Hey fellow g1s, Ultraguy here! Given the new site doesn't have the same organization and searching options as the old one and the fact that death battle blogs are much harder to post here(due to character limits, lack of centering, ect) I thought it would be a good idea to make a "group" where we could self organize/collect all of our Death Battle content outside of the system.

I have three "archive" threads up for people to use. Single character analysis, prediction and misc, to correspond to the most common death battle blog types. Some general rules for how to post content in these threads are written in the threads opening, though it basically boils down to

"post direct links to the blog and minimize chatter in the archive threads themselves, so things are easy to find"

I do have a separate thread set up for talking about blogs in the group itself if you desire though.

Additionally for the moment I'm going to give people free reign to make new threads as they want, as long as they remain death battle related. However please don't try to post threads on other topics and most of all no non-death battle related content should be posted here.

Granted my stance on non-db content may change down the line, but I'm fairly new to the functions of roosterteeth and db content is what I do best. I want to focus on what I know and see how this initial idea pans out before I try anything else.

Finally use common sense, follow the general rules for this site, and if anybody has any questions just shoot me a PM, question my page, ect