow everyone to see who will be sharing the condo. 

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