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    • UPDATE 9/11/17

      1 year ago

      RT Overwatch

      Hey Everybody!

      I just wanted to update y'all cause at the least I owe you an explanation to this groups silence

      While I LOVE Rooster Teeth, their site does not favor Groups and until they update their site to better favor groups I am putting off doing much more than a passive upkeep of this page. Not to sound like a child upset this page has not "exploded" or something but I have some grievances with tech and search algorithms. If you search for "RT Overwatch" you'll first see Videos (which makes sense), then USERS, INTERESTS and GAMES before GROUPS and many of those results don't have the words RT or Overwatch in their name. From a forum post there is no way to go to the RT Overwatch home page with out going backwards.  Just a stack of small issues that lead to groups being widely considered not very accessible by most of the community.

      I am grateful that you are all here and that members are posting their usernames in the forum. I hope you all are making friends. I hope in later updates to the site, that groups will get more attention. Until then this page will have minimal updates and I apologize for that.

      TL;DR: We are not dead but hibernating, waiting for an update that makes groups better

    • Age of Robots: Orisa & Bastion 3.0

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      2017 seems to be the year of the Robot so far with the new changes to Bastion and Overwatch's latest tank, Orisa.  I got to play Orisa in the PTR and let me tell you she's a lot of fun. Below I'll give you my first thoughts on Orisa and below that still the summary of the changes made to Bastion 3.0


      Orisa is tank that the Development team developed specifically to be a new "Anchor Tank" a term they are using for Tanks that stay with teams and cause teams to fight around them. Up until now Reinhardt has been the only Anchor Tank and often dictates where teams are fighting. So the question is: does Orisa fit the boot? Sorta

      His wide, strong barrier protecting teammates with an intimidating presence, decent damage output and powerful ult has made Reinhardt a must pick in the competitive scene but his gameplay can be rather boring too.

      Orisa is hella fun! Her gun dishes good damage, her barrier has a little under half the health of reinhardts, but she isn't stuck to holding right mouse button to use it. Orisa can use her abilities freely while still defending her team which makes her more fun and engaging than Reinhardt, but having to wait 8 seconds to replace her shield clearly makes her less mobile.

      She will be great for defensive holds but maybe not as suited as Reinhardt is at making pushes. Fortify will make her great at breaking defensive countermeasures and halt can be used to pull snipers off high ledges, but I worry that since her shield isn't as mobile she maybe more situational.

      TL;DR: Orisa is fun, maybe more Defense/Tank hybrid than Offense/Tank

      Bastion 3.0:

      Some may remember the bastion of old who could not turn very far but had a thousand point shield in front. Luckily that day has long passed and a better bastion appeared. Hopefully, we will look back and feel the same about this iteration.

      Bastion 3.0 is deadlier in Recon Mode, built to bust tanks in Turret Mode, and is overall harder to kill.

      Recon Mode summary:

      Your SMG is super accurate now with a magazine of 25.

      You can actually be rather effective in this form now

      Sentry Mode summary:

      Quicker transform time

      Magazine increase to 300 bullets

      But no headshot bonus damage and a much larger bullet spread

      Bastion feels like even more of a bullet hose and still does the same damage (arguably a little less now) but more importantly, Bastion is better against big targets and worse at smaller targets at farther distances.

      New Abilities:

      Bastion's passive ability is that when in turret and tank form they gain 20% damage reduction.

      Self-Repair can now be using while moving and while taking damage without being interrupted but it has a fuel supply like Pharah fuel and D.va Defensive Matrix.

      Basically: Bastion can run around in Recon to fight people effectively, then use Turret mode to shred some tanks and Barriers. Underfire bastion can actively heal themselves like Roadhog which allows them to survive a lot of firepower so team up and be careful.

      TL;DR: Abandon all hope! The Blizzard gods have forsaken us. All hail our new robot Overlord and Birb prince

    • Welcome to 2017

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      New Year everyone which brings us that much closer to Overwatch's one year anniversary and you know Blizzard's gonna do something for that. That and most likely there's gonna be a Chinese New Year event since Blizzard does that with all their other games and OW is an international cast.

      Get ready for some Legendary Mei skin(s?) and Happy 2017!!

    • SOMBRA and a bunch of other goodies!

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      Sombra is 100% confirmed as of today, Nov. 4th, the First day of Blizzcon!

      You can read the full description and bio on the offiicial page, and check out her abilities here, but these are my quick(ish) notes! 

      Sombra is a 3-star difficulty Offense Hero (which probably means people are going to be fumbling with her a lot for a while). Her Machine Pistol does good close range damage with a fast fall off, which may make her ineffective from even midrange! He abilities are all about traversing and controlling the battlefield.

      HACKS and how'll they'll shape the battlefield!

      With her Hack ability she can temporarily silence targets and negate health packs. If she gets behind the enemy lines she will be a support and/or tanks worse nightmare. Her Ult, EMP even more so! This will leave the enemy team with nothing but their primary fire. Bastions, Soldier 76s, and McCrees can be excited but a lot of players are gonna have a bad time. Supports and Tanks are gonna be fucked if hit by either of these!

      Mobility and how the best Sombras will probably never be seen

      Sombra has two forms of travel, cloak and teleporting.

      As we all guessed, Sombra can cloak, but she can't attack or use abilities during it. Also, if she takes any hits, she drops it for 6 seconds. This is going to make spray and pray characters (like Winston) popular for sure.

      Her teleporter starts as a grenade so look forward to lots of crazy throw, teleport, rek shit! montages. When she throws her grenade she has 15 seconds to teleport to that point so she can't hold it forever but she'll have plenty to time to decide when the time is right to move up, or abort mission.

      What Sombra represents in a teamfight

      Sombra is a lot of things, one of which is a counter to Torbjorn in casual play, geting past strong defensive lines, and a counter to Tanks.

      All tanks require more than their health to survive and do their job. Sombra is going to be able to remove key players from all but their basic functions. This is where she will shine, not on the front lines. If they see you coming, you're doing Sombra wrong.

      TL;DR: Sombra is here and Supports/Tanks have something to fear

      Is she all you hoped for? Are you hyped to play this gorgeous mexican hacker? Tell us below!

      -Kyle "Alphalance" Stover

    • A Haunted Hayride Through The Overwatch Halloween Event

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      First off, THE EVENT HAS STARTED! Logging in for the first time during the event will earn you a free loot box to kick things off! 

      Tl;Dr Play as Soldier 76, Ana, McRee or Hanzo against Junkenstein's robot army and friends in a horde mode set in Eichenwald. 

      This post is going to focus on the events special mode called "Junkenstein's Revenge".

      This is a horde mode style game that takes place in a closed of section of Eichenwald between the front door of the castle and the final bridge. From here, you protect the front door from Junkenstein's ever advancing robot army. They aren't your only threat though, as Junkenstein will call upon The Reaper (Reaper), Junkenstein's Monster (Road Hog), and The Witch (Mercy) as well as sending Rip-Tires your way and finally facing you himself!


      "Junkenstein's Revenge" can be found listed under the "Brawl" option. From there, you decide from three difficulty levels; Easy, Medium, Hard. After playing a bit I can tell you that easy is easy. You shouldn't have trouble beating medium after a couple tries. Hard is HARD! After choosing your difficulty your team of four chooses between Soldier 76, Ana, McCree or Hanzo. No duplicates! 

      After loading into the map, you will notice a pretty obvious set of lanes. The left lane is up a flight of stairs and over the bridge. The middle lane leads to the front door right down the middle. And the right lane goes through the swampy water into the tower across the way. The two robot enemies you will face are Zomnics and Zombardiers. Note that a Zomnic wont attack you, and only really hurt you if you are withing range of their explosions when they reach the front door. The Zombardier will lob Zarya like orbs from across the map and only slightly advance. 

      The attack is set up in four(ish) waves with a countdown timer of seven minutes. Enemies will pour out of the three spawns as soon as time starts. At about 5:30 the first Rip-Tire will appear. More enemies until 4:40, when The Reaper shows up. Every time The Reaper will teleport into the fight, right into the middle, giving your team the opportunity have Ana sleep, grenade, followed up by McCree's flashbang which will give you a serious edge in damage. After putting down The Reaper, more enemies and Rip-Tires until 2:45 when Junkenstein's Monster shows up. Like any Road Hog, apply heavy damage and wait until he tries to heal to use the sleep dart or flashbang. Again more enemy waves until 1:45 when Dr. Junkenstein appears on the map. He's just going to hang out the small balcony in the top right of the middle lane and spam shoot all over the place. He is accurate though, so be quick about putting him down. At 1:25 The Reaper shows up, and then again at :35. When time runs out, The Witch shows up. Mercy will immediately resurrect Junkenstein and Junkenstein's Monster. It's important to go after The Witch first, as she makes the Monster very difficult to kill. It's also important to note that while time has run out, more robots will rush the door but you need to kill all three elites here for the round to actually end. After all three elites die, CONGRATS! You've done it! 

      Scoring here is a bit tricky... 

      There is a maximum 5 star rating that can only be achieved in Hard. 

      At medium the 5th star is locked and on easy, the 5th and 4th are locked. I've been trying to figure it out, and this is where I hope one of you fine group members can help me! I think killing a robot nets you 12 points. (FOR EASY) Killing The Reaper gets 294 and killing Junkenstein's monster is worth 545. The Witch is 480 and Junkenstein is worth 656. I'm sure these must change the higher the difficulty. Also, there is a bonus at the end based on how much health your door had and some bonus based on ability to survive. 10,000 is necessary for that third star. Haven't found what it takes to get the 5th star, cause like I said, Hard is really hard. I will say that my team had over 5000 points before we killed The Reaper for the first time. 

      Anyway, that's your rundown of the Junkenstein's Revenge mode for the Halloween Overwatch event. Got any great tips for fighting the robopocalypse? Some insight into getting that elusive fifth star? Anything you can add would be greatly appreciated! Please leave it in the comments. Enjoy the event everyone! 


    • Overwatch Halloween Event Leaked!?

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      News from Reddit! 

      A store listing for Halloween loot boxes appeared on the Xbox Store for the same price as normal boxes. We can assume this will be like the Summer Games event, when they had Olympics style skins, emotes, etc. Listings noted that they would be available until November 11th, but not when the event would begin. 

      Also, images of the event show a skull that has been associated with the new character Sombra. This could possibly mean that the event will also usher in a new character in the next couple weeks. This is all speculation based on a screenshot that, well... could be fake. 


      News about Overwatch has been light lately, but word is out that at least two new characters are in testing right now! As usual, we have a lot to look forward to.

    • Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend On Consoles! Sept 9th-12th

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      HEY CONSOLE PLAYERS! This weekend Overwatch will be made available for FREE to anyone with an Xbox 1 and Xbox Live or anyone who owns a PS4. Please note that while the free weekend does not require PlayStation Plus, a PlayStation Plus account is required for the full game. This is the perfect chance to get any of your friends who may be on the fence to jump in and experience Overwatch for themselves!


      • Free weekend begins September 9th 11 a.m. PT. It ends September 12th. I couldn't find a hard stop time, but most likely it will end at 11 a.m. PT.
      • Players will keep any loot boxes and progress they make during the weekend, should they decide to upgrade.
      • All characters and maps will be available for play.
      • Competitive Mode seems to be the only thing missing from game modes.

      For literally all the information available clickhere!

      We are counting on you, console players! Help our small group grow so we may bring you bigger things in the future! Tell your friends to join the group and join the fight this upcoming weekend!

    • Well it was a cool idea anyway.... SEASON 2 HAS STARTED!

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      Soooooo Jeff Kaplan saw this wonderful plan I had laid out to have some fun and practice before the season start and pretty much decided to strike me down. Really though, we've probably never been in the same room together... Unless maybe he goes to Pax.

      ANYHOW, the second season of Overwatch competitive play has begun! Some time yesterday the season started at least for PC and XBOX1. I'm still hoping a bunch of you hop online after any Labor Day festivities (or work) are done to get some solid practice time in.

      ALSO, the 1.3 Patch is now live! Be sure you check out Stover's post about the changes they've made, especially to Season 2 competitive play.

      I hope you all can make it on for at least a match or two (or even just to say hi!) on Labor Day. Again if you'd like to participate, just post your name in the forum under your respective platform! I will be on from about 6pm - 10pm EST! I can't do too much to help you guys on the XBL/PSN side, but I encourage all PC players to message me on Overwatch directly (emericaszero#1662) so I can make parties for you all to get in if you haven't added anyone else to your friends list yet. This event is rain or shine.

      That's all from me today, I gotta head up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for some camping... and a Weird Al concert actually. Hope to see at least a few of you on Monday night! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

      PC Player


    • Season 2 Start Date! Labor Day Practice?

      2 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      If you haven't heard yet, the start of Season 2 for Overwatch competitive play will start on September 6th! That means you have less than two weeks to get used to any changes, adjust your game accordingly, and find some new teammates on the RT Overwatch group to play with! I really do hope you are all finding people to play with through the group, as I know it has been essential for me finding some really great people to share this experience with (the 20% boost especially).

      This year, on Labor Day, I'd like to take some time to find more of you fantastic RT/Overwatch fans to practice with before competitive play starts back up. Pretty much everyone gets Labor Day off (except everyone who doesn't) so I thought maybe we could organize something. On September 5th, from about 6pm to 10pm EST I hope to sign into Battle.net and get as many matches with my fellow RT fans as possible. Nothing too serious here. Legitimate strategies are appreciated but also lets have some fun, talk about how awesome Day 5 was and meet some new people.

      By this point we have mostly all shared our Gamertags/ PSN ID's/BattleTags. If you are interested in joining this little event I implore you to leave them again in the comments so people who are newer to the group can find other players right away. No matter what platform you play on, I hope you can meet some new people to play with on Labor Day.

      TL;DR Let's play Overwatch together on Labor Day (Sept 5th 6-10pm est) to get ready for Season 2!

      PC Player


    • The Sit Patch - Patch w/ TLDR

      3 years ago

      RT Overwatch

      A new patch is in testing through the Public Test Realm featuring new emotes, the revised Competitive Mode and some Hero tweaks. You can read all the notes here. Below to sum up what this will mean for our you and our affected heroes.

      [please note that changes in the PTR are not guaranteed to stick, if you have strong feelings about any of these notes, go to the forums to give Blizzard your feedback here]

      Sit and Laugh Emotes Available!

      Every character now has a "sit" and "laugh" emote available. Tracer already had a laughing emote so she now has officially the least emotes available, D.Va has officially been confirmed as gremlin with Overwatch's first Legendary emote, and Symmetra creates a hard light stool to sit on like a throne. Sit emotes will also last until you hit any other key so get ready for tons of funny videos of cocky players literally sitting on the point.

      Competitive Play Season 2

      Competitive mode is getting a major overhaul after major complaints.

      1. Sudden death and the coin flip are gone

      This change is welcome because the coin flip didn't work and didn't make too much sense. Now instead of games ending 0-0 but one team still somehow winning, we are getting a time bank. When you push a payload to victory or capture a point and your opponent is also victorious, you will both go again using the time you had left over. This will emphasize the importance of sticking to the payload for faster completions for more time and contesting to stall your opponents for as long as possible. Though it make take some getting used to, this should be for the best.

      2. Rank 1-100 is being replaced with a 1-5,000 system with shiny categories

      Your rank will progress as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master then grandmaster. (Poor gold. It used to be the best medal around and now it's third from last? Damn deflation. Joel would be so disappointed) This should feel more satisfying. Gold to Platinum should feel like more of an accomplishment than going from rank 55 to 56. Also, up to Diamond you will keep the highest tier you've entered even if your rank goes down so it'll be okay to have bad days.

      3. Golden Guns cost more but we're all getting richer!!

      The cost to buy a Golden Gun has gone from 300 to 3,000 but Blizzard is going to multiple how many Competitive Points we've already earned by 10. Winning a match will award you 10 CP, while getting a tie will net you a lesser 3 CP. Blizzard may ever be so generous as to award us a few CP even if we lose in the future.

      Hero Balance Changes

      Symmetra changes - Minor Buff

      Now, when Symmetra has a teleporter active, if she communicates her "Ultimate Status" it will show how many charges are left on her teleporter. This is something I've been asking for for quite some time and is really just a quality of life rather than a buff but it is so welcome!

      D.Va changes - Minor Nerf

      D.Va's defense matrix will not be quite as spamable, but her effectiveness should remain high

      Hanzo changes - Buff

      After hitboxes were reduced and projectile forgiveness was majorly reduced Hanzo took A LOT of skill to be good with. His arrows travel faster, which will take some getting used to, but should make for more consistent damage. Hanzo also moves a little faster than he used to while his bow is drawn which should help him in sniper showdowns

      He still gets his ult ridiculously fast

      Mei changes - Buff

      Many will say Mei does not need a buff but after reading these notes I think change is intuitive. Now when you throw snowball at a Reinhardt shield he will pass through just like characters can. Several attacks already have this ability so this isn't unheard of. Maybe this will even bring Mei into the Competitive Meta. Time will only tell.

      Also, bigger radius is great until you're stuck in the middle.

      A bug was fixed that when Mei spawned a wall underneath herself she'd get pushed to either side instead of go up. I had this happen a few times so I'm glad they're fixing this.

      McCree changes - Nerf

      McCree can no longer cancel his ult to get 50% charge. You're gonna hear a whole lot less High Noons and that is always a good thing

      Mercy changes - BUFF

      Mercy's healing per second has been increased TWENTY-FUCKING-PERCENT!! This is a big deal and it's gonna make it so hard to take out enemies being actively healed.

      Her allies come back faster from her ult too (that is if they ever die now).

      Genji changes - NERF

      Genji's a character with a high skill ceiling, and the issue with high skill ceiling characters is when someone masters them, they get to demigod mode. Just watch any Seagull montages and you'll see how ridiculous Genji has been.

      Genji is going to be a lot easier to lock down now. Traps will affect him while he's dashing, his burst damage is being severely reduced, his mobility is being reduced, and his ult is being shortened by 2 seconds.

      A couple of these would have been enough but all of these at once may be a little too much. I think we will see some of these nerfs reduced or removed though

      Lucio changes - Minor Nerf

      Lucio's speed boost has been decreased so he isn't a necessary pick in every competitive match. It's going to suck, but his utility is still there and unique enough he won't be replaced entirely

      Roadhog changes - Minor Nerf

      We've all seen the images of Roadhog's hook pulling some bullshit clipping and while this is a video game with plenty of other crazy things around, some of the hooks shared around just weren't making sense. I think this change is a welcome quality of life change, rather than a nerf

      Zenyatta changes - Nerf

      Zenyatta has seen a major comeback in competitive play. Going from seeing no play at all to being practically mandatory on all teams. He finally can take a punch, but now they need to reduce Zenyatta's punch.

      Interestingly enough, Zenyatta will still do the same amount of damage in 1v1s which is cool of Blizzard

      Maps Balance Changes:

      Watchpoint: Girbraltar is getting rid of it's first checkpoint, the one down the hill in the "carwash." I'll trust that Blizzard had some good numbers behind this one but I guess it really didn't change much except make it so that the payload couldn't go back too far in the beginning.

      Other Updates of Note:

      You can now see all Allied Health Bars if you want

      Supports will still have the unique passive of seeing allies via wallhack, this will still be useful in case a teammate needs to be reminded to go get health.

      You'll be better able to party up with players that are in a game with you

      A very welcome patch that will probably slip in under the radar honestly.

      Reaper once again has a bug report of Shadow Step being used to reach unintended locations. People sure are persistent with it's continued abuse.


      • Zenyatta, McCree, Lucio nerf
      • Mei, and Hanzo buff
      • Genji major nerf
      • Mercy major buff
      • Competitive Mode looking new and improved
      • Sit and Laugh emotes incoming
      • Several quality-of-life changes
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